• Okonkolo – Yemaya
    • Okonkolo – Canto Asoyin
    • Okonkolo – Wolenche Por Chango
    • Okonkolo – Oba
    • Okonkolo – Ochun
    • Okonkolo – Canto Por Obatala
    • Okonkolo – Canto Por Ochun
    • Okonkolo – Obatala
    • Okonkolo – Elegua
    • 1. Yemaya
    • 2. Canto Asoyin
    • 3. Wolenche Por Chango
    • 4. Oba
    • 5. Ochun
    • 6. Canto Por Obatala
    • 7. Canto Por Ochun
    • 8. Obatala
    • 9. Elegua

    Okonkolo perform Yoruban Santeria music their debut for Big Crown is a a spiritual dance with held together by rhythm, passion and musical virtuosity.

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      • Paul & The Tall Trees – Then We'll Leave
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      • Paul & The Tall Trees – My God (I Remember '98)
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      Bedford-Stuyvesant Youth In Action Community CorporationTalent Hunt WinnersBig Crown Records
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        Bobby OrozaThis LoveBig Crown Records
        Deep contemporary soul balladry on the excellent Big Crown label from hotly-tipped talent, Bobby Oroza!
        • Bobby Oroza – May, Maybe, Maybe
        • Bobby Oroza – Your Love Is Too Cold
        • Bobby Oroza – Alone Again
        • Bobby Oroza – Lonely Girl
        • Bobby Oroza – Bobbys Mood
        • Bobby Oroza – Keep On Believing
        • Bobby Oroza – This Love
        • Bobby Oroza – Falling In Love
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        Sunny & The SunlinersGet Down / Cross My HeartBig Crown Records
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        • Sunny & The Sunliners – Cross My Heart
        Sunny & The SunlinersLittle Brown Eyed SoulBig Crown Records
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        • Sunny & The Sunliners – Outside Looking In
        • Sunny & The Sunliners – I'll Be There
        • Sunny & The Sunliners – Together
        • Sunny & The Sunliners – Boogaloo Down Broadway
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        • The Shacks – Follow Me
        • The Shacks – Birds
        • The Shacks – Sand Song
        • The Shacks – Texas
        • The Shacks – Cryin'
        • The Shacks – All Day Long
        • The Shacks – My Name Is
        • The Shacks – Blue & Grey
        • The Shacks – Sleeping
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        Reissue of this classic, low-riding, brown-eyed soul album, 'Smile Now, Cry Later', from 1966 1966. As with most Sunny LPs, this is a mix of soulful originals...
        • Sunny & The Sunliners – Smile Now, Cry Later
        • Sunny & The Sunliners – Forever
        The ShacksThe ShacksBig Crown Records
        Debut EP from one of the most interesting young bands coming out of New York City today.
          The ShacksThis Strange EffectBig Crown Records
          The A side “This Strange Effect” is an updated take on the Ray Davies penned classic from 1965 while the B Side “Hands In Your Pockets” finds The...
          • The Shacks – This Strange Effect
          • The Shacks – Hands In Your Pocket

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          • Toni Tornado – Não Grile a Minha Cabeça
          • Toni Tornado – Torniente
          • Toni Tornado – Eu Duvido Muito
          • Toni Tornado – Sinceridade
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          • Toni Tornado – Aposta
          • Toni Tornado – Bochechuda
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          • Hailu Mergia – Yegle Nesh
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          Big Crown reissue the contemporary soul classic, 'This Love' by Finland's own Bobby Oroza!
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