King Tubby King Tubby's Balmagie Jam Rock

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    • King Tubby – Water House Road Block
    • King Tubby – The Roots Prophet And The Mix
    • King Tubby – Balmagie Jam Rock
    • King Tubby – From Channel 1 To King Tubby's Studio
    • King Tubby – Cerfew In Tower Hill
    • King Tubby – Pen Wood Road Gang War
    • King Tubby – Valrie Crown The King
    • King Tubby – Saturday Dub Cut Only
    • King Tubby – Gully Bank Dub Session
    • King Tubby – Rewind And Mix
    • King Tubby – Dub Plate Rule
    • King Tubby – Dedicated To Lucky And Pug
    • 1. Water House Road Block
    • 2. The Roots Prophet And The Mix
    • 3. Balmagie Jam Rock
    • 4. From Channel 1 To King Tubby's Studio
    • 5. Cerfew In Tower Hill
    • 6. Pen Wood Road Gang War
    • 7. Valrie Crown The King
    • 8. Saturday Dub Cut Only
    • 9. Gully Bank Dub Session
    • 10. Rewind And Mix
    • 11. Dub Plate Rule
    • 12. Dedicated To Lucky And Pug

    From the vaults of Roy Cousins lead singer of The Royals, 12 tracks mixed and dubbed at King Tubby's studio. Songs recorded between 1966 & 1979 at Randy's, Channel One & Dynamic then voiced and mixed at King Tubby's. Killer stuff!

    Other Releases by King Tubby

    King TubbyDubbing In The Back YardPressure Sounds
    An overlooked slice of early eighties dub from Striker Lee. Actually mixed by Prince Jammy at Tubbys studio. CD has 13 tracks and an added free cd of Delroy...
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      DJ Muggs the Black GoatDies OccidendumSacred Bones
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      • King Tubby – Coxson Down Beat
      • King Tubby – Come On Little Girl, Come On
      • King Tubby – Ethiopia Land Of My Father
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      • – Andrew Gordon - Walking The Lonely Streets
      • – Steve Bach - Rain Dance
      • – Angelo Vanotti - Sketches of Anderland
      • – Slap & Powell - Sex Drive
      • – Jordan De La Sierra - Nimbu-Pani: The Lemon Water Song
      • – Jessie Allen Cooper - In My Heart
      Somewhere Between: Mutant Pop, Electronic Minimalism & Shadow Sounds of Japan 1980-1989Various ArtistsLight In The Attic
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      • – Noriko Miyamoto – Arrows & Eyes
      • – Mishio Ogawa – Hikari No Ito Kin No Ito
      • – Yoshio Ojima – Days Man
      • – Mkwaju Ensemble – Tira-Rin
      • – R.N.A-ORGANISM – WEIMAR 22
      • – Naoki Asai – Yakan Hikou
      • – Takami Hasegawa – Koneko To Watashi
      • – Mammy – Mizu No Naka No Himitsu
      • – Dip in the Pool – Hasu No Enishi
      • – Wha Ha Ha – Akatere
      • – D-Day – Sweet Sultan
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      Rik Van BoeckelDeze Hoofden PratenRaakvlak
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      • Rik Van Boeckel – IJsvallei
      • Rik Van Boeckel – De Crisis
      • Rik Van Boeckel – Strandscene
      • Rik Van Boeckel – Dub In Dub Uit
      • Rik Van Boeckel – Parijs
      • Rik Van Boeckel – De Trein
      • Rik Van Boeckel – De Sfinx
      • Rik Van Boeckel – Een Lachend Lustige Melodia
      • Rik Van Boeckel – Deze Hoofden Praten
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      A KILLER SKA 7" Don't Miss.. New authentic jump up ska by Sir Jay & The Skatanauts from Switzerland, double header on this first release from Tip-A-Top...
      • Sir Jay & The Skatanauts – Covid-19 Special
      • Sir Jay & The Skatanauts – Lockdown
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      • Bob Marley & The Wailers – Duppy Conqueror
      • Bob Marley & The Wailers – Version
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      • Mad Professor – White House Race
      • Mad Professor – German Magic
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      • Sivuca – Adeus Maria Fulo
      • Sivuca – Tunnel
      • Sivuca – Amor Verdadeiro (True Love)
      • Sivuca – Ponteio
      • Sivuca – Arrasta Pé (Partytime, Northeast Brazil)
      • Sivuca – Voce Abusou (I'm Free As A Bird)
      • Sivuca – Inquietacao (Foolishness Of Young Love)
      • Sivuca – Ain't No Sunshine
      • Sivuca – Lament Of Berimbau
      • Sivuca – Rosa Na Favela (A Rose Born In The Ghetto)
      • New LP (Coloured Vinyl)£30.00
        Limited, purple vinyl edition
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      Joe Gibbs & The ProfessionalsAfrican Dub Chapter FiveJoe Gibbs
      The long forgotten chapter in Joe Gibbs legendary reggae dub series "African Dub Chapter". This rare version came out in 1984 featuring The Professionals,...
      • Joe Gibbs & The Professionals – Chapter Five
      • Joe Gibbs & The Professionals – Bad Verdict
      • Joe Gibbs & The Professionals – Military Intervention
      • Joe Gibbs & The Professionals – Campus Flash Back
      • Joe Gibbs & The Professionals – Long Distance Affair
      • Joe Gibbs & The Professionals – Full Moon Ikky
      • LP£12.00
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      Ashley Beedle & Abi ClarkeNothing But LoveG.A.M.M.
      The one and only Ashley Beedle teams up with ex-SOTU star, Abi Clarke! Killer, party-ready, disco and boogie edits for G.A.M.M. - absolute monster, folks...
      • Ashley Beedle & Abi Clarke – Nothing But Love (For JB)
      • Ashley Beedle & Abi Clarke – Hold Fast
      • Ashley Beedle & Abi Clarke – Yes Indeed (Rock Free For Trouble)
      Pure ReleaseOn The LooseTambourine Party
      Reissue of this killer disco-funk LP from LA funk troupe, Pure Release! Originally released in 1980 and features the essential rare groove cut, 'I'll Know...
      • Pure Release – Having A Party
      • Pure Release – So Much Love
      • Pure Release – I'll Know It's Love For Sure
      • Pure Release – Give Your Love To Me
      • Pure Release – Loving You Is My Fantasy
      • Pure Release – A Real Fine Dancer
      • Pure Release – You've Got To Stop, Look And Listen
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      Black Roots PlayersGhetto-Ology DubwiseArchive Recordings
      The classic Sugar Minott dub album to "Ghetto-Ology" originally released in 1980, recorded at Channel One and mixed by Scientist . This is a limited edition...
      • Black Roots Players – Redder Than Red
      • Black Roots Players – Theme From The Hungry Man
      • Black Roots Players – Never Give Dub Up : Part 2
      • Black Roots Players – People Have To Know Things In Dub
      • Black Roots Players – Strange Strings
      • Black Roots Players – African Dub
      • Black Roots Players – Ghetto Dub
      • Black Roots Players – Dub-Ology
      • Black Roots Players – So Many Dub
      • Black Roots Players – Free Dubwise
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