• 1. Pilet Pied'm: Ibo Dance Song – Morgina Lavache
      • 2. M'Pas Bwè M'Pas Mangé: Work Song – Libera Borderau and Ti Yogan
      • 3. Ogoun Balindjo: Invocation – LaFrance Belvue
      • 4. Èzilie Wèdo: Invocation – LaFrance Belvue
      • 5. La Famille Li Fai Ca: Ibo Dance Song – Lena Hibbert
      • 6. Moundongue Oh Yè Yè Yè: Moundongue Dance Song – LaFrance Belvue
      • 7. Zamis Loin Moin: Secular Song – Dimervil Servers
      • 8. Alexis Nord: Political Song – Dimervil Servers
      • 9. Ou Pas We'm Innocent: Secular Song – Aleanne Francois
      • 10. Mainin'm Allé: Congo Dance Song – Ti Yogan and Morgina Lavache
      • 11. Coté Yo, Coté Yo: Mais Dance Song – Libera Borderau
      • 12. Crapeau Tingélé: Play Song – Libera Borderau and Ti Yogan
      • 13. Balancé Yaya: Play Song – Edgar Derosier
      • 14. Trois Fé: Social Criticism – Christophe Oxilas
      • 15. Spirit Conversation – Cult priest with bell, spectators
      • 16. Général Brisé: Quitta Dance Song – LaFrance Belvue
      • 17. Mayousse: Carnival Song – Male singers with marimba
      • 18. Paulette: Romantic Song – Sigbrien Bellis and Veneise Macelise

      Folklorist, ethnographer and ethnomusicologist Harold Courlander, known for his important early work documenting the “vast unwritten literature, dances, music” of the Haitian peasants, released these field recordings from the mountain villages of Haiti before nearly any other recordings were available. Among this collection are songs to accompany work or dance and invocations of the lwa-yo (or spirits). In typical fashion, many are based around moralizations or colorful proverbs. The intricate ritual drumming and chanting of Haiti is often said to be the best preservation of the African Congo, Dahomey and Ibo musical traditions from the pre-slave era in the world (even in comparison to the musical practices of these African regions now).

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      Music of Haiti / Various ArtistsMusic of Haiti: Vol. 3 - Songs and Dances of HaitiSmithsonian Folkways
      The Ayida Group, a troupe folklorique of Port-au-Prince that sprung (with many similar troops) out of a 1930’s—’40s social movement revaluing...

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        • Mary Lou Williams – My Blue Heaven
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        Steel Band ClashSteel Band ClashSmithsonian Folkways
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          Lead BellyLead Belly Sings Folk SongsSmithsonian Folkways
          Vital 1940s recordings of 15 songs featuring Lead Belly performing solo and accompanied by Woody Guthrie, Cisco Houston, and Sonny Terry. 
            Esso Steel Band of Bermuda Bermuda HoneymoonSmithsonian Folkways
            In the 1950s, steel pan and calypso, imported from Trinidad and Tobago, were hot in Bermuda. Lloyd Simmons and Hubert Smith, Jr. sing calypso with the...
              Lord MelodyCaribbean Limbo MusicSmithsonian Folkways
              How low can you go? Chances are, you’ll laugh (or at least giggle) before you reach your limit. These largely instrumental pieces with limbo-appropriate...
                Classic African-American Ballads / Various ArtistsClassic African-American Ballads from Smithsonian FolkwaysSmithsonian Folkways
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                  Classic Appalachian Blues / Various ArtistsClassic Appalachian Blues from Smithsonian FolkwaysSmithsonian Folkways
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                      The Brute Force Steel BandMusic to Awaken the Ballroom BeastSmithsonian Folkways
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                        The Champion Steel Bands of Trinidad / Various ArtistsThe Champion Steel Bands of TrinidadSmithsonian Folkways
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                          Memphis SlimChicago Blues: Boogie Woogie and Blues Played and Sung By Memphis SlimSmithsonian Folkways
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                            Creole Songs of Haiti / Various ArtistsCreole Songs of HaitiSmithsonian Folkways
                            This recording combines vocal interpretations of Vodou (an Afro-Haitian religion) ceremonial songs and popular secular melodies by legendary Haitian singer,...
                              J.D. Short and Son HouseJ.D. Short and Son House: Blues from the Mississippi DeltaSmithsonian Folkways
                              This album presents the distinctive blues born from the hardships of life—especially African-American life—in northern Mississippi. In addition...
                                Music from the South / Various ArtistsMusic from the South Vol. 1: Country Brass BandsSmithsonian Folkways
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                                  Music of Haiti / Various ArtistsMusic of Haiti: Vol. 3 - Songs and Dances of HaitiSmithsonian Folkways
                                  The Ayida Group, a troupe folklorique of Port-au-Prince that sprung (with many similar troops) out of a 1930’s—’40s social movement revaluing...
                                    McLeanElectro-Symphonic LandscapesSmithsonian Folkways
                                    Composed by Priscilla McLean and Barton McLean, originally released in 1979
                                      Electronic Music From The OutsideFeaturing Barton McLean, Priscilla McLean, Kevin Hanlon & Reed HolmesSmithsonian Folkways
                                      A narrative exploration, with examples, of how six major electronic music works are put together - from the University of Texas-Austin Electronic Music...
                                        The Seasons: Vermont For Magnetic Tape Collage & Instrumental EnsembleSmithsonian Folkways
                                        Composed by Malcolm Goldstein, and originally released in 1983, the music consists of a magnetic tape collage of sounds recorded in Vermont during each...
                                          Rupert Clemendore and John Buddy WilliamsLe Jazz Primitif From TrinidadSmithsonian Folkways
                                          Hardly "primitive," this is sophisticated jazz improv "with the Trinidad touch." The musical settings range from smooth lounge jazz with vibes, piano,...
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                                            Dance Calypso Dance CalypsoSmithsonian Folkways
                                            According to the liner notes, "Calypso is...a humor-coated pellet of uncamouflaged truth...taking the opportunity of saying something to somebody in song...
                                              The Real CalypsoThe Real Calypso (1927-1946)Smithsonian Folkways
                                              This compilation is an introduction to the golden age of calypso and to some of it's greatest exponents. The genre is known for its incisive social commentary,...
                                              • The Real Calypso – Louis-Schmeling Fight
                                              East New York Ensemble de MusicAt The Helm (1974)Smithsonian Folkways
                                              Amazing deep, deep jazz as featured on our "New Thing!" compilation! Includes heavyweight African/Eastern styles and the out-there 13 minute version of...
                                              • East New York Ensemble de Music – Sun Flower
                                              • CD£12.99
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                                              Street and Gangland RhythmsBeats And Improvisations By Six Boys In Trouble (1959)Smithsonian Folkways
                                              Street percussion, drumming, songs and chants recorded in New York in 1959 by a group of street kids. Kind of like a prototype Haryou Percussion Group...
                                              • Street and Gangland Rhythms – Ole
                                              Sarah Webster FabioJujus - Alchemy of the Blues (1976)Smithsonian Folkways
                                              Super-tough funky, funky, funky female proto-rap poetry from Sarah Webster Fabio. Killer! Armed with an incredible rhythm section this album is a classic...
                                              • Sarah Webster Fabio – Sweet songs
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                                              Dabuyabarugu: Inside the Temple Sacred Music of the Garifuna of Belize (1982)Smithsonian Folkways
                                              Deep Roots music from Belize.This album is a collection of music recorded during a dugu, a two week ceremonial feast that attempts to placate the...
                                                Drums of Defiance (1992)Maroon Music from the Earliest Free Black Communities of JamaicaSmithsonian Folkways
                                                Maroon communities in Jamaica are directly descended from escaped slaves brought over to Jamaica by the slave trade. Fiercely independent, these communities...
                                                • Jawbone – Morning Star
                                                Drums Of Haiti (1950)Music of Haiti, Vol 2Smithsonian Folkways
                                                Heavy, heavy, heavy drum rhythms recorded in Haiti. Voodoo plus some Rara. This is like Soul Jazz Records' own "Voodoo Drums", only recorded in 1950! Produced...
                                                • Drums Of Haiti (1950) – Bumba Dance
                                                Music From The Villages Of Northeastern NigeriaRecorded In The FieldSmithsonian Folkways
                                                Excellent recordings from the North-Eastern villages of Nigeria - varying from drums and voice to marimba type instruments and loads more. Double CD.
                                                • Music From The Villages Of Northeastern Nigeria – Music of the Ga'anda People: Ga'anda Xylophone Band
                                                Rhythms of RaptureSacred Musics of Haitian Vodou (1995)Smithsonian Folkways
                                                Excellent recordings of Haitian voodoo music in all its many forms and variations. Comes with superb booklet. Cuts from live Vodou ceremonies are juxtaposed...
                                                • Port-Au-Prince Zepol – Vye Gran O (Song for Ezili)
                                                Roots Of Black Music In AmericaSome Correspondences Between The Music Of The Slave Areas Of West Africa, USA and CaribbeanSmithsonian Folkways
                                                How the music of USA, the Caribbean and Western Africa is connected by the slave trade with comparisons between the various musics and instruments in the...
                                                • Waje Ward – Virginia Banjo Instrumental
                                                Drums Of TrinidadTribal Rhythms From CarriacouSmithsonian Folkways
                                                Six man drum orchestra. This recording of hand drumming from Port of Spain demonstrates African-derived rhythms performed in Trinidad and the broader Caribbean...
                                                • Drums Of Trinidad – Calypso in Drums
                                                Brazil: Songs of ProtestZelia Barbosa Sings of the Sertao & Favela (1968)Smithsonian Folkways
                                                Killer, killer, killer 60s hard bossa! There are tough versions of 'Carcara' (check out the audio), Edu Lobo's 'Cheganca', 'Opiniao' and other protest...
                                                • Brazil: Songs of Protest – Carcara (The Vulture)
                                                Mary Lou WilliamsBlack Christ of the Andes (1964)Smithsonian Folkways
                                                Super-rare and highly sought-after classic modal jazz album finally reissued!HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!
                                                • Mary Lou Williams – It Ain't Necessarily So
                                                • Mary Lou Williams – Miss D.D.
                                                • Mary Lou Williams – Koolbonga
                                                Mary Lou WilliamsFootnotes to Jazz, Vol. 3: Jazz Rehearsal, I (1950)Smithsonian Folkways
                                                After rediscovering a tin box full of acetate recordings of jazz rehearsal sessions, Folkways founder Moe Asch pieced together a sequence that shows the...
                                                • Mary Lou Williams – Little Joe
                                                Mary Lou WilliamsMary Lou Williams: The Asch Recordings 1944-47 (1977)Smithsonian Folkways
                                                Originally recorded and released in 1944, Mary Lou Williams recorded exclusively for Asch during this period. Williams's style was in a state of transition...
                                                • Mary Lou Williams – Roll Em
                                                • Mary Lou Williams – Satchel Mouth Baby
                                                • Mary Lou Williams – Persian Rug
                                                Mary Lou WilliamsMary Lou's MassSmithsonian Folkways
                                                The long-awaited reissue of Mary Lou Williams's magnum opus of religious jazz: Mary Lou's Mass. Newsweek called the score "an encyclopedia of black music,...
                                                • Mary Lou Williams – Willis
                                                • Mary Lou Williams – O.W
                                                • Mary Lou Williams – Credo
                                                Mary Lou WilliamsThe History of Jazz (1978)Smithsonian Folkways
                                                • Mary Lou Williams – Medi I (Modern Blues Jazz)
                                                • Mary Lou Williams – Nite Life (Kansas City Swing)
                                                Mary Lou WilliamsZodiac Suite (1945)Smithsonian Folkways
                                                Originally released in 1945, Smithsonian Folkways proudly celebrated the 50th anniversary of the original Asch Records release of Mary Lou Williams' work,...
                                                • Mary Lou Williams – Gemini
                                                • Mary Lou Williams – Leo
                                                • Mary Lou Williams – Aquarius
                                                Mary Lou WilliamsZoningSmithsonian Folkways
                                                Thirteen tracks (including previously unreleased version of Syl-o-gism and Gloria) embodying her always-distinctive compositions, lyricism, power, and...
                                                • Mary Lou Williams – Medi II
                                                • Mary Lou Williams – Rosa Mae
                                                • Mary Lou Williams – Gloria
                                                Sarah Webster FabioBoss Soul: 12 Poems by Sarah Webster Fabio (1972)Smithsonian Folkways
                                                Tough, tough, tough proto-female rap featuring raw percussion and super-funky accompaniment. This is like Gil Scott Heron's '125th and Lennox' album meets...
                                                • Sarah Webster Fabio – Work it out
                                                • Sarah Webster Fabio – Glimpses
                                                Yoruba Drums from Benin, West AfricaYoruba Drums from Benin, West AfricaSmithsonian Folkways
                                                Benin, West Africa is the home to several Yoruba religious cults based on a pantheon of gods. Overlapping rhythms embedded with symbolic religious meanings...
                                                • The Bata Repetoire for Egungen in Pobe – Ako
                                                Folk Music of EthiopiaFolk Music of EthiopiaSmithsonian Folkways
                                                Deep stuff. Recorded in 1951 - you can hear traces of the Ethiopiques in these recordings.
                                                • Folk Music of Ethiopia – Oh My Country (Ethiopia) - Male Voice with Begenna
                                                Ritual Music of EthiopiaRitual Music of Ethiopia (1973)Smithsonian Folkways
                                                Super-deep ritual music from Ethiopia. Check the soundclip!
                                                • Ritual Music of Ethiopia – Kammba Drum Solo (Wallano tribe) / Woyisha cow horn (Wallano tribe)
                                                Lord MelodyCalypso Through The Looking Glass (1959)Smithsonian Folkways
                                                This recording features ten favorite calypso songs by Lord Melody, including "The Letter," "Alexander the Murderer" and "The River." No listener can escape...
                                                • Lord Melody – Hungry Barbers
                                                We Shall Overcome:Documentary of the March on Washington (1963)Smithsonian Folkways
                                                Audio Documentary featuring  Joan Baez, Martin Luther King, President Kennedy, Odetta, Bob Dylan and more. Features Martin Luther King's famous...
                                                • We Shall Overcome: – We Shall Overcome!
                                                Africa:The Sounds & Music Of The CongoSmithsonian Folkways
                                                Rhythms and songs from Africa.
                                                • Africa: – Song of the Ekonda (Baoto Folk Song)

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