• 12" EF005£10.99
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    • Ishio Dai – Mirage
    • Ishio Dai – Island Dub
    • 1. Mirage
    • 2. Island Dub

    Figurehead of the Japanese jungle scene, Ishio Dai releases 'Mirage / Island Dub' on his own Effective label. Working around a lick from Skatalite legend, Johnny Moore these two steppers roll with ferocious bass frequencies and snappy percussive sequences. Ace!

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    Ishio DaiCoco Dub / BSEffective96
    A brace of strong bass excursions from the the huge talent they call, Ishio Dai! Jamming on the 808, 'Coco Dub' & 'BS' bounce around some proper system-testing...
    • Ishio Dai – Coco Dub
    • Ishio Dai – BS
    • 12"£12.99
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    Satoshi FumiToriton E.P.We Play House Recordings
    Lush, dreamy, Transmat-inspired, deep techno bliss from Satoshi Fumi! Finding the right home on We Play House Recordings. Big, big tune!
    • Satoshi Fumi – Toriton (WPH Mix)
    • Satoshi Fumi – Lalalalaland
    • 10"£7.99
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    NiagaraComboios EPAscender
    More raw post-punk / no wave / electronic wizardry from Lisbon crew, Niagara! Check 'Ida' - a wicked, weirdo blend of Suicide and Augustus...
    • Niagara – Ida
    • Niagara – Volta
    • Niagara – Calor
    • 7"£6.99
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    HotlineYou Are MineJamwax
    Reissue of this HUGELY sought-after Nigerian boogie funk gem album from Hotline group, recorded at Decca studio (Lagos) in 1986. Essential...
    • Hotline – Can You Do It?
    • Hotline – Stay Close
    • Hotline – Let's Merge
    • Hotline – Doing It In Lagos
    • Hotline – Desire
    • Hotline – You Are Mine
    • LP£22.99
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    C.P. SmithDJ Tools, Vol. 1: 808 TracksCentral Processing Unit
    CPU label boss Chris Smith has meticulously rebuilt the drum tracks of classic electro funk records known for their pioneering and influential use of the...
    • C.P. Smith – The Soul
    • C.P. Smith – Needle to the Groove
    • C.P. Smith – Don't Stop
    • C.P. Smith – Clear
    • 12"£8.99
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    BeneathNo Symbols 005No Symbols
    Beneath is back on his No Symbols label with a brace of icy-cool rollers mixing up the sounds of sci-fi dancehall and inner city dub styles taking us on...
    • Beneath – Sprung
    • Beneath – Giv Sum
    • 12"£6.99
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    Ras GThe Gospel Of The God SpellStreet Corner Music
    Brand new beat tape from Ras G featuring Gospel only samples! Another wicked collection of experimental beats - big SOTU recommendation!
    • Ras G – Ausar Auset and Heru (The Trinity)
    • Ras G – Amern....Ra!
    • Ras G – Stolen Legacy
    • Ras G – Ephesesians 6:5
    • Ras G – The God Spell (Cognitive Dissonance)
    • LP£16.99
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    ManseSaroyanLobster Theremin
    Repressed!  Manse, previously heard on Opal Tapes with a hefty slab of "cassette techno" launches the labels Black Label sub. Peak time techno...
    • Manse – Saroyan
    • Manse – Lighght
    • Manse – Threadbare
    Unknown Bill Killed Unknown
    Murderous edit of I.B.M.'s Kill Bill..re-arranged with one thing in mind...TIP!
    • Unknown – kill bill white
    • 12"£7.99
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    Praise Poems Vol. 5: A Journey Into Deep, Soulful Jazz & Funk From The 1970sVarious ArtistsTramp Records
    Vol.5 in the excellent Praise Poems series from Tramp Records. This volume is another great collection of obscure rare groove and odd-ball funk and soul...
    • Gunn High School Jazz Reunion – Red Clay
    • Gate – Chocolate Puddin'
    • Keither Florence – Down Here on the Ground
    • Robert Cote & Orange Lake Drive – Move On
    • Scott Cunningham Band – Anita
    • Plas Johnson – Buck Dance
    • Magic – Sunshine
    • Charlie Chisholm Boss-tet – Wade in the Water
    • David Lee Jones Trio – Walk with Me
    • Al Walton Trio – Al's Thing
    • Ulysses Crockett – Funky Resurgence
    • John Wesley Dickson Band – Barrows Blues
    • San Francisco Committee – Never Before
    • Tim James – Strange Things
    • Randy Larkin – Empty Days
    • Anything Goes – When She's Gone
    • 2xLP + Download Code£15.99
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    • CD£11.99
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    Sound Of MindFreaky (Programming)F.A.C.T. Records
    Two classic Detroit electro tracks from Sound Of Mind aka Erik Travis repressed from the original plates
    • Sound Of Mind – Freaky (Programming)
    • Sound Of Mind – Rolling Through Time
    • 12"£11.99
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    More RockersBetter Mus Come / Different StyleEffective96
    Cult UK bass / jungle crew from the 90s drop a couple of badboy drum n bass bullets on Ishio Dai's Effective96 imprint!
    • More Rockers – Better Mus Come
    • More Rockers – Different Style
    • 12"£12.99
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    Airto FogoAirto FogoPharaway Sounds
    Euro-funk rarity reissued! Featuring superb drummer Sylvain Krief, Airto Fogo's sole album from 1976 is one of the best instrumental jazz-funk / rare-groove...
    • Airto Fogo – Right On Bird
    • Airto Fogo – High Stakers
    • Airto Fogo – Tuesday In Jackson
    • Airto Fogo – Satine Dog
    • Airto Fogo – On Tip Toe
    • Airto Fogo – 1973 Carmne Avenue
    • Airto Fogo – Shadowy
    • Airto Fogo – Shadowy
    • Airto Fogo – Just Over
    • LP + Download Code£24.99
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    Disco Dub BandFor The Love Of MoneyMr Bongo
    Mr Bongo reissue this Danny Krivit and DJ Harvey favourite, as sampled by J Dilla and Glenn Underground - a dubby disco cover of the Gamble & Huff penned...
    • Disco Dub Band – For The Love Of Money (Disco Dub)
    • 7"£9.99
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    Effective96 Presents: Three Angels And Ninja Riddim EP Vol. 1Various ArtistsEffective96
    Effective96 whips up a storm of drum n bass, weighty steppers and dancehall via label boss, Ishio Dai at the helm - wicked!
    • Chan-Mika – Time Surfer (Ishio Dai Jungle Remix)
    • Equalizer feat. MC Lolo – Summer Chant
    • Ishio Dai – Boaba
    • 12"£12.99
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    Karavan (Lefto & Free The Robots)KaravanNew Los Angeles
    Lefto (Belgium) and Free The Robots (California) found themselves on tour together a year and a half ago and had the wise idea to do a record together...
    • Karavan (Lefto & Free The Robots) – EAST
    • Karavan (Lefto & Free The Robots) – LA EXPERIENCIA
    • Karavan (Lefto & Free The Robots) – LEBANON
    • Karavan (Lefto & Free The Robots) – VOYAGER
    • Karavan (Lefto & Free The Robots) – WARZONE
    • Karavan (Lefto & Free The Robots) – CHOOSE YOUR DRUG
    • Karavan (Lefto & Free The Robots) – WEST
    • Karavan (Lefto & Free The Robots) – MIXED SIGNALS
    • Karavan (Lefto & Free The Robots) – WALLAH
    • Karavan (Lefto & Free The Robots) – BORDEAUX BLANC
    • Karavan (Lefto & Free The Robots) – LOVE YOU
    • Karavan (Lefto & Free The Robots) – RED RUM
    • Karavan (Lefto & Free The Robots) – STAY
    • Karavan (Lefto & Free The Robots) – OUTRO
    • LP£18.99
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    LootbegUFO1Crow Castle Cuts
    Atmospheric and dreamy house explorations themed around UFO encounters for the first release on Crow Castle Cuts - Check! 
    • Lootbeg – The Presence Of The Time Travellers
    • Lootbeg – The Presence Of The Time Travellers (Luv Jam Re Nip)
    • Lootbeg – The Presence Of The Time Travellers (DJ FX Tool)
    • Lootbeg – Abduction Reset
    • Lootbeg – Close Encounter Type III
    • Lootbeg – Close Encounter Type III (Luv Jam Dream Nip)
    • 1. The Presence Of The Time Travellers
    • 2. The Presence Of The Time Travellers (Luv Jam Re Nip)
    • 3. The Presence Of The Time Travellers (DJ FX Tool)
    • View full info and tracklisting
    • 12" EP£8.99
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    Horsepower ProductionsReefer Max / Phantasy RushEffective96
    OG dubstep duo, Horsepower Productions land a brace of killer steppers for Ishio Dai's necessary Effective96 label! Pow!
    • Horsepower Productions – Reefer Max
    • Horsepower Productions – Phantasy Rush
    • 12"£12.99
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    Don't DJHyperspace is The Place / Hyperspace is No PlaceEM Records
    New material (inspired by Sun Ra's most outbound transmission) by German electronic / experimental producer Florian Meyer, aka Don't DJ, a member of the...
    • Don't DJ – Hyperspace is The Place
    • Don't DJ – Forest People Plot
    • Don't DJ – Hyperspace is No Place
    • Don't DJ – Evolove Version
    • 12" EP£13.99
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    Dekmantel 10 Years 06Various ArtistsDekmantel
    Sixth release in the labels '10 Years' anniversary series featuring club ready house and techno traxx from Young Marco, Suzanne Kraft, Tom...
    • Young Marco – Palace Green Beans
    • Suzanne Kraft – Moving
    • Tom Trago – Digital Love
    • Awanto 3 – Pepe Mujica
    • 12"£10.99
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    Entity : LondonGet Down (Lost.Act Edit)Get Down
    Fantastic edits of a UKG classic! Entity : London reissue one of their all-time favourite garage tracks with new mixes - one in the more classic vein while...
    • Entity : London – Get Down (Lost.Act Edit)
    • Entity : London – Get Down (Lost.Act Broken Mix)
    • 12"£8.99
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    Rhythm SnipersStanding RockMocambo
    Promotional vinyl 45 to support the library album THE BREAK DOWN from the vaults of Warner/Chappell Production Music . The Rhythm Snipers recreate the...
    • Rhythm Snipers – Standing Rock
    • Rhythm Snipers – B-Boy Champions Medley
    • 7"£6.99
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    RroseThe Ends of WeatherEaux
    Rrose returns to his Eaux imprint with three tracks of experimental techno. From the spidery nightmare of 'The Smallest Footprints' to the biting, warehouse...
    • Rrose – The Smallest Footprints
    • Rrose – The Ends of Weather
    • Rrose – Nest of Queens
    • 12"£8.99
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    Joanie SommersDon't Pity Me / My BlockExpansion Records
    Classic northern soul gem from the Wigan Casino days, originally broadcast under the name Yvonne Daniels. Originals of this one are scarcely seen, so another...
    • Joanie Sommers – Don't Pity Me
    • Joanie Sommers – My Block
    • 7"£8.99
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    Johenson / Leroy VersionCarry On / Sweeter Than BrandyMelodycar
    Wicked electronic dub experiments on Harmonious Thelonious' promising new Melodycar label - Rhythm & Sound style cuts from the Salon Des...
    • Johenson – Carry On
    • Leroy Version – Sweeter Than Brandy
    • 7"£7.99
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