Juju A Message From Mozambique

    Black Fire Music
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      • 1. (Struggle) Home
      • 2. soledad brothers
      • 3. freedom fighter
      • 4. make your own revolution now
      • 5. father is back
      • 6. nairobi/chants (traditional)

      Deep, conscious Afro Jazz album from 1973 now reissued

      Other Releases by Juju

      JujuBy Christopher Alan WatermanUniversity of Chicago Press
      Now known internationally through the recordings of King Sunny Ade and others, juju music originated more than fifty years ago among the Yoruba of Nigeria....
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        s/hand hard to find paperback in good condition
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          Freedom, Rhythm and Sound (Album)Revolutionary Jazz and the Civil Rights Movement 1963-82Soul Jazz Records
          This album features the work of revolutionary jazz artists who created new radical music infused with the values of Martin Luther King, Malcolm X and...
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          • Stanton Davis' Ghetto/ Mysticism – Space-a-Nova
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          • Pheeroan ak Laff – 3 in 1
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          • Ralph Thomas – Big Spliff
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          • Horace Tapscott – Peyote Song No. III
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          • Roy Brooks and the Artistic Truth – Black Survival
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            Oneness Of JujuAfrican RhythmsBlack Fire Music
            Funky deep jazz!
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              Eric DolphyIron ManFresh Sound Records
              Featuring: Eric Dolphy (as, b-cl), Woody Shaw (tp), Clifford Jordan (ss), Huey Sonny Simmons (as), Prince Lasha (fl), Bobby Hutcherson (vb), Eddie Khan,...
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                • Reissue LP£11.99
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                Oneness Of JujuSpace Jungle Luv (1976)Now-Again Records
                Amazing sought-after record from the brainchild of one J. Pluncky Branch and one of the greatest underground jazz groups. Space Jungle Luv goes...
                • Oneness Of Juju – River Luv Rite
                • Oneness Of Juju – Follow Me
                • Oneness Of Juju – Soul Love Now
                • Oneness Of Juju – Space Jungle Funk
                • Oneness Of Juju – The Connection
                • Oneness Of Juju – Love's Messenger
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                Rufus HarleyRe-Creation Of The Gods (1972)Ankh
                The deepest, funkiest bagpipe album ever made! Indpendent, funky, deep music.
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                  Mulatu AstatkeMulatu Of EthiopiaWorthy Records
                  This is perhaps the best album from cult Ethiopian deep jazz hero Mulatu Astake This highly sought-after rarity is probably the best African deep...
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                  • Mulatu Astatke – Dewel
                  • Mulatu Astatke – Kulunmanquel
                  • Mulatu Astatke – Kasalekut-hulu
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                  Project KarnakEquinox EPNone More Records
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                  • Project Karnak – Fellowship
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                  Sabu Martinez Jazz EspagnoleAlegre
                  Essential latin jazz album featuring the classic track "The Oracle" and loads of killer tunes
                  • Sabu Martinez – The Oracle
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                  Doug CarnInfant EyesBlack Jazz
                  MONSTER deep jazz with vocals from Jean Carn. Recommended.
                  • Doug Carn – Little Bs Poem
                  • Doug Carn – Acknowledgement
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                  Willie HutchThe Mack (1973)Motown
                  Fantastic blaxploitation film soundtrack featuring the amazing, uplifting Brothers Gonna Work it Out! Recommended! US CD IMPORT
                  • Willie Hutch – Brother's Gonna Work It Out
                  • Reissue LP£13.99
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                  Max RoachMembers, Don't Git Weary (1968)Atlantic
                  Deep 1968 album from drummer Roach featuring future Strata-East founders Cowell and Tolliver as well as spiritual vocalist Andy Bey. Max Roach - drums Charles...
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                    The Isley BrothersGivin' It BackEpic
                    One of the brilliant first three albums on their own T-neck label. Includes 'Ohio', 'Machine Gun' and 'Love the One You're With'!Orig = VG- USA orig...
                    • The Isley Brothers – Ohio
                    • Original LP£7.00
                      Vinyl condition: GSleeve condition: VG-Not good condition - cheap
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                    • Reissue LP£11.99
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                    Chip WickhamShamal Wind (Limted Deluxe Repress)Lovemonk
                    ONE COPY ONLY VERY LIMITEDFlautist and SOTU favourite Chip Wickham follows up his critically acclaimed 2017 debut 'La Sombra' with another ace, 'Shamal...
                    • Chip Wickham – Shamal Wind
                    • Chip Wickham – Snake Eyes
                    • Chip Wickham – Soho Strut
                    • Chip Wickham – The Mirage (feat. Matthew Halsall)
                    • Chip Wickham – Barrio 71
                    • Chip Wickham – Rebel No.23
                    • LP (180 gram)£28.00
                      Limited, Hand-numbered, deluxe 180g vinyl repress with obi-strip.
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                    SapoSapo (1974)Bell Records
                    KILLER latin funk rock bomb! Includes the massive Been Had - which was on Soul Jazz's Chicano Power!
                    • Sapo – Been Had
                    • Sapo – Ritmo Del Corazon (Pt. 1)
                    • Sapo – Get It On
                    • Sapo – Sapo's Montuno
                    • New LP £12.99
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                    Mobilisation Générale: Protest and Spirit Jazz from France (1970-1976)Various ArtistsBorn Bad Records
                    Amazing collection of French jazz from the 70s on Born Bad Records. features tracks from Brigitte Fontaine, François Tusques, Alfred Panou and many more....
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                      • CD£12.99
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                        Yusef LateefThe Complete (1968)Collectables Jazz Classics
                        ''Complete'' was Lateef's first album on the Atlantic label. Released in 1968, it features him backed by Hugh Lawson on piano, Cecil McBee on bass and...
                          • Original LP£15.00
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                          • CD£12.99
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                          • Reissue LP£9.99
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                          Dexter WanselLife On Mars (1976)Philadelphia International
                          Classic rare groove with the seminal title tune.
                            • New LP £13.99
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                            Robert HoodClocks / Low Life / GoM-Plant
                            More reduced techno mastery from Detroit's pioneer of the minimal techno sound, Robert Hood!
                            • Robert Hood – Low Life
                            • Robert Hood – Go
                            • Robert Hood – Clocks
                            • 12"£8.99
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                            Charles MingusMingus MoodsTrip Jazz
                            Late '70s grey area release from Charlie Mingus featuring Dannie Richmond and pianist Hampton Hawes.
                              • LP£11.99
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                              RastafariThe Dreads Enter Babylon 1955 - 1983Soul Jazz Records
                              Soul Jazz Records new album Rastafari: The Dreads Enter Babylon 1955-83 charts the many links between reggae music and the Rastafarian religion. Spanning...
                              • Count Ossie & The Rasta Family – Africa We Want Fe Go
                              • Johnny Clarke – None Shall Escape The Judgement
                              • Laurel Aitken – Haile Selassie
                              • Count Ossie & The Mystic Revelation of Rastafari – Tales of Mozambique
                              • Ras Michael – Booma Yeah
                              • Mutabaruka – Say
                              • Bongo Herman & Jah Lloyd – African Drums
                              • Ashanti Roy – Hail The Words Of Jah
                              • Count Ossie & The Mystic Revelation of Rastafari – Sam's Intro
                              • Bongo Herman, Les and Bunny – Salaam
                              • Winston and Ansell – Zion I
                              • Techniques All Stars – Zion I Version
                              • Lord Lebby & The Jamaican Calypsonians – Ethiopia
                              • Count Ossie and Leslie Butler – Soul Drums
                              • The Heaven Singers – Rasta Dreadlocks
                              • Rod Taylor – His imperial Majesty
                              • QQ – Betta Must Come
                              • Earth and Stone – Jah Will Cut You Down
                              • Count Ossie & The Mystic Revelation of Rastafari – Narration
                              • Ronald Downer & Count Ossie – A Ju Ju Wa
                              • 1. Count Ossie & The Rasta Family – Africa We Want Fe Go
                              • 2. Johnny Clarke – None Shall Escape The Judgement
                              • 3. Laurel Aitken – Haile Selassie
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                              Herbie HancockMy Point Of ViewBlue Note
                              Brilliant, less-well-known Herbie Hancock album featuring a larger group than usual with guitar and trombone! Check the superb "King Cobra"! Recommended!
                              • Herbie Hancock – Blind Man, Blind Man
                              • Herbie Hancock – King Cobra
                              • CD£7.99
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                              • Reissue LP£9.99
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                              Sabu MartinezAfro TempleTico
                              The holy grail of Latin Funk! Originally released in Sweden in the late 70s, this was Sabu Martinez's supreme left-field heavy, heavy, heavy latin funk...
                              • Sabu Martinez – Meapestaculo
                              • Sabu Martinez – Afro temple
                              • Sabu Martinez – All camels hump
                              • Sabu Martinez – Hotel alyssa-sousse, tunisia
                              • New LP £12.99
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