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    SucchiamoMani In FuocoAntinote
    Steely techno and rugged EBM vibes from Succhiamo - second EP on the excellent Antinote label!
    • Succhiamo – Dolore Dentro
    • Succhiamo – Mani In Fuoco
    • Succhiamo – Desiderio Di Violenza
    • Succhiamo – Stai Male
    • Succhiamo – Vecchia
    • Succhiamo – Que Pena Sin Ti
    Domenique DumontMiniatures De Auto RhythmAntinote
    Domenique Dumont captures some lo-fi, lysergic, electronic funk instrumentals on his second LP outing for Antinote. PPU and Legowelt fans check!
    • Domenique Dumont – Le Debut De La Fin
    • Domenique Dumont – Quasi Quasi
    • Domenique Dumont – Faux Savage
    • Domenique Dumont – Ono Mambo Haiku
    • Domenique Dumont – Quand
    • Domenique Dumont – Sans Cesse, Mon Cheri
    • Domenique Dumont – Message Of The Diving Bird
    • Domenique Dumont – Le Soleil Dans Le Monde
    Nico MotteLife Goes On If You Are LuckyAntinote
    Antinote’s Nico Motte follows up last years beautiful debut presents a full-length album paying homage to his love of obscure German electronic records,...
    • Nico Motte – Tema D'Amore
    • Nico Motte – Life Goes On If You Are Lucky
    • Nico Motte – I.C.A.
    • Nico Motte – Tiger For Breakfast
    • Nico Motte – La Figure De Rey
    • Nico Motte – Tacotac
    • Nico Motte – Beats Benny Keats
    Paki & VisnadiImaginary PhotographyAntinote
    Antinote reissue a rare, tape-only find for the vinyl fetishists - an 80's release of experimental, synthesized cuts from Italian composers Paki Zennaro...
    • Paki & Visnadi – Migration
    • Paki & Visnadi – Parallel Waves
    • Paki & Visnadi – In A Dark Run
    • Paki & Visnadi – Waterlight
    • Paki & Visnadi – Mollusk Dance
    • Paki & Visnadi – E-Migration