• Mike Selesia – Mr P.C.
    • Mike Selesia – Brute Strength
    • Mike Selesia – Yusefs Way
    • Mike Selesia – Silvers Serenade
    • Mike Selesia – Castle Spook (Part 1)
    • Mike Selesia – Eastern Raga
    • Mike Selesia – Flavor
    • Mike Selesia – Castle Spook (Part 2)
    • 1. Mr P.C.
    • 2. Brute Strength
    • 3. Yusefs Way
    • 4. Silvers Serenade
    • 5. Castle Spook (Part 1)
    • 6. Eastern Raga
    • 7. Flavor
    • 8. Castle Spook (Part 2)

    Reissue of this rare, sought-after, far-out, spiritual jazz obscurity! A privately pressed album (of 300 pieces, apparently) from 1976 that was handed out at the band's shows and sold only to local record stores in the vicinity of Fresno, California. Only together for nine months, Mike Selesia (who plays saxophone and flute) and his band recorded this album in one day and it quoted as being a "fascinating hybrid of early 60s Coltrane, early 70s Miles Davis."

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