• 1. The Robots
      • 2. Computer Love
      • 3. Pocket Calculator
      • 4. Dentaku
      • 5. Autobahn
      • 6. Radioactivity
      • 7. Trans Europe Express
      • 8. Abzug
      • 9. Metal On Metal
      • 10. Home Computer
      • 11. Music Non Stop

      "The Mix" : a virtual greatest hits that represented a lavish representation of the bands favourite and better known work, re-recorded, remixed  and re-interpreted for the modern age by Kraftwerk themselves. Stunning in the complex simplicity of the idea and well groovy to listen to.

      Other Releases by Kraftwerk

      A fantastic new collection of classic and rare remixes of Kraftwerk including versions by François Kervorkian, Orbital, Underground Resistance, DJ Rolando,...
      • – Radioactivity (William Orbit Hardcore Remix - Kling Klang Edit)
      • – Radioactivity (François Kervorkian 12” Remix)
      • – Expo Remix (Underground Resistance Mix)
      • – Expo Remix (UR Thought 3 Mix)
      • – Aéro Dynamik (François K. Aero Mix)
      • 4. – Radioactivity (William Orbit Hardcore Remix - Kling Klang Edit)
      • 5. – Radioactivity (François Kervorkian 12” Remix)
      • 12. – Expo Remix (Underground Resistance Mix)
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      • 3×LP£50.00
        3x180g black vinyl LPs, in a wide-spined sleeve, with printed inner bags.
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      • 2×CD£26.00
        2xCD set, packaged in a 4/1 printed capacity card wallet (printed black on the inside), with two inner card wallets for the CDs and an 8-page booklet.
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      KraftwerkAutobahn (Limited Coloured Vinyl Edition)Parlophone
      Reissue of the band's classic fourth album from 1974. Their first, fully electronic album, inspired by the German motorway system!
        • New 2×LP (Coloured Vinyl)£30.99
          Limited, translucent blue vinyl edition
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        KraftwerkComputer World (Limited Coloured Vinyl Edition)Parlophone
        Reissue of this essential Kraftwerk album from 1981, featuring the proto-techno classics 'Numbers' and 'Pocket Calculator'!
          • New LP (Coloured Vinyl)£35.00
            Limited, translucent neon yellow vinyl edition
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          KraftwerkThe Mix (Limited Coloured Vinyl Edition)Parlophone
          Reissue of Kraftwerk's "remix" album from 1991 featuring e-arranged versions of a selection of songs which had originally appeared on the albums Autobahn...
            • New 2×LP (Coloured Vinyl)£35.00
              Limited white vinyl edition
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            • New 2×LP (Coloured Vinyl) GERMAN VERSION£35.00
              Limited white vinyl edition with titles in German
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            Kraftwerk3-D (1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8)Parlophone
            The best of Kraftwork, containing recordings from a series of shows performed in major contemporary art galleries during the band's extended...
              KraftwerkTechno Pop (1986)Kling Klang
              Previously known as Electric Cafe. Remastered and re-released under its original working title, Techno Pop. The album is sort of a follow up to Computer...
                KraftwerkAutobahn (1974)Parlophone
                Seminal, driving, Deutsche Elektronische Musik for the motorway, er, autobahn
                  KraftwerkComputer World (1981)EMI
                  Following on from 'Trans-Europe Express' and 'Man Machine', the trio of essential Kraftwerk recordings was completed by 1981's 'Computer World'. Includes...
                  • – Computer world
                  • – Pocket calculator
                  • – Numbers
                  • – Computer love
                  • – Home computer
                  • CD£13.99
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                  • New LP £46.99
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                  KraftwerkThe Man Machine (1978)EMI
                  C-L-A-S-S-I-C Kraftwerk album featuring The Model! Motorik electronic krautrock that's like proto-techno music! Repackaged and remastered edition
                  • – The robots
                  • CD£13.99
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                  • Reissue LP£12.99
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                  KraftwerkRadio-Activity (1975)Capitol
                  Kraftwerk's first real concept album - an ironic celebration of atomic power! Re-packaged with expanded artwork and remastered at Kling Klang. Vinyl...
                  • – Radioactivity
                  KraftwerkTrans Europe Express (1977)EMI
                  Classic Kraftwerk album featuring, well, everything. Endless beauty. Repackaged and remastered edition.
                    KraftwerkTour De FranceEMI
                    Poom-pow, poom-pow. Seminal Deutsche electronicists pay homage to French bicyclists. Repackaged and remastered edition. 
                      • New LP £59.99
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                      • CD£13.99
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