John Cameron Kes (Original Soundtrack)

    Trunk Records
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      • 1. Front Titles
      • 2. Billy's Paper Round
      • 3. Dawn - Billy Sees Kes In The Tower
      • 4. Stealing The Book
      • 5. Midnight - Billy Climbs And Captures Kes
      • 6. Training Kes
      • 7. Kes First Flight
      • 8. Jud Walks To The Mine
      • 9. Kes Flies Free
      • 10. Kes Flies Higher
      • 11. Billy Asleep In The Boiler Room
      • 12. Foreboding
      • 13. Looking For Kes
      • 14. Realisation
      • 15. Burying Kes

      Recorded in 1969 with Harold McNair on flute, this great soundtrack to the classic weepy about a boy and his kestrel is now available for the first time courtesy of Trunk records!

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