Give Me Love Songs of the Broken Hearted: Baghdad 1925-1929

    Honest Jon's
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    • Mulla Abdussaheb – Ya Yumma Weya Baba
    • Sayed Abbood – Min Fergaetak Lilyom
    • Sultana Youssef – Khouthak Bthemmetak
    • Salim Daoud – Abuthiyya
    • Badria Anwar – Lega Taresh Habibi
    • Hdhairy Abou Aziz – Wenini
    • 1. Mulla Abdussaheb – Ya Yumma Weya Baba
    • 2. Sayed Abbood – Min Fergaetak Lilyom
    • 3. Dahi Ben Walid – Soubhanak Allah
    • 4. Sultana Youssef – Khouthak Bthemmetak
    • 5. Salim Daoud – Abuthiyya
    • 6. Khedayer Bin Kessab – Taqsim
    • 7. Mulla Seoud El Koweity – Anouh Ithal Hathy
    • 8. Said El Kurdi – Kassem Miro
    • 9. Siddiqa El Mullaya – Wehak El Kab Walkossein
    • 10. Hdhairy Abou Aziz – Fahasboukom Hatha
    • 11. Kemani Noubar – Taqsim
    • 12. Badria Anwar – Lega Taresh Habibi
    • 13. Said El Kurdi – Aman Aman Zakko
    • 14. Siddiqa El Mullaya – Ma Tahenn Alayya
    • 15. Sayed Abbood – Shlon Aslak
    • 16. Kementchedji Alecco – Taqsim
    • 17. Salim Daoud – Abney Eqdah 1
    • 18. Salim Daoud – Abney Eqdah 2
    • 19. Hdhairy Abou Aziz – Wenini
    • 20. Sultana Youssef – Malek Ana
    • 21. Badria Anwar – Ahis Ras Eddelil
    • 22. Saleh Ibrahim – Taqsim

    Brilliant new compilation from Honest Jon's that delves further into the same sound archive from which they culled the material for their excellent recent album of West African music of the 1920s, Living Is Hard.


    This time the focus is on Iraqi music from the 1920s and it's quite an eye-opener, with loads of arrestingly beautiful music with a raw delicacy you simply don't hear much of these days: these intensely atmospheric tracks are a glimpse into the forgotten cultural history of Iraq!


    Beautifully packaged in a nice gatefold card sleeve with a thick booklet full of archive photos, which tells the story behind these recordings in essays and interviews!


    Highly recommended!

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                  • Mulatu Astatke & The Heliocentrics – Cha Cha
                  • Mulatu Astatke & The Heliocentrics – Mulatu
                  • Mulatu Astatke & The Heliocentrics – Esketa Dance
                  • Mulatu Astatke & The Heliocentrics – Chinese New Year
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