• LP MRP-026£13.99
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    • Mahmoud Ahmed – Ney Denun Tesesh
    • Mahmoud Ahmed – Gubelye
    • Mahmoud Ahmed – Belay Belaya
    • Mahmoud Ahmed – Alemye
    • Mahmoud Ahmed – Wogenie
    • 1. Ney Denun Tesesh
    • 2. Gubelye
    • 3. Belay Belaya
    • 4. Alemye
    • 5. Wogenie
    • 6. Tezeta
    • 7. Etugela
    • 8. Anchie Enen Wudegin
    • 9. Eyewdemamu

    Very highly recommended! Almaz, the legendary Ethiopian singer's first LP, heavy and hypnotic, accompanied by the Ibex Band in 1973, on the eve of the break-up of Haile Sellassie's Imperial Body Guard Band. 

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    • Jimmy Bongo – Mulochi (The Curser)
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    • Johnstone Ouko Mukabi – Kwetu George (I, George)
    • Shem Tupe & Family – Adui (Enemy)
    • Zachariah Omufumbwa – Ndarula Ebutsetse (I Left Ebutsetse)
    • 1. Jimmy Bongo – Lumumba Is Dead
    • 2. Omari Machio – Usiende Ukulale (Don't Sleep)
    • 3. Johnstone Ouko Mukabi – Nili Kwenda Safari (I Went For A Journey)
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            • Carlos Malcolm – Filthy McNasty
            • Irakere – Bacalao Con Pan
            • Celia Cruz – Chango
            • Lord Brynner – The Queen Sings Calypso
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              • Keyboard Masher – Eastern Promise
              • Keyboard Masher – La Luz
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                  • Theo Parrish – Dan Ryan
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