• LP BEAT-02£17.99
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    • Jolly Mare – Terrarium
    • Jolly Mare – Escalation
    • Jolly Mare – Isaac
    • Jolly Mare – Thomas Young
    • Jolly Mare – Zatania
    • Jolly Mare – L'Irraggiungibile
    • Jolly Mare – Super Fluid
    • Jolly Mare – Sfyria
    • Jolly Mare – Galaxy Race
    • Jolly Mare – A Storm
    • Jolly Mare – Marcetta
    • Jolly Mare – Migrazioni
    • 1. Terrarium
    • 2. Escalation
    • 3. Isaac
    • 4. Thomas Young
    • 5. Zatania
    • 6. L'Irraggiungibile
    • 7. Super Fluid
    • 8. Sfyria
    • 9. Galaxy Race
    • 10. A Storm
    • 11. Marcetta
    • 12. Migrazioni

    Wow - this is nuts! Thoroughly off the scale Italian library music style experiments. All tunes based around bumping live rhythms triggering an obscure Japanese drum synth module. Completely eccentric, funky and essential!

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    • Krikor Kouchian – Snow Dub
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    The Mood ModernThe story of two of the world's greatest recorded music libraries: KPM (1956-1977) and Bruton Music (1978-1980)By Oliver LomaxVocalion Books
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    Garage ClassTerminal Tokyo (inc. JD Twitch edit)Outer Reaches
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    • Garage Class – Terminal Tokyo
    • Garage Class – I Got Standards
    • Garage Class – I Got Standards (JD Twitch Say It Again Edit)
    Ishio DaiCoco Dub / BSEffective96
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    • Ishio Dai – Coco Dub
    • Ishio Dai – BS
    Allysha JoyAcadie : RawGondwana Records
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    • Allysha Joy – FNFL
    • Allysha Joy – Selfish
    • Allysha Joy – Honesty
    • Allysha Joy – Know Your Power
    • Allysha Joy – Desire
    • Allysha Joy – Akala
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    • Al Dobson Jr. – Santiago Black (Ptaki Version)
    • Al Dobson Jr. – Santiago Black
    • Al Dobson Jr. – Kirton Street (Ruffy’s 3am Canavan’s Special)
    • Al Dobson Jr. – Kirton Street
    • 12" EP£10.99
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    • James Holden & Maalem Houssam Guinia – Pass Through The Fire / Bouri Bouri Manandabo
    • James Holden & Maalem Houssam Guinia – Youmala
    • James Holden & Maalem Houssam Guinia – Baba Hamouda
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    • Waaju – Neleh
    • Waaju – Waaju
    • Waaju – Maroc
    PokusWizard / Mind GrinderIll Considered Music
    **One per customer!** Key members of Ill Considered step aside for a moment with a new project, Pokus (with Dave De Rose of Agile Experiment) and drop...
    • Pokus – Wizard
    • Pokus – Mind Grinder
    • 7"£8.99
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    Weldon IrvineCosmic Vortex (1974)BMG
    100% Stone-cold rare groove classic. "Walk that Walk" is a heavyweight monster tune. ESSENTIAL!By 1974, 31 year-old Weldon Irvine was ready for the next...
      • Reissue LP£12.99
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      • CD£11.99
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      Ill ConsideredIll Considered 3Ill Considered Music
      Repress of Ill Considered's much sought after third album. The London based jazz troupe, featuring saxophone colossus Idris Rahman, have built up a big...
        • LP£13.99
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        Comfy BellaKonkahsReleased
        Big KDJ / beatdown style house belters that have been getting major support from Motor City Drum Ensemble, Bradley Zero and Glenn Astro to name a few....
        • Comfy Bella – Konkahs
        • Comfy Bella – Be-Side
        Ill ConsideredLive At The Crypt Parts 1&2Ill Considered Music
        Limited vinyl reissue of both sold out and now sought-after volumes of the jazz troupe's energetic live performance at The Crypt! Double vinyl format housed...
        • Ill Considered – Opener
        • Ill Considered – Long Way Home
        • 2×LP£23.99
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        José ManclièreDoubout Pou GadéDiggersdigest
        Privately released only solo album by José Manclière, with amazing experimental fusion tracks merging Gwo Ka, Funky Jazz & Biguine, with an early electronic...
        • José Manclière –  Vini Couté E Tann'
        Two Niles to Sing a Melody: The Violins & Synths of SudanVarious ArtistsOstinato Records
        Superb follow up to the essential 'Sweet As Broken Dates' and 'Synthesize the Soul', this gem, 'Two Niles to Sing a Melody' revives the enchanting harmonies,...
        • Emad Youssef – Al Bareedo Ana (The One I Love)
        • Abdel El Aziz Al Mubarak – Ma Kunta Aarif Yarait (I Wish I Had Known)
        • Kamal Tarbas – Min Ozzalna Seebak Seeb (Forget Those That Divide Us)
        • Madjzoub Ounsa – Arraid Arraid Ya Ahal (Love, Love Family)
        • Khojali Osman – Malo Law Safeetna Inta (What If You Resolve What’s Between Us?)
        • Zaidan Ibrahim – Ma Hammak Azabna (You Don’t Care About My Suffering) (Live)
        • Saied Khalifa – Igd Allooli (The Pearl Necklace)
        • Taj Makki – Ma Aarfeen Nagool Shino! (We Don’t Know What to Say!)
        • Hanan Bulu Bulu – Alamy Wa Shagiya (My Pain And Suffering) (Live)
        • Abdelmoniem Ekhaldi – Droob A Shoag (Paths To Love)
        • Samira Dunia – Galbi La Tahwa Tani (My Heart, Don’t Fall in Love Again)
        • محمد وردي – Al Sourah (The Photo)
        • Abdullah Abdelkader – Al Zaman Zamanak (It’s Your Time)
        • Mustafa Modawi & Ibrahim El Hassan – Al Wilaid Al Daif (The Youth Who Came as a Guest)
        • Ibrahim El Kashif – Elhabeeb Wain? (Where is My Sweetheart?)
        • محمد وردي – Al Mursal (The Messenger)
        • 1. Emad Youssef – Al Bareedo Ana (The One I Love)
        • 2. Abdel El Aziz Al Mubarak – Ma Kunta Aarif Yarait (I Wish I Had Known)
        • 3. Kamal Tarbas – Min Ozzalna Seebak Seeb (Forget Those That Divide Us)
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        BuariBuariBe With Records
        A surefire Afro-Funk classic, long treasured by collectors across the globe, the fantastic self-titled LP from Ghanaian singing/percussion sensation Sidiku...
        • Buari – Karam Bani
        • Buari – Them Yebtheyet
        • Buari – Ku Ka Maria
        • Buari – Advice From Father
        • Buari – Iro Le Pa
        • Buari – Ye Koaba
        • Buari – Peace
        • Buari – Oh! Africa
        • LP£20.99
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        Dur Dur Of SomaliaVolume 1 & Volume 2Analog Africa
        Reissue of the band’s first two albums - the first installment in a three-part series dedicated to Dur-Dur Band - represents the first fruit of Analog...
        • Dur Dur Of Somalia – Ohiyee
        • Dur Dur Of Somalia – Yabaal
        • Dur Dur Of Somalia – Heelo
        • Dur Dur Of Somalia – Hiyeeley
        • Dur Dur Of Somalia – Aw Baahilowlow
        • Dur Dur Of Somalia – Doon Baa Maraysoo
        • Dur Dur Of Somalia – Intro Vol 2
        • Dur Dur Of Somalia – Jaceyl Mirahiis
        • Dur Dur Of Somalia – Dab - Abdulahi Sharif Hasan
        Jose Prates / Miecio Askanasy TAM..TAM...TAM...! (2018 Reissue)Trunk Records
        Impossibly rare LP previously issued once in 1958 as part of Miecio Askanasy’s 1950s touring “Braziliana” show! Notoriety for the LP...
        • Jose Prates / Miecio Askanasy – Imbarabaô
        • Jose Prates / Miecio Askanasy – Imbaê-Sofá
        • Jose Prates / Miecio Askanasy – N?n? Imborô
        • Jose Prates / Miecio Askanasy – Fá-êu-á
        • Jose Prates / Miecio Askanasy – Oniká
        • Jose Prates / Miecio Askanasy – Ogum Olojô
        • Jose Prates / Miecio Askanasy – Maracatú da D Santa
        • Jose Prates / Miecio Askanasy – De Luandaô
        • Jose Prates / Miecio Askanasy – Maracatú Elegante
        • Jose Prates / Miecio Askanasy – Nêga Zefinha
        • Jose Prates / Miecio Askanasy – Tem Brabo no Samba
        • New LP £15.99
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        • CD£8.99
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        Pink RhythmIndiaBe With Records
        Be With Records reissue of the essential, classic, Brit-funk EP from Pink Rhythm. Richly melodic, funk fuelled cruisers, with the added blue-eyed soul...
        • Pink Rhythm – India
        • Pink Rhythm – Trust Me
        • Pink Rhythm – More And More
        • Pink Rhythm – India (Instrumental)
        We Out HereVarious ArtistsBrownswood Recordings
        Gilles Peterson's Brownswood Recordings releases an album of exclusives that focuses on London’s bright-burning young jazz scene, this compilation brings...
        • Maisha – Inside The Acorn
        • Ezra Collective – Pure Shade
        • Moses Boyd – The Balance
        • Theon Cross – Brockley
        • Nubya Garcia – Once
        • Shabaka Hutchings – Black Skin, Black Masks
        • Triforce – Walls
        • Joe Armon-Jones – Go See
        • Kokoroko – Abusey Junction
        • 2×LP£19.99
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        • CD£11.99
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        Bobby RodriguezSimply MacrameJazz Detective Records
        Jazz Detective open for business with this never reissued before, super rare private pressed LP from 1973 that features a 16 minute version of Freddy Hubbard's...
        • Bobby Rodriguez – Simply Macrame
        Bilal SabirChanges / Bilalian WomanBackatcha
        Reissue of this impossibly rare folk / soul masterpiece from Bilal Sabir, originally recorded in 1978. Terry Callier and Richie Havens fans check! Limited...
        • Bilal Sabir – Changes
        • Bilal Sabir – Bilalian Woman
        • 7"£11.99
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        The MajesticsClass A / Key To LoveSoul Jazz Records
        Unbelievably rare old-school party rap 45 single - recently sold for £600 on discogs! NEW LTD. edition of 300 copies. Only available EXCLUSIVELY to...
        • The Majestics – Class A
        • The Majestics – Key To Love
        • 7"£10.00
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