• Johnny Clarke – African People
    • Johnny Clarke – Version
    • 1. African People
    • 2. Version

    Great deep mid 70s roots rocker with King Tubby's mix stripping the whole thing down. Long out print

    Other Releases by Johnny Clarke

    Johnny ClarkeJudgement On The LandRoots Youths
    Part 4 in the ongoing King Jammys series, this 12" featuring two strong early 80s roots vocal cuts from Johnny Clarke and Pad Anthony on "This Feeling"...
    • Johnny Clarke – Judgement On The Land
    • Pad Anthony – This Feeling
    • Johnny Clarke – Version
    Johnny ClarkeCreation RebelVP Records
    Only Johnny Clarke would come close to challenging Bob Marley & Dennis Brown for reggae’s crown, his unequaled run of hit songs, powered by Striker’s...
    • Johnny Clarke – Play Fool Fe Get Wise
    • Johnny Clarke – Live Up Jah Man
    • Johnny Clarke – Dread A Dread
    • Johnny Clarke – Time Will Tell
    • Johnny Clarke – Blood Dunza
    • Johnny Clarke – King In The Arena
    • Johnny Clarke – Fire And Brimstone A Go Burn The Wicked
    • Johnny Clarke – African People
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    • New 2×LP £27.99
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    Johnny ClarkeRockers Time NowGet On Down
    Johnny Clarke’s “Rockers Time Now" is a mix of covers and originals, including ethereal versions of the The Abyssinians “Satta Massagana” and...
    • Johnny Clarke – Rockers Time Now
    • Johnny Clarke – Ites Green And Gold
    • Johnny Clarke – African Roots
    • Johnny Clarke – Be Holy My Brothers And Sisters
    • Johnny Clarke – Satta Massagana
    • Johnny Clarke – Stop The Tribal War
    • Johnny Clarke – Declaration Of Rights
    • Johnny Clarke – Let's Give Jah Jah Praise
    • Johnny Clarke – I Wish It Could Go On Forever
    • Johnny Clarke – Natty Dreadlocks Stand Up Right
    • Johnny Clarke – Prophecy A-Fulfilled
    • Johnny Clarke – They Never Love Poor Marcus
    Johnny ClarkeStop Them JahJackpot
    Heavyweight early eighties version of "Stop Them Jah" with dub version from King Tubby's studio 
    • Johnny Clarke – Stop Them Jah
    • King Tubby – Dub
    Johnny ClarkeInternational MusicTop Ranking Sound
    Continuing with the Black Scorpio reissue series, this time featuring the living legend Johnny Clarke with “International Music”. Recorded in 1987...
    • Johnny Clarke – International Music
    • Johnny Clarke – International Music (Version)
    Johnny ClarkeRide On GirlAttack
    Classic roots vocal originally released in 1977 produced by Bunny Lee with instrumental cut not dub on the flip.
    • Johnny Clarke – Ride On Girl
    Johnny ClarkeMan Like MeAggrovator
    Over the same mid 70s roots rhythm as Horace Andy's "Don't try to use me"
    • Johnny Clarke – Man Like Me
    • the Aggrovators – Dub Like Me
    Johnny ClarkeItes, Gold And GreenWanted45
    70's Roots vocal classic from Johnny Clarke with the "flying cymbal" sound with a killer phased dub from King Tubby on the flip.
    • Johnny Clarke – Ites, Gold And Green
    • King Tubby – Version
    Johnny ClarkeJah Jah We PrayKingston Sounds
    Tracks that were recorded at a variety of different studios but all are produced by the great Bunny Lee, with a great line-up of musicians
      Johnny ClarkeSinners RepentLee's
      A deep understated dark reggae tune produced by Bunny Lee with great version from King Tubby on the flip.
      • Johnny Clarke – Sinners Repent
      • Johnny Clarke – Version

      Other Releases on Jackpot

      Johnny ClarkeStop Them JahJackpot
      Heavyweight early eighties version of "Stop Them Jah" with dub version from King Tubby's studio 
      • Johnny Clarke – Stop Them Jah
      • King Tubby – Dub
      Horace AndyBetter CollieJackpot
      Classic tune and King Tubby dub, produced by Bunny Lee
      • Horace Andy – Better Collie
      • King Tubby – Better Dub

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        • Johnny Clarke – Wante Wante Dub
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        Spirits Of Life : Haitian VodouSociete Absolument GuinenSoul Jazz Records
        This album was recorded by Soul Jazz Records in Port au Prince, Haiti and features the music and songs of Vodou (or Voodoo), the African derived religion...
        • Spirits of Life – Agoue-dambala (yanvalou)
        • Spirits of Life – Zepol
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        • Spirits of Life – Agoue-dambala (yanvalou Zepol)
        • Spirits of Life – Agoue-dambala (yanvalou Zepol)
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        • Spirits of Life – Erzulie-ti Jean (petro)
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          Sylford WalkerChant Down BabylonSouth East Music
          classic late 70s roots vocal with a killer tubby dub on the b-side.limited press don't sleep!!
          • Sylford Walker – Chant Down Babylon
          • 7"£4.99
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          NineyI Soon KnowObserver
          rare observer 12" here reissued for the first time on a limited 7" only. killer roots vocal cut from niney with a great dub on the b-side. very clean and...
          • Niney – I Soon Know
          • Niney – Version
          • 7"£3.99
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          Horace MartinKing Fe DemFirehouse
          early 80s roots vocal revive stylee reissued in company sleeve and clear vinyl. one of five 7" repressed don't delay........BACK IN STOCK
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            Addis To AxumMusic, Words & Arrangements To Ethopia : A Mix By QuanticMochilla
            Stunning compilation of super-rare raw, rootsy Ethio-jazz unearthered by producer and DJ Quantic and Soundway's Miles Ceret and supreme beat-digger B+!!!!! In...
            • Addis To Axum – sample one
            • Addis To Axum – sample two
            • Addis To Axum – sample three
            • Addis To Axum – sample four
            • Addis To Axum – sample five
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            Sylford WalkerDeuteronomySouth East Music
            Back in stock...Classic tuff steppers late 70s reggae stylee complete with a awesome King Tubby dub, don't delay!!
            • Sylford Walker – Deuteronomy
            • King Tubby Style – Deuteronomy Dub
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            The HeptonesMount ZionObserver
            originally released on a 12" here reissued on very limited 7" with dub cut on the b-side.
            • The Heptones – Mount Zion
            • The Heptones – Part 2
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            Aisha MorrisonEthiopia/DubBlack Art
            Plays at 33rpm with dubs by Lee Perry.
            • Aisha Morrison – Ethiopia/Dub
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            BreakwaterSplashdown (1980)Arista
            Includes the rare groove classic 'Say You Love My Girl' and 'Release The Beast' later sampled by Daft Punk. Check it out!
            • Breakwater – Splashdown Time
            • Breakwater – Love of My Life
            • Breakwater – Say You Love My Girl
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            • CD£11.99
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            • Original LP£19.99
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            Dancehall Book (New 2017 Edition)The Rise Of Jamaican Dancehall CultureSoul Jazz Books
            Comes with free poster when you buy direct from us here only!New 10th anniversary edition on Soul Jazz Books/Soul Jazz Records of this now classic large...
            • Book (1.8kg) + Limited Edition Free Poster£30.00 £25.00
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            Tenor SawJah Guide And Protect MeTenor Saw
            Top dancehall tune from the late Tenor Saw on a remake of an old Studio 1 rhythm.
            • Tenor Saw – Jah Guide And Protect Me
            Johnny ClarkeGive Yourself A TryObserver
            great roots vocal tune from johnny clarke with production by niney the observer, originally issued on a 12"
            • Johnny Clarke – Give Yourself A Try
            • Johnny Clarke – Part 2
            • 7"£5.99
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            Sons Of LightLand Of LoveBlack Art
            wicked roots harmony tune from the heptones soundalikes sons of light.
            • Sons Of Light – Land Of Love
            • 7"£4.49
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            Loft ClassicsVolume ElevenLoft Classics
            Three more great cuts, including a classic Mizell brothers-produced jazz funk disco fave! Awesome!
            • Francine McGee – Delirium
            • Don Ray – Standing In The Rain
            • Jah Wobble, Jaki Liebezeit and Holger Czukay – How Much Are They
            • 1. Francine McGee – Delirium
            • 2. Don Ray – Standing In The Rain
            • 3. Jah Wobble, Jaki Liebezeit and Holger Czukay – How Much Are They
            • View full info and tracklisting
            • 12" EP£7.99
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            Toots And The Maytals54 46 Was My NumberBeverleys
            Stone cold jump up classic with pressure drop on the b-side
            • Toots And The Maytals – 54 46 Was My Number
            • Toots And The Maytals – Pressure Drop
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            Tenor SawRing The AlarmTechniques
            all time classic dancehall on the mighty stalag riddim. another sound is dying.....
            • Tenor Saw – Ring the alarm
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            The OfficialsBabyloniansObserver
            obscure roots vocal cut with production by niney. clean and loud pressings get em' while you can!!
            • The Officials – Babylonians
            • The Dynamites – 1974 Version
            • 7"£3.99
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            The Light Of SabaThy Kingdom ComeKingston Connection
            Thy Kingdom Come' and 'Solitude' by Light Of Saba produced and voiced by Philip White in 1978, while he was 18 and leader of the band, after Cedric Brooks...
            • The Light Of Saba – Thy Kingdom Come
            • 7"£7.99
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            Jean-Pierre MassieraVenus Gang - Galactic SoulMucho Gusto
            An amazing re-issue of this leftfileld space-disco cult classic from fuzzed out french soundwizard Jean-Pierre Masssiera! Created in 1978, Jean-Pierre...
            • Jean-Pierre Massiera – cosmic daddy
            • Jean-Pierre Massiera – take me back to my planet
            • Jean-Pierre Massiera – love to fly
            • LP£18.99
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            Sound DimensionJamaica Soul Shake Vol. 1Soul Jazz Records
            After The Skatalites, The Sound Dimension were perhaps the most important instrumental group in the history of reggae music. That they remain relatively...
            • Sound Dimension – Heavy Beat
            • Sound Dimension – Federated Backdrop
            • Sound Dimension – Baby Face
            • Sound Dimension – Rathid
            • Sound Dimension – Bitter Blood
            • Sound Dimension – Love Land
            • Sound Dimension – Full Up
            • Sound Dimension – Upsetters Dream
            • Sound Dimension – Soul Shake
            • Sound Dimension – The Thing
            • Sound Dimension – My Heart in Rhythm
            • Sound Dimension – Man Pon Spot
            • Sound Dimension – Holy Moses
            • Sound Dimension – Doctor Sappa Too
            • Sound Dimension – Hail Don D
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