• 2×LP GET51294-LP£29.99
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    • Herbie Hancock – Introduction & Maiden Voyage
    • Herbie Hancock – Actual Proof
    • Herbie Hancock – Spank-A-Lee
    • Herbie Hancock – Watermelon Man
    • Herbie Hancock – Hang Up Your Hang Ups
    • 1. Introduction & Maiden Voyage
    • 2. Actual Proof
    • 3. Spank-A-Lee
    • 4. Watermelon Man
    • 5. Butterfly
    • 6. Chameleon
    • 7. Hang Up Your Hang Ups

    HEAVY, HEAVY, HEAVYWEIGHT funk-jazz fusion from the mid-seventies golden era of the Headhunters on this super-rare live double album featuring amazing psychedelic cover art from Nobuyuki Nakanishi that was previously only ever released in Japan in 1975 - making the original one of the hardest Herbie Hancock albums to find.

    Includes beautifully recorded unique versions of classic Headhunters tracks such as Chameleon, Butterfly, and Hang Up Your Hang Ups that actually manage to surpass the quality of album versions! This album really is that good!

    The line-up says it all - Herbie Hancock, Bennie Maupin, Paul Jackson, Mike Clark, Bill Summers, and Blackbird McNight! All at the top of their game and all completely on fire! Wow!

    A secret gem of mid-seventies jazz funk that crowns the genre! An absolutely essential purchase for any Headhunters fan!


    Other Releases by Herbie Hancock

    Herbie HancockMwandishiWarner Bros
    Long out of print heavyweight Headhunters progressive, fusion hardcore! Album originally released in 1971 - first time on vinyl in long time. Essential...
    • Herbie Hancock – Ostinato (Suite For Angela)
    • New LP (180g)£21.99
      180gm heavyweight vinyl
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    • CD£7.99
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    Herbie HancockMan-Child (1975)Columbia
    Classic fusion album featuring a killer set of funky-jazz fusion. Heavyweight!
    • Herbie Hancock – hang Up Your hang ups
    • CD£7.99
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    • Original LP£20.00
      Vinyl condition: VG+Sleeve condition: VGOriginal USA vinyl, top spine taped
      Out of stock
    Herbie HancockDirectstepGet On Down
    Get On Down reissue Herbie Hancock's classic, Japanese 'direct-to-disc' album recording 'from 1979 - a jazz-fusion gem available on vinyl again for the...
    • Herbie Hancock – Butterfly
    • Herbie Hancock – Shiftless Shuffle
    • Herbie Hancock – I Thought It Was You
    Herbie HancockTakin' OffBlue Note
    Takin' Off is the debut album by jazz pianist Herbie Hancock that was released in 1962 by Blue Note Records. The recording session includes Freddie Hubbard...
      Herbie HancockDeath Wish (Original Soundtrack Recording)Music On Vinyl
      Tough tough Headhunters-stylee fusion. Moody! Original sound track from the 1974 film 'Death Wish', written by Herbie Hancock.
      • Herbie Hancock – Death Wish (Main Title)
      • LP (180 gram)£21.99
        180gm heavyweight vinyl
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      Herbie HancockQuartet (1982)CBS
      w/ Ron Carter, Wynton Marsalis and Tony Williams
        • Original 2×LP£15.00
          Vinyl condition: VG+Sleeve condition: VG+
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        Herbie HancockSextant (1972)Columbia
        'Sextant' from 1972 was recorded just before 'Headhunters', and can be seen in the same vein, but it's more than just an introduction to a masterpiece....
        • Herbie Hancock – Rain Dance
        • New LP (180g)£21.99
          Out of stock
        • CD£7.99
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        Herbie HancockSecrets (1976)Columbia
        Seminal jazz funk fusion album including top funky re-version of Hancock's own "Cantelope Island". Also "Doin It" and "Gentle Thoughts" all with the great...
        • Herbie Hancock – Doin' It
        Herbie HancockTakin' Off (1962)Blue Note
        Herbie Hancock's debut album in 1962 launched a phenomenal career. Features Freddie Hubbard and Dexter Gordon and includes the seminal 'Watermelon Man".
        • Herbie Hancock – watermelon man
        • New LP (180g)£21.99
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        • CD£7.99
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        Herbie HancockCantaloupe Island Blue Note
        This formidable recording neatly summarises Herbie Hancock's work in the 60s. The title track, Cantaloupe Island, provided inspiration for US3, who sampled...
          Herbie HancockMy Point Of ViewBlue Note
          Brilliant, less-well-known Herbie Hancock album featuring a larger group than usual with guitar and trombone! Check the superb "King Cobra"! Recommended!
          • Herbie Hancock – Blind Man, Blind Man
          • Herbie Hancock – King Cobra
          • CD£7.99
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          • Reissue LP£9.99
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          Herbie HancockCrossings (1972)Warner Bros
          Tough, tough, tough heavy Headhunters fusion, 1972 in the zone! Classic Herbie Hancock group line-up with Benny Maupin, Billy Hart and Buster Williams
          • Herbie Hancock – Sleeping Giant
          • New LP (180g)£21.99
            180gm heavyweight vinyl
            Out of stock
          • CD£7.99
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          Herbie HancockEmpyrean IslesBlue Note
          Stone cold classic Herbie Hancock featuring Freddie Hubbard, Ron Carter and Tony Williams! Includes the timeless 'Cantaloupe Island'
            • New LP £19.99
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            • CD£7.99
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            Other Releases on Get On Down

            Herbie HancockDirectstepGet On Down
            Get On Down reissue Herbie Hancock's classic, Japanese 'direct-to-disc' album recording 'from 1979 - a jazz-fusion gem available on vinyl again for the...
            • Herbie Hancock – Butterfly
            • Herbie Hancock – Shiftless Shuffle
            • Herbie Hancock – I Thought It Was You
            NasStillmaticGet On Down
            Reissue of Nas' classic 2001 album!
            • Nas – Ether
            • Nas – Got Ur Self A...
            • Nas – Smokin'
            • Nas – You're Da Man
            • Nas – Rewind
            • Nas – One Mic
            • Nas – 2nd Childhood
            Groove TheoryGroove TheoryGet On Down
            The neo-soul movement of the late 1990s, heralded the arrival of some of the greatest R&B recordings of the decade. Albums like Lauryn Hill's The Miseducation...
            • Groove Theory – 10 Minute High
            • Groove Theory – Time Flies
            • Groove Theory – Ride
            • Groove Theory – Come Home
            • Groove Theory – Baby Luv
            • Groove Theory – Tell Me
            • Groove Theory – Hey U
            • Groove Theory – Hello It's Me
            • Groove Theory – Good 2 Me
            • Groove Theory – Angel
            • Groove Theory – Keep Tryin'
            • Groove Theory – You're Not The 1
            • Groove Theory – Didja Know
            • Groove Theory – Boy At The Window
            David AxelrodSeriously DeepGet On Down
            **Reissue of this David Axelrod classic from 1975!** Across six tracks, Axelrod and his collective of players dip in and out of bounding jazz-funk, Afro-Latin...
            • David Axelrod – Miles Away
            • David Axelrod – One
            • David Axelrod – 1000 Rads
            • David Axelrod – Ken Russell
            • David Axelrod – Go For It
            • David Axelrod – Reverie
            The Sisters LoveWith LoveGet On Down
            Motown's "first ladies of funk" finally release their vinyl debut, some 45 years after it was originally scheduled! Included the classic, 'Give Me Your...
            • The Sisters Love – Communication
            • The Sisters Love – Mr. Fix-It Man
            • The Sisters Love – You've Got My Mind
            • The Sisters Love – Fast Mack
            • The Sisters Love – Sweet Inspiration
            • The Sisters Love – Give Me Your Love
            • The Sisters Love – Just A Little Misunderstanding
            • The Sisters Love – I'm Learning To Trust My Man
            • The Sisters Love – Do What You Gotta Do
            • The Sisters Love – You've Got Make The Choice
            • The Sisters Love – Turn On Your Lovelight
            Prince Far IVoice Of ThunderGet On Down
            Prince Far I aka the Voice Of Thunder got his start in the burgeoning Jamaican music industry as a sound system DJ (for Sir Mike The Musical Dragon), workingsecurity...
            • Prince Far I – Ten Commandments
            • Prince Far I – Tribute To Bob Marley
            • Prince Far I – Hold The Fort
            • Prince Far I – Every Time I Hear The Word
            • Prince Far I – Head Of The Buccaneer
            • Prince Far I – Shall Not Dwell In Wickedness
            • Prince Far I – Give I Strength
            • Prince Far I – Kingdom Of God
            • Prince Far I – Coming In From The Rock
            • Prince Far I – Skinhead
            DillingerCB 200Get On Down
            LP First issued in 1976. Available on CD and digital but vinyl has been out of print since the mid-80s. 2000 only worldwide. By the 1970s Reggae had...
            Run-DMCRun-D.M.C.Get On Down
            Reissue of this CLASSIC hip-hop LP from the one and only Run-DMC! Originally released in 1984. 
              Ghostface KillahBulletproof WalletsGet On Down
              Reissue of the classic 2001 album from Ghostface Killah - Bulletproof Wallets. Here he reunites with his partner in rhyme Raekwon. Filled...
              • Ghostface Killah – Maxine
              • Ghostface Killah – Flowers
              • Ghostface Killah – Never Be The Same Again
              • Ghostface Killah – Theodore
              • Ghostface Killah – Ghost Showers
              • Ghostface Killah – Strawberry
              • Ghostface Killah – The Forest
              • Ghostface Killah – The Juks
              • Ghostface Killah – Walking Through The Darkness
              • Ghostface Killah – The Hilton
              • Ghostface Killah – Love Session
              • Ghostface Killah – Street Chemistry
              Clipse Lord Willin'Get On Down
              C-L-A-S-S-I-C Neptunes production! Clipse, the first act signed to the newly formed Neptunes owned Star Trek label back in 2002. Completely...
              • Clipse – Intro
              • Clipse – Young Boy
              • Clipse – Grindin'
              • Clipse – Cot Damn
              • Clipse – When The Last Time
              D-NiceCall Me D-NiceGet On Down
              When Boogie Down Productions' DJ/producer/hypeman D-Nice went solo in 1990, the world wasn't quite sure what to expect. Taking over as KRS-One's DJ after...

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                Get On Down reissue Herbie Hancock's classic, Japanese 'direct-to-disc' album recording 'from 1979 - a jazz-fusion gem available on vinyl again for the...
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                • Herbie Hancock – Shiftless Shuffle
                • Herbie Hancock – I Thought It Was You
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                Reissue one of the most essential spiritual jazz albums in the Strata East canon! Clifford Jordan's 'Glass Bead Games' features the classics ‘John Coltrane’,...
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                • Clifford Jordan Quartet – Prayer To The People
                • Clifford Jordan Quartet – Cal Massey
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                • Clifford Jordan Quartet – Biskit
                • Clifford Jordan Quartet – Shoulders
                • Clifford Jordan Quartet – Bridgework
                • Clifford Jordan Quartet – Maimoun
                • Clifford Jordan Quartet – Alias Buster Henry
                • Clifford Jordan Quartet – One For Amos
                • New Audiophile 2×LP (180 GRAM)£42.00
                  2x180g audiophile vinyl in a gatefold sleeve
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                Studio One Black Man's Pride 3 : None Shall Escape The Judgement Of The AlmightySoul Jazz Records
                This is the latest new installment of Soul Jazz Records’ on-going collection of Rastafarian music at Studio One, featuring classic material from legendary...
                • Horace Andy – Conscious Dread Lock
                • The Gladiators – A Prayer To Thee
                • Freddie McGregor – Beat Down Babylon
                • The Manchesters – Selassie Bandman
                • The Mellodies – Dread Oppression
                • Big Joe – Jah Jah Help Us
                • Horace Andy – Oh Lord Why Lord
                • Lloyd Jones & The Super Natural Six – Get Up and Try
                • The Wailing Souls – Can't Catch Me
                • The Nightingales – Jehovah
                • Alphanso Stewart – It's No Secret
                • Errol Dunkley – Satisfaction
                • Mr Manchester – Give Natty Dread Glory
                • Lincoln (Sugar) Minott – Wrong Doers
                • Noel Campbell & The Gladiators Band – Sufferation
                • African Brothers – No Cup No Brock
                • Zoot Simms – When The Time Comes
                • Glen Miller – Whey No Dead
                Yasuaki ShimizuKakashiPalto Flats
                Official reissue of this HUGELY in demand, 1982 album from Japan's visionary saxophonist Yasuaki Shimizu - the man behind Mariah 'Utakata Ho Hibi'! Through...
                • Yasuaki Shimizu – Suiren
                • Yasuaki Shimizu – Kakashi
                • Yasuaki Shimizu – Kono Yoni Yomeri (Sono 1)
                • Yasuaki Shimizu – Semi Tori No Hi
                • Yasuaki Shimizu – Yume Dewa
                • Yasuaki Shimizu – Umi No Ue Kara
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                Sun RaLanquidityPhilly Jazz
                The best Sun Ra album! Super-deep, funky odd-ball jazz with spooky whispered vocals! Cult classic deep experimental jazz with an outer-space alien groove!...
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                  Nigeria 70: No Wahala - Highlife, Afro-funk & Juju 1973 -1987Various ArtistsStrut
                  Strut present the first new volume in their pioneering ‘Nigeria 70’ series, bringing together rare highlife, Afro-funk and juju from the ‘70s and...
                  • Odeyemi – Oni Suru
                  • Prince Nico Mbarga & Rocafil Jazz – Sickness
                  • Felixson Ngasia & The Survivals – Black Precious Colour
                  • Sina Bakare – Africa
                  • Saxon Lee And The Shadows International – Special Secret of Baby
                  • Osayomore Joseph & The Creative 7 – Obonogbozu
                  • International Brothers Band – Onuma Dimnobi
                  • Don Bruce And The Angels – Kinuye
                  • Rogana Ottah & His Black Heroes Int. – Let Them Say
                  • Etubom Rex Williams & His Nigerian Artistes – Psychedelic Shoes
                  • Sir Victor Uwaifo & His Titibitis – Iziegbe (Ekassa No. 70)
                  • M.A. Jaiyesimi & His Crescent Bros Band – Mundiya Loju about
                  • 1. Odeyemi – Oni Suru
                  • 2. Prince Nico Mbarga & Rocafil Jazz – Sickness
                  • 3. Felixson Ngasia & The Survivals – Black Precious Colour
                  • View full info and tracklisting
                  • 2×LP£20.99
                    Out of stock
                  • CD£10.99
                    Out of stock
                  Sun RaThe Night Of The Purple MoonSaturn
                  Super rare early 70s set Sun Ra with John Gilmore on percussion as well as tenor sax. Includes "Love In Outer Space". Super deep and funky! As featured...
                    Roy AyersSilver VibrationsBBE Records
                    BBE provide the first ever reissue of the classic Roy Ayers, jazz-funk / disco winner, 'Silver Vibrations'. Originally released in 1983, the album contains...
                    • Roy Ayers – Chicago
                    • Roy Ayers – Lots Of Love
                    • Roy Ayers – Keep On Movin'
                    • Roy Ayers – Silver Vibrations
                    • Roy Ayers – Smiling With Our Eyes
                    • Roy Ayers – D.C. City
                    • Roy Ayers – Good Good Music
                    • New 2×LP £21.99
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                    • CD£11.99
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                    Freddie HubbardRed Clay (1970)CTI
                    Definitive early 70s deep funky jazz fusion album featuring the ultimate b-boy jazz break intro on the title track 'Red Clay". 
                      • Reissue LP£13.99
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                      KASSAVLove and Ka DanceHeavenly Sweetness
                      Reissued for the first me together are both versions (French and US) of Francophone zouk band Kassav’s 1979 debut album, which has been unavailable since...
                      • KASSAV – Kassav' Dedicated To Saint-Jean
                      • KASSAV – Fascination
                      • KASSAV – Nouvel
                      • KASSAV – Love And Ka Dance
                      • KASSAV – Africa (Kassav Vocal Version)
                      • KASSAV – Don't Be A Fool
                      • 2×LP£19.99
                        Out of stock
                      Lonnie SmithMove Your Hand (1969)Blue Note
                      Oh man, this is so heavy. The super-deep 'Move Your Hand' along with twisted vocals and hypnotic, incessant rhythm is one of the heaviest sounds of all...
                      • Lonnie Smith – Move Your Hand
                      Bomb The SuburbsBy William Upski WimsattSubway & Elevated
                      • Original Book (250g)£8.00
                        Original out of print secondhand book ex-library with stamps
                        100% guarantee on this and all original books at Sounds of the Universe.
                        Out of stock
                      Lonnie SmithAfrodesiaGroove Merchant
                      Classic funky jazz / rare groove album
                        • Reissue LP£11.99
                          Out of stock
                        Herbie HancockPossibilitiesViking
                        OVER 60% OFF ORIGINAL PRICE! LOVELY USA IMPORT HARDBACK BOOK! ONLY £10 SQUID - CHEAPER THAN AMAZON! This reflective and invaluable memoir tells the story...
                        • Book (650g)£22.99 £10.00
                          Out of stock
                        Larry YoungHeaven On Earth (1968)Blue Note
                        Deep, deep funky organ jazz from Young on Blue Note, 1968. What a year! Larry Young - organ, Byard Lancaster - alto saxophone, flute, Herbert...
                        • Larry Young – The Infant
                        • Reissue LP£12.99
                          Out of stock
                        Johnny HodgesDon't Sleep In The Subway (1967)Verve Records
                          • Original LP£15.00
                            Vinyl condition: VG+Sleeve condition: VG-Original USA Vinyl gatefold sleeve - has lot of water damage to lower part of sleeve
                            100% Guarantee on this and all Original Vinyl at Sounds Of The Universe - 'if you're not happy we're not happy' or your money back!
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                          El Tipo Este Y Al QuetzLa Revancha de la MananaPura Vida Sounds / Heavenly Sweetness
                          For Cubans, El Tipo Este is the pioneer of all things hip-hop. As founding member of Obsesion, one of the nation’s most notable hip hop exports. Early...
                          • El Tipo Este Y Al Quetz – Zafra
                          • El Tipo Este Y Al Quetz – Sin Protocolo
                          • El Tipo Este Y Al Quetz – Lo Emental
                          • El Tipo Este Y Al Quetz – Regla Sound System
                          • El Tipo Este Y Al Quetz – Tu Verá
                          • El Tipo Este Y Al Quetz – Dicen
                          • El Tipo Este Y Al Quetz – Usame
                          • El Tipo Este Y Al Quetz – Interludio en el 106
                          • El Tipo Este Y Al Quetz – Inflowencias
                          • El Tipo Este Y Al Quetz – Ya No Me Pertenezco
                          • El Tipo Este Y Al Quetz – Revolución Vivencial
                          • El Tipo Este Y Al Quetz – Tierra, Semillas y Frutas
                          • 2×LP£20.99
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                          • CD£12.99
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                          Dom Um RomaoSpirit Of The Times (Espirito du Tempo) (1973)Muse
                          Incredible album! Legendary Brazilian drummer, and founding member of both Sergio Mendes' group and Weather Report, gets well deep with an allstar line-up...
                          • Dom Um Romao – Shake (Ginga Gingou)
                          Make Some SpaceTuning Into Total Refreshment CentreBy Emma WarrenSweet Machine Press
                          Shabaka Hutchings , Nubya Garcia, Sons of Kemet - read how the new jazz scene started in this wicked book about The Total Refreshment Centre. Included...
                          • Book (500g)£12.00
                            Out of stock
                          The Salsoul OrchestraSalsoul Orchestra (1975)Salsoul
                          Classic album that includes "Just the Right Size" and "Tangerine"
                          • The Salsoul Orchestra – you're just the right size
                          • The Salsoul Orchestra – tangerine
                          • Original LP£12.00
                            Vinyl condition: VG+Sleeve condition: VGOriginal = Original USA Vinyl , bit of creasing to sleeve

                            100% Guarantee on this and all Original Vinyl at Sounds Of The Universe - 'if you're not happy we're not happy' or your money back!
                            Out of stock
                          • CD£9.99
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                          Weldon IrvineSinbad (1976)RCA
                          'Music Is The Key'. The Glorious soul two-step anthem 'I Love You' featuring Don Blackman. Weldon Irvine's deep funky soulful jazz albums are truly incredible....
                          • Weldon Irvine – I Love You
                          The Salsoul OrchestraNice 'N' Naasty (1976)Salsoul
                          Killer funky disco produced by Vince Montana on Salsoul, 1976. USA gatefold original.
                          • The Salsoul Orchestra – Nice 'N' Naasty
                          • The Salsoul Orchestra – Nightcrawler
                          • Original LP£10.00
                            Vinyl condition: VG+Sleeve condition: VGOriginal = USA Vinyl

                            100% Guarantee on this and all Original Vinyl at Sounds Of The Universe - 'if you're not happy we're not happy' money-back guarantee!
                            Out of stock
                          Roy AyersHe's Coming (1972)Polydor
                          Featuring "We Live In Brooklyn Baby" and "Sweet Tears"! Surely the most essential Roy Ayers album - everyone a killer. Super deep, heavy funk jazz. Essential...
                          • Roy Ayers – he's a superstar
                          • Roy Ayers – we live in brooklyn baby
                          • CD£7.99
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                          • New LP £12.99
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