• Gyedu Blay Ambolley & Zantoda Mark III – Control
    • Gyedu Blay Ambolley & Zantoda Mark III – Woye De Adofo
    • Gyedu Blay Ambolley & Zantoda Mark III – Don't Go
    • Gyedu Blay Ambolley & Zantoda Mark III – Mercy Kae Dabi
    • Gyedu Blay Ambolley & Zantoda Mark III – Take Am So
    • Gyedu Blay Ambolley & Zantoda Mark III – The Message (God Is Love)
    • 1. Control
    • 2. Woye De Adofo
    • 3. Don't Go
    • 4. Mercy Kae Dabi
    • 5. Take Am So
    • 6. The Message (God Is Love)

    Extremely hard-to-find Ghanaian LP from legendary musician Gyedu-Blay Ambolley, originally released in 1980.

    The third in the series of Gyedu Blay Ambolley albums that Mr Bongo have reissue, following the seminal ‘Ambolley’ and ‘Simigwa’ recordings. 'Control' is tough, synthesized Highlife, funk and boogie at its best!

    Other Releases on Mr Bongo

    Nonato & Seu ConjuntoCafuaMr Bongo
    Reissue of this awesome organ driven dancer of 'Cafua' taken from Nonato & Seu Conjunto’s ‘O Som E O Balanco De Nonato’ album from 1975! Backed with...
    • Nonato & Seu Conjunto – Cafua
    • Jose Roberto – Crioula Multicolorida
    Peter KingOmo LewaMr Bongo
    Mr Bongo reissued 'Omo Lewa' by Nigerian born band leader and multi- instrumentalist Peter King came into the world in 1976. From start to finish, King...
      Trio Ternura / Eliana PittmanVou Morar No Teu Sorriso / Quem Vai QuererMr Bongo
      **Available again with new label art!** Tough drums, breaks and percussion, big vocals, horns and bass taken om 'Vou Morar No Teu Sorriso' an uptempo...
      • Trio Ternura – Vou Morar No Teu Sorriso
      • Eliana Pittman – Quem Vai Querer
      Quinteto Ternura / Trio TernuraBaby / Filhos De ZambiMr Bongo
      **Available again with new label art!** An absolutely killer Brazilian modern soul jam; written by Caetano Veloso; arranged by Arthur Verocai; covering...
      • Quinteto Ternura – Baby
      • Trio Ternura – Filhos De Zambi
      Shina Williams & His African PercussionsShina WilliamsMr Bongo
      Mr Bongo delve further into the back catalogue of Nigerian bandleader, Shina Williams, with the first official reissue of his self-titled classic. A deep,...
      • Shina Williams & His African Percussions – Ise Aje Male
      Bedouin SoundclashMassMr Bongo
      Nearly a decade since their last record, Jay Malinowski and Eon Sinclair better known as duo Bedouin Soundclash, return with their fifth studio album ‘MASS’....
      • Bedouin Soundclash – Salt Water
      • Bedouin Soundclash – Born Into Bad Times
      • Bedouin Soundclash – Clock Work
      • Bedouin Soundclash – When We’re Gone
      • Bedouin Soundclash – Holy
      • Bedouin Soundclash – They Gutted This City
      • Bedouin Soundclash – Drive
      • Bedouin Soundclash – St Jude Of The Floors
      • Bedouin Soundclash – All Tomorrows
      • Bedouin Soundclash – Inversion Weather
      • Bedouin Soundclash – Full Bloom
      • Bedouin Soundclash – Better Days
      • Bedouin Soundclash – Edges Of The Night
      • Bedouin Soundclash – Just Like You
      Hozan Yamamoto with Sharps & FlatsBeautiful Bamboo-FluteMr Bongo
      Official Mr Bongo reissue of a truly seminal, rare as hen's teeth, Japanese jazz album, that journeys through fusion, soul and big band moods. Near impossible...
      • Hozan Yamamoto with Sharps & Flats – Kokiriko Bushi
      • Hozan Yamamoto with Sharps & Flats – Sado Okesa
      • Hozan Yamamoto with Sharps & Flats – Tairyo Utaikomi
      • Hozan Yamamoto with Sharps & Flats – Soma Bon-Uta
      • Hozan Yamamoto with Sharps & Flats – Komoro Mago-Uta
      • Hozan Yamamoto with Sharps & Flats – Nanbu Ushioi-Uta
      • Hozan Yamamoto with Sharps & Flats – Itsuki No Komori-Uta
      • Hozan Yamamoto with Sharps & Flats – Hietsuki-Bushi
      • Hozan Yamamoto with Sharps & Flats – Yasuki-Bushi
      Jungle BrownFull CircleMr Bongo
      The second full-length LP from Jungle Brown, ‘Full Circle’, drops via Mr Bongo and features collaborations with Sampa The Great, Fliptrix (High Focus)...
      • Jungle Brown – Keep It Movin'
      • Jungle Brown – Wicked feat. Fliptrix
      • Jungle Brown – Ikoja feat. Elde
      • Jungle Brown – Huami feat. Terri Walker
      • Jungle Brown – Sometimes feat. Ruby
      • Jungle Brown – Wayside
      • Jungle Brown – Time Ticks
      • Jungle Brown – U&I
      • Jungle Brown – We On feat. Sampa The Great
      • Jungle Brown – Custom Made feat. Ayo The Yung Afrika Pyoneer
      Ebo Taylor Jnr. with Wuta WazutuGotta Take It CoolMr Bongo
      Mr Bongo reissue this tough, rare, mid-tempo Ghanaian funk & Highlife album from Ebo Taylor Junior, son of the mighty Ebo Taylor, originally released in...
      • Ebo Taylor Jnr. with Wuta Wazutu – Lord We've Missed You
      • Ebo Taylor Jnr. with Wuta Wazutu – System To Love
      • Ebo Taylor Jnr. with Wuta Wazutu – Begging On Knees
      • Ebo Taylor Jnr. with Wuta Wazutu – You've Got Yours Greedy Man
      • Ebo Taylor Jnr. with Wuta Wazutu – Gotta Take It Cool
      • Ebo Taylor Jnr. with Wuta Wazutu – Mondo Soul Funky
      • Ebo Taylor Jnr. with Wuta Wazutu – Swinging Soul For Love
      • Ebo Taylor Jnr. with Wuta Wazutu – Every Woman Needs A Helper
      • Ebo Taylor Jnr. with Wuta Wazutu – Love Is What I Need
      Kit SebastianMantra ModerneMr Bongo
      Debut album from Mr Bongo signing, Kit Sebastian. ‘Mantra Moderne’ is a contemporary gem that fuses Anatolian Psychedelia, Brazilian Tropicalia, 60’s...
        Archie SheppAttica BluesMr Bongo
        Mr Bongo reissue the previously Japan-only release of this Archie Shepp 45, featuring two tracks originally released on Shepp's 1972 classic soul-jazz...
        • Archie Shepp – Attica Blues
        • Archie Shepp – Quiet Dawn
        Ze RobertoLotus 72 DMr Bongo
        A certified 'holy grail' of Brazilian music! Featuring both the fast and ‘normal’ versions. Ze Roberto's 'Lotus 72 D' is a tribute to the Brazilian...
        • Ze Roberto – Lotus 72 D (Original)
        • Ze Roberto – Lotus 72 D (Fast)
        A Tribe Called QuestScenarioMr Bongo
        Mr Bongo reissue an all time classic, hip hop anthem, 'Scenario' from the mighty A Tribe Called Quest, featuring that verse from Busta Rhymes as part of...
        • A Tribe Called Quest – Scenario (Album Version)
        Gyedu Blay AmbolleyAmbolleyMr Bongo
        Extremely hard-to-obtain album from the Ghanaian master composer, producer and musician. Originally released in 1982 by the WEA International label and...
        • Gyedu Blay Ambolley – It's Highlife
        • Gyedu Blay Ambolley – Walking Down The Street
        • Gyedu Blay Ambolley – 'Cos I Love You
        • Gyedu Blay Ambolley – Cut Your Coat
        • Gyedu Blay Ambolley – Adwoa
        • Gyedu Blay Ambolley – Simigwa
        • Gyedu Blay Ambolley – Franfranta
        AzymuthAguia Nao Come Mosca (30th Anniversary Edition)Mr Bongo
        Mr Bongo reissue of the golden-era, 1977, Brazilian jazz-funk-fusion album from the legendary, Azymuth. The album moves from mellow soulful moods, into...
        • Azymuth – Vôo Sobre O Horizonte
        • Azymuth – Águia Não Come Mosca
        • Azymuth – Despertar
        • Azymuth – Tarde
        • Azymuth – Circo Marimbondo
        • Azymuth – Tamborim, Cuíca, Ganzá, Berimbau
        • Azymuth – A Presa
        • Azymuth – A Caça
        • Azymuth – Falcon Love Call (Armazém No. 2)
        • Azymuth – Águia Negra X Dragão Negro
        Kit SebastianMantra Moderne / KuytuMr Bongo
        A contemporary masterpiece that fuses Anatolian Psychedelia, Brazilian Tropicalia, 60’s European pop and American jazz. A must for fans of Khruangbin,...
          Mr Bongo Record Club: Vol. 3Various ArtistsMr Bongo
          Mr Bongo return to their record club series, delivering another fine compilation of recent rare finds, favorites from DJ sets, plus hot selects from their...
          • J. B. De Carvalho E Seu Terreiro – Fui À Umbanda
          • Trio Ternura – A Gira
          • Alcione – Figa de Guiné
          • Impacto 5 – Longe Daqui Aqui Mesmo
          • Abaete – Pisa No Taboado
          • Tobias – Coisa Sentimental
          • Os Flippers – Estrelar
          • Spaceark – Don't Stop (Unreleased Long Version)
          • Pure Release – I'll Know It's Love For Sure
          • Luther Davis Group – You Can Be A Star
          • 2×LP£18.99
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          • CD£9.99
            In stockAdd to Bag
          Minoru MuraokaBambooMr Bongo
          Mr Bongo reissue this cult Japanese jazz / breakbeat, folkloric mega-rarity as hallowed the likes of DJ Shadow, Cut Chemist, Egon and co. Uniquely combines...
          • Minoru Muraoka – Take Five
          • Minoru Muraoka – Mogamigawa Funauta
          • Minoru Muraoka – The Positive And The Negative
          • Minoru Muraoka – And I Love Her
          • Minoru Muraoka – The House Of The Rising Sun
          • Minoru Muraoka – Do You Know The Way To San Jose
          • Minoru Muraoka – Soul Bamboo
          • Minoru Muraoka – Call Me
          • Minoru Muraoka – Scarborouge Fair
          Ebo Taylor, Pat Thomas & Uhuru YenzuHitsville Re-visitedMr Bongo
          Mr Bongo reissue this hard-to-obtain, vintage highlife from three true giants of the sound - Ebo Taylor, Pat Thomas & Uhuru Yenzu. Originally released...
            Ronald MesquitaRonald MesquitaMr Bongo
            Classic Brazilian album from master drummer, Ronald Mesquita, originally released in 1972. Featuring songs by Jorge Ben, Antonio Carlos-Jobim, Gilberto...
            • Ronald Mesquita – Balança Pema
            • Ronald Mesquita – Dabadeia
            • Ronald Mesquita – Águas De Marco
            • Ronald Mesquita – Cançâo Do Sal-Tema De Tostâo
            • Ronald Mesquita – Fechado Prá Balanço
            Akira IshikawaBack To RhythmMr Bongo
            Ultra-rare jazz-funk/fusion album from 1975 by Japanese drummer, Akira Ishikawa. Featuring percussion-heavy versions of ‘Let’s Start’, ‘Bongo Rock’...
            • Akira Ishikawa – I've Got To Use My Imagination
            • Akira Ishikawa – Bongo Rock
            • Akira Ishikawa – Do It Til You're Satisfied
            • Akira Ishikawa – Hey Jude
            • Akira Ishikawa – El Condor Pasa
            • Akira Ishikawa – Pick Up The Pieces
            • Akira Ishikawa – Love Is The Answer
            • Akira Ishikawa – I Shot The Sheriff
            • Akira Ishikawa – Let's Start
            • Akira Ishikawa – Boogie On Raggae Woman
            CéliaCélia (1970)Mr Bongo
            Mr Bongo reissue the wonderful debut from, Célia! Originally releases in 1970, her self-titled debut was conducted and arranged by Arthur Verocai and...
            • Célia – Blues
            • Célia – No Clarão Da Lua Cheia
            • Célia – Durango Kid
            • Célia – David
            • Célia – To Be
            • Célia – Abrace Paul McCartney
            • Célia – Pelo Teletipo
            • Célia – Adeus Batucada
            • Célia – Lennon - McCartney
            • Célia – Zózoio - Como É Que É
            • Célia – Fotograma
            PowerlineJourney / Double JourneyMr Bongo
            Classic jazz-funk / disco cut that became an instant anthem on all discerning dance floors when it was originally released, and for decades to follow.Championed...
            • Powerline – Journey
            • Powerline – Double Journey
            AtmosfearMotivation / ExtractMr Bongo
            Another classic from Brit Funk pioneers, Atmosfear. This time it’s the turn of the mighty ‘Motivation’ from 1980 - pure dance floor, feel good vibes,...
            • Atmosfear – Motivation
            RobRobMr Bongo
            Accra-born pianist and frontman only released a few albums in small quantities, yet two of them are among the most sought-after records from 70’s Africa....
            • Rob – Funky Rob Way
            • Rob – Forgive Us All
            • Rob – Boogie On
            • Rob – Just One More Time
            • Rob – Your Kiss Stole Me Away
            • Rob – More
            SpacearkSpaceark IsMr Bongo
            Mr Bongo reissue the second album from SpaceArk. More brilliant self-released, private-press jazz / soul from 1976, Los Angeles. Essential!
            • Spaceark – Sweet Hitch Hiker
            • Spaceark – Take Her Out Dancing
            • Spaceark – Sexy Lady
            • Spaceark – Ja More Mon Amore (I Love My Love)
            • Spaceark – Phantom Lover
            • Spaceark – Each Song
            Akofa AkoussahAkofa AkoussahMr Bongo
            Rich, deep, percussive soulful folk album from master Togolese singer, Akofa Akoussah! A rare 1976 album release reissued via Mr. Bongo!
            • Akofa Akoussah – Tango
            • Akofa Akoussah – Ramer Sans Rame
            • Akofa Akoussah – La Lem
            • Akofa Akoussah – Mitso Aseye
            • Akofa Akoussah – Dandou Kodjo
            • Akofa Akoussah – Kimumbu
            • Akofa Akoussah – G Blem Di
            • Akofa Akoussah – I Tcho Tchass
            ToquinhoToquinhoMr Bongo
            All-time classic Brazilian album, featuring Jorge Ben on 'Que Maravilha’, ‘Zana’ and 'Carolina Carol Bela’ as sampled by DJ Marky on the drum and...
              Tim MaiaWhat You Want To Bet? / These Are The SongsMr Bongo
              Mr Bongo reissue of the debut single from the mighty Tim Maia! Released upon his return from the USA in the late 60’s. Sung in English, these two cuts...
                Cesar Mariano & CiaSao Paulo BrasilMr Bongo
                First official reissue outside of Brazil of this classic Brazilian jazz-funk fusion album from 1977 via Mr Bongo. Tight, tough drum grooves, intricate...
                • Cesar Mariano & Cia – Metrópole
                • Cesar Mariano & Cia – Estação Do Norte
                • Cesar Mariano & Cia – Fábrica
                • Cesar Mariano & Cia – Poluição
                • Cesar Mariano & Cia – Imigrantes
                • Cesar Mariano & Cia – Metrô
                • Cesar Mariano & Cia – Litoral
                • Cesar Mariano & Cia – Futebol De Bar
                Carlos SodréCiumeira / Rasga Teu VersoMr Bongo
                Mr Bongo reissue of this sought after double sider of uptempo vintage MPB samba jazz from Carlos Sodré, originally on Copacabana in 1965.
                • Carlos Sodré – Ciumeira
                • Carlos Sodré – Rasga Teu Verso
                SpacearkSpacearkMr Bongo
                Mr bongo reissue of this super rare, brilliant self-released, private-press jazz/soul LP from 1975, recorded at Sunset Sound studios in LA. Originals of...
                • Spaceark – Everybody's Trying
                • Spaceark – Understand
                • Spaceark – Fever Pitch
                • Spaceark – I'm Only Me
                • Spaceark – Jr. Blaster
                • Spaceark – Welcome To My Door
                • Spaceark – Our Love Will Last
                • Spaceark – I'm Walking
                • Spaceark – Do What You Can Do
                • Spaceark – This World
                Tim MaiaTim Maia [1977]Mr Bongo
                Mr Bongo reissue the fantastic, self-titled 1977 album from legendary Brazilian artist, Tim Maia. A fusion of soul, boogie, disco and MPB, featuring the...
                • Tim Maia – Pense Menos
                • Tim Maia – Sem Você
                • Tim Maia – Verão Carioca
                • Tim Maia – Feito Para Dançar
                • Tim Maia – É Necessário
                • Tim Maia – Leva O Meu Blue
                • Tim Maia – Venha Dormir Em Casa
                • Tim Maia – Música Para Betinha
                • Tim Maia – Não Esquente A Cabeça
                • Tim Maia – Ride Twist And Roll
                • Tim Maia – Flores Belas (Instrumental)
                • Tim Maia – Let It All Hang Out
                Power Of ZeusThe Gospel According To ZeusMr Bongo
                Seminal funk-rock album originally released on Rare Earth in 1970. Featuring the monster break of 'The Sorcerer Of Isis'; being one of the most sampled...
                Jerry Butler & Jerry PetersMelindo Latino / I’m Gonna Love You Just A Little Bit More BabeMr Bongo
                Another wicked 45 reissue from the Mr bongo camp. Jerry Butler & Jerry Peters classic soundtrack cut 'Melindo Latino' taken from the awesome ‘Melinda’...
                • Jerry Butler & Jerry Peters – Melinda Latino
                • Jerry Butler & Jerry Peters – I’m Gonna Love You Just A Little Bit More Babe
                AtmosfearEn TranceMr Bongo
                Official Mr Bongo reissue of the Brit-funk classic - 'En Trance' by Atmosfear - which was originally released in 1981 via Elite / MCA records. A joyous...
                • Atmosfear – Free Tonight
                • Atmosfear – Duende
                • Atmosfear – Creator’s Dream
                • Atmosfear – Interplay
                • Atmosfear – Funk The Rock
                • Atmosfear – Invasion
                • Atmosfear – Return Of LB
                Helio Matheus / Doris MonteiroMais Kriola / MaitaMr Bongo
                Another killer Brazilian 7" from the Mr Bongo stable! ‘Mais Kriola’ is a lovely laidback mid-tempo boogie/soul/fusion jam, whilst ‘Maita’ is a...
                • Helio Matheus – Mais Kriola
                • Doris Monteiro – Maita
                Gyedu Blay AmbolleySimigwaMr Bongo
                Legendary Ghanian album given the reissue treatment by Mr Bongo! Highlife, afrobeat, folk and funk all present on this Ambolleys debut solo album originally...
                • Gyedu Blay Ambolley – Akoko Ba
                The SylversI Know Myself / Wish That I Could Talk To YouMr Bongo
                Two of the key tracks lifted from the The Sylvers' first, self-titled album. Produced by Jerry Butler, Keg Johnson and Michael Viner, written by the hugely...
                • The Sylvers – I Know Myself
                • The Sylvers – Wish That I Could Talk To You
                Foster Sylvers / The SylversMisdemeanor / When I’m Near YouMr Bongo
                Classic soul gem, ‘Misdemeanour’ as sampled by the likes of Madlib, Big Daddy Kane, Rodney P, The D.O.C, Pete Rock and more! Backed with the beautiful,...
                • Foster Sylvers – Misdemeanor
                • The Sylvers – When I’m Near You
                CymandeBra / The MessageMr Bongo
                Mr Bongo reissue of two of Cymande's classic tracks on a 7". The much sampled 'The Message' and the jazzy funk, Loft classic, 'Bra' - check the break!
                • Cymande – Bra
                • Cymande – The Message
                O'SeisSuicida / ApocalipseMr Bongo
                Heavyweight Brazilian psyche by "Os Mutantes, before they were Os Mutantes"! A previously impossibly rare 45, now reissued via Mr Bongo!
                  Tunde MabaduViva DiscoMr Bongo
                  Ultra rare and sought after afro beat from 1980, reissued by Mr Bongo, originally issued on Afrodesia. Up-beat, afro, party-starters a plenty here!
                  • Tunde Mabadu – Alabosi
                  • Tunde Mabadu – Disco Press Funk
                  • Tunde Mabadu – Amupara Ko Ma Dara
                  • Tunde Mabadu – African Parowo
                  • Tunde Mabadu – Angelina - Sugar Daddy
                  • Tunde Mabadu – Viva Disco (Instrumental)
                  Super ElcadosTogetherness Is Always A Good Venture: Tambourine Party Vol. 2Mr Bongo
                  Official Mr Bongo reissue of the ultra-rare album by ‘Super Elcados’. A fusion of heavyweight Nigerian funk, soul & disco, originally released by EMI...
                  • Super Elcados – Tambourine Party
                  • Super Elcados – Afro Funk
                  • Super Elcados – Xray Gun
                  • Super Elcados – How Much I Love You
                  CéliaCéliaMr Bongo
                  This classic Brazilian LP was originally released in 1972 featuring an all star line up including Arthur Verocai, Erasmo Carlos, Roberto Carlos, Marcos...
                  • Célia – A Hora É Essa
                  • Célia – Toda Quarta-Feira Depois Do Amor
                  • Célia – Dominus Tecum
                  • Célia – Ay Adelita
                  • Célia – Vida De Artista
                  • Célia – Mia
                  • Célia – Na Boca Do Sol
                  • Célia – Em Família
                  • Célia – Detalhes
                  • Célia – É Preciso Dizer Adeus
                  • Célia – Dez Bilhões De Neurônios
                  • Célia – Badalação (Bahia, Volume 2)
                  Foster SylversFoster SylversMr Bongo
                  Mr Bongo reissue this brilliant funk-soul album from 1973. Written by Leon Sylvers III, produced by a heavyweight line-up comprising Jerry Butler, Keg...
                  • Foster Sylvers – Misdemeanor
                  • Foster Sylvers – Big Things Come In Small Packages
                  • Foster Sylvers – I'm Your Puppet
                  • Foster Sylvers – Mockingbird
                  • Foster Sylvers – I'll Get You In The End
                  • Foster Sylvers – Hey Little Girl
                  • Foster Sylvers – Happy Face
                  • Foster Sylvers – Swooperman
                  • Foster Sylvers – More Love
                  • Foster Sylvers – Only My Love Is True
                  • Foster Sylvers – Lullabye / Uncle Albert
                  The SylversIIMr Bongo
                  Beautiful, golden-era soul written by Leon Sylvers III, produced by Jerry Butler and Keg Johnson. The Sylvers were a familyfrom Los Angeles who were very...
                    Burnier & CartierBurnier & CartierMr Bongo
                    Official Mr Bongo reissue of this classic, highly sought-after Brazilian LP from 1974 that touches on MPB, soul, jazz, disco and boogie. Recommended!
                    • Burnier & Cartier – Só Tem Lugar Pra Você
                    • Burnier & Cartier – Aldeia Global
                    • Burnier & Cartier – Lejos De Mi
                    • Burnier & Cartier – Lembrando Ed Kleiger
                    • Burnier & Cartier – Deixa Mudar
                    • Burnier & Cartier – Parte Capital
                    • Burnier & Cartier – Mirandolina
                    • Burnier & Cartier – Ai É Que Tá
                    • Burnier & Cartier – Aventura Espacial
                    • Burnier & Cartier – Barranco
                    • Burnier & Cartier – Europanema
                    • Burnier & Cartier – Marcante
                    • LP£18.99
                      Out of stock
                    • CD£11.99
                      In stockAdd to Bag
                    Ebo TaylorYen AraMr Bongo
                    After 60 years in the business, Ghanaian music legend Ebo Taylor returns with perhaps his finest album to date! The man combines high-energy afrobeat,...
                    • Ebo Taylor – Poverty No Good
                    • Ebo Taylor – Mumudey Mumudey
                    • Ebo Taylor – Krumandey
                    • Ebo Taylor – Aboa Kyirbin
                    • Ebo Taylor – Yen Ara
                    • Ebo Taylor – Mind Your Own Business
                    • Ebo Taylor – Ankona'm
                    • Ebo Taylor – Abenkwan Puchaa
                    • Ebo Taylor – Aba Yaa
                    Tim MaiaDisco ClubMr Bongo
                    Mr Bongo reissue Brazilian legend Tim Maia's eighth studio album 'Disco Club'. Recorded in 1978, this is a latter-period gem from the larger than life...
                    • Tim Maia – A Fim De Voltar
                    • Tim Maia – Acenda O Farol
                    • Tim Maia – Sossego
                    • Tim Maia – All I Want
                    • Tim Maia – Murmúrio
                    • Tim Maia – Pais E Filhos
                    • Tim Maia – Se Me Lembro Faz Doer
                    • Tim Maia – Juras

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                    ClarkDaniel Isn't RealDeutsche Grammophon
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                    • Clark – Luke Entering
                    • Clark – Spiral Crackerjack
                    • Clark – You’re Pulling My Face Off
                    • Clark – I’m Pulling My Face Off
                    • Clark – Tickling A Nutter
                    • Clark – Volatile
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                    Wendell Harrison and The TribeFarewell To The WelfareClap City Records
                    **One per customer!** Amazing second release from Clap City Records! The label go deep with this ESSENTIAL reissue of Wendell Harrison & The Tribe’s...
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                      300 numbered editions housed in deluxe, tip-on sleeves
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                    Jóhann JóhannssonFordlandia4AD
                    Originally released just as Jóhann Jóhannsson's star was rising in the world of modern classical/composition, 'Fordlândia' is a beautiful meld of strings...
                    • Jóhann Jóhannsson – Fordlandia
                    • Jóhann Jóhannsson – Melodia (i)
                    • Jóhann Jóhannsson – The Rocket Builder (Io Pan!)
                    • Jóhann Jóhannsson – Melodia (ii)
                    • Jóhann Jóhannsson – Fordlandia - Aerial View
                    • 2×LP (180g)£22.99
                      Deluxe gatefold sleeve
                      In stockAdd to Bag
                    Lee Scratch PerryHeavy RainOn-U Sound
                    In classic style Lee Scratch Perry chases his ‘Rainford’ album with its wigged-out, dubwise sibling ‘Heavy Rain’, again produced by Adrian Sherwood,...
                    • Lee Scratch Perry – Intro - Music Shall Echo
                    • Lee Scratch Perry – Here Come The Warm Dreads
                    • Lee Scratch Perry – Rattling Bones And Crowns
                    • Lee Scratch Perry – Mindworker
                    • Lee Scratch Perry – Enlightened
                    • Lee Scratch Perry – Hooligan Hank
                    • Lee Scratch Perry – Crickets In Moonlight
                    • Lee Scratch Perry – Space Craft
                    PsychemagikI Feel How This Night Should LookPsychemagik
                    DJs, producers and un-rivaled selectors, Psychemagik deliver their long-awaited album debut. 'I Feel How This Night Should Look' navigates through balearic,...
                    • Psychemagik – We Can Be One (feat. Quinn Lamont Luke)
                    • Psychemagik – Valley of Paradise
                    • Psychemagik – Ghost Particle (feat. Liam Magill)
                    • Psychemagik – Seahorse (feat. Norma Winstone)
                    • Psychemagik – Above The Clouds
                    • Psychemagik – Cosmic Forest
                    • Psychemagik – Triumph of the Gods (feat. Renate Staal Nygard)
                    • Psychemagik – Chimera
                    • Psychemagik – La Paix Est Une Fleur
                    • Psychemagik – Something to Believe (feat. Holly Go Lightly)
                    Fela Kuti & Roy AyersMusic Of Many ColoursKnitting Factory Records
                    Reissue of the classic ‘Music Of Many Colours’, the joint album between Roy Ayers and Fela Kuti, recorded after a three week tour of Nigeria’s major...
                    • Fela Kuti & Roy Ayers – 2000 Blacks Got To Be Free
                    • Fela Kuti & Roy Ayers – Africa-Center Of The World
                    Micky MilanQuando Tu Dances (inc. Faze Action and Willie Graff edits)Faze Action Records
                    "Quando Tu Dances" was a hit for Micky Milan back in 1982 when it came out on Salsoul, and it has that seminal label's brand of disco funk spilling out...
                    • Micky Milan – Quando Tu Dances (Willie Graff Edit)
                    • Micky Milan – C'est Une Bombe (Faze Action Edit)
                    • Micky Milan – Les Vacances On S'eclete, On S'evade
                    Prince BusterRoll On Charles Street 'Prince Buster Ska Selection'Rock A Shacka
                    Awesome 20 track ska collection from Japan featuring 11 unreleased & alternative takes from the vaults of the late great Prince Buster. With sleevenotes...
                    • Prince Buster's All Stars – Buster Pink Night Stars (Unreleased)
                    • Prince Buster's All Stars – Hey Train (Unreleased)
                    • Roland Alphonso – Roll On Charles Street (Natty’ s Dub Plate) (Unreleased)
                    • Raymond Harper – Raining Outside (Unreleased)
                    • Roland Alphonso – Almost Like Being In Love (Alternate Take)
                    • Prince Buster – High Blood Pressure
                    • Derrick And Patsy – Raindrops Falling (Unreleased)
                    • Prince Buster – Stir The Pot (Feat,Prince Buster, Derrick Morgan, Eric Morris & Patsy)
                    • Spanish Town Skabeats – Stop That Train
                    • Prince Buster – Islam
                    • Prince Buster's All Stars – Charles Street Cowboy (Unreleased)
                    • Prince Buster's All Stars – Prince Of Peace (Alternate Take)
                    • Prince Buster – Rude Rude Rudie (Don’ t Throw Stones)
                    • Don Drummond – Sudden Attack
                    • Don Drummond – Vietnam (Unreleased)
                    • Prince Buster – Prince Buster
                    • Slim Smith – Only Soul Can Tell
                    • Prince Buster – I’ m Sorry (Unreleased)
                    • Unknown Artist – Summer Time (Unreleased)
                    • Prince Buster – Prince Buster
                    • 1. Prince Buster's All Stars – Buster Pink Night Stars (Unreleased)
                    • 2. Prince Buster's All Stars – Hey Train (Unreleased)
                    • 3. Roland Alphonso – Roll On Charles Street (Natty’ s Dub Plate) (Unreleased)
                    • View full info and tracklisting
                    Leon ThomasSpirits Known And UnknownFlying Dutchman
                    Reissue of the all-time classic jazz album originally released via the legendary Flying Dutchman label in 1969. Includes the classic deep jazz track 'The...
                    • Leon Thomas – The Creator Has A Master Plan (Peace)
                    Four TetTeenage Birdsong (inc. Overmono and Avalon Emerson remixes)Text
                    Four Tet tempers the mood a little following previous club-friendly bangers with this downtempo cut, 'Teenage Birdsong'. Harking back to an earlier sound,...
                    • Four Tet – Teenage Birdsong
                    • Four Tet – Teenage Birdsong (Avalon Emerson Scrub Jay remix)
                    • Four Tet – Teenage Birdsong (Overmono remix)
                    • Four Tet – Dreamer
                    Manu DibangoWaka JujuSoul Makossa
                    Reissue of the 1982 album by Manu Dibango! 'Waka Juju' is an ode to juju, the traditional Yoruba music that has become Nigeria's most popular style.
                    • Manu Dibango – Waka Juju
                    • Manu Dibango – Douala Serenade
                    • Manu Dibango – Africa Boogie
                    • Manu Dibango – Mouna Pola
                    • Manu Dibango – Ma Marie
                    • Manu Dibango – Manga-Bolo
                    • New LP (Coloured Vinyl)£17.99
                      Limited green vinyl edition
                      Out of stock
                    Afro Exotique - Adventures In The Leftfield, Africa 1972-82Various ArtistsAfrica Seven
                    This compilation seeks to looks beyond Afrobeat, funk and disco, exploring some of the gaps in between, and a good few areas well outside of these established...
                    • Black Reggae – My Girl Reggae
                    • Nel Oliver – Let My Music Take You
                    • Yta Jourias – Pesse Mi Buntare
                    • Myriam Makeba – L'Enfant Et La Gazelle
                    • Dan Lacksman – Coconut
                    • Uta Bella – Eben Reggae
                    • Amara Toure & Orchestre Massako – Lamento Cubano
                    • Aura (Aspiritual Emanation) – On My Way
                    • Francis Bebey – The Coffee Cola Song
                    • Chakachas – Soledad
                    Jean & TrevorBack TogetherAthens Of The North
                    Athens of the North reissue a rare 12" that brings together two of the finest lovers singers to ever duet, the late Jean Adebambo and Trevor Walters, covering...
                    • Jean & Trevor – Back Together
                    • Jean & Trevor – Back Together (Dub)
                    Erick CosaqueChinal Ka 1973-1995Heavenly Sweetness
                    First anthology dedicated to one of the most important figures in Guadeloupean music! Erick Cosaque is a singer-percussionist and leading figure of Gwo...
                    • Erick Cosaque – Guadeloupe Ile De Mes Amour
                    • Erick Cosaque – Joue Zizipan
                    • Erick Cosaque – Decere Nou De Maye
                    • Erick Cosaque – Kominike
                    • Erick Cosaque – Lheureux Noir
                    • Erick Cosaque – Jean Line La Clere
                    • Erick Cosaque – Donatien
                    • Erick Cosaque – Lundi Bon Matin
                    • Erick Cosaque – De Ti Mo Pawol Cweol
                    • Erick Cosaque – De Chate Cole
                    • Erick Cosaque – Roger A Di Wha Wha
                    • Erick Cosaque – Embawgo
                    • Erick Cosaque – Jan Pol Rabal Koto
                    • Erick Cosaque – A Koz Don Biye
                    • Erick Cosaque – Zombie Dance
                    • Erick Cosaque – Wolemin Oupwi
                    Bernard ParmegianiDe Natura SonorumRecollection GRM
                    Bernard Parmegiani's stunning musique concrète release, 'De Natura Sonorum', from 1975, reissued in its entirety. A suite of twelve movements, divided...
                    • Bernard Parmegiani – Incidences / Résonances
                    • Bernard Parmegiani – Accidents / Harmoniques
                    • Bernard Parmegiani – Géologie Sonore
                    • Bernard Parmegiani – Dynamique De La Résonance
                    • Bernard Parmegiani – Étude Élastique
                    • Bernard Parmegiani – Conjugaison Du Timbre
                    • Bernard Parmegiani – Incidences / Battements
                    • Bernard Parmegiani – Natures Éphémères
                    • Bernard Parmegiani – Matières Induites
                    • Bernard Parmegiani – Ondes Croisées
                    • Bernard Parmegiani – Pleins Et Déliés
                    • Bernard Parmegiani – Points Contre Champs
                    SoniaEasier to LoveAthens Of The North
                    Tough to track down previously, the Sonia version of 'Easier To Love' was always a favourite of lovers fans. Reissued via Athens Of The North!
                    • Sonia – Easier to Love
                    • 12"£10.99
                      Out of stock
                    ArpEnsemble - Live!Mexican Summer
                    Blissful deep jazz experiments from Arp explore fourth world music, avant-garde and minimalism in this album; drawing comparisons to Don Cherry, Midori...
                    • Arp – Eos
                    • Arp – Nzuku
                    • Arp – Kalimboid
                    • Arp – Reading A Wave
                    • Arp – Voices
                    • Arp – Ozu
                    • Arp – Autumn Piece (For Jiri Kovanda)
                    Nolan The NinjaILLPHORIA 2Mello Music Group
                    The Detroit raised 26 year old musician has earned his reputation while working alongside Royce Da 5'39", Quelle Chris, Denmark Vessey, Guilty Simpson,...
                    • Nolan The Ninja – Blok Dos
                    • Nolan The Ninja – Soleful
                    • Nolan The Ninja – Zooone'd
                    • Nolan The Ninja – Bonks
                    • Nolan The Ninja – Sport Loop
                    Colleen Grant / Sandra HamiltonLatin Parang / Parang JamSoundway
                    Soundway reissue two rare, Parang dancefloor cuts from early 1980s Trinidad & Tobago!
                    • Colleen Grant – Latin Parang
                    • Sandra Hamilton – Parang Jam
                    Donna McGheeMake It Last ForeverWewantsounds
                    Reissue of this rare disco/boogie classic album written, arranged and produced by the great Greg Carmichael and legendary Patrick Adams. Originally released...
                    • Donna McGhee – Make It Last Forever
                    • Donna McGhee – Do As I Do
                    • Donna McGhee – It Ain't No Big Thing
                    • Donna McGhee – Mr. Blindman
                    • Donna McGhee – I'm A Love Bug
                    Taeha TypesMechanical Keyboard Sounds: Recordings of Bespoke and Customised Mechanical KeyboardsTrunk Records
                    Kinky keyboard porn! ASMR fetishists take heed: 12 recordings of bespoke mechanical keyboards made and recorded by the master of this modern art, Taeha...
                    • Taeha Types – Apple MO11A
                    • Taeha Types – Apple MO16
                    • Taeha Types – Chicory KB5160AT
                    • Taeha Types – Fjell
                    • Taeha Types – HHKB Pro
                    • Taeha Types – IBM 5140
                    • Taeha Types – IBM P70
                    • Taeha Types – Kyuu
                    • Taeha Types – Keycult No1-65
                    • Taeha Types – TGR 910 RE
                    • Taeha Types – TGR Alice
                    • Taeha Types – Verne
                    Cabaret VoltaireMethodology '74 / '78. Attic TapesMute
                    Exhaustive vinyl box set charting the development of Cabaret Voltaire, starting from their early experimental period of '74/'75. Included on the release...
                      • 7×LP Box set (1.8kg)£99.99
                        • 7 x clear vinyl LP box set
                        • Includes signed art print by Richard H Kirk
                        • Limited to 500 copies
                        • High definition audio download
                        In stockAdd to Bag
                      NUDA - 21 Exciting Cuts from Italian Sexy Comedy Disco Scene (1975-1981)Various ArtistsFour Flies Records
                      21 tracks (including 13 never published before on any format) taken from the finest original soundtracks of the genre. From groovy disco bangers and charming...
                      • Gianni Ferrio – Classe Mista - M17
                      • Gianni Ferrio – L'infermiera di notte – Seq. 7
                      • Gianni Ferrio – L'infermiera di notte – Seq. 12
                      • I Pulsar – Taxi Girl – M20
                      • Franco Micalizzi – Scusi lei è normale? – M33
                      • Alessandro Alessandroni – La professoressa di scienze naturali – Titoli
                      • Gloria Guida – La musica è
                      • Franco Campanino – Lezioni di disco-music
                      • Detto Mariano – Cornetti alla crema – (Polymoog Dance Edit)
                      • Franco Campanino – Appuntamento al treno (tema reggae)
                      • Nico Fidenco – La sposina – M36
                      • Fabio Frizzi – Sette ragazze di classe – M6
                      • Gianni Ferrio – La settimana bianca – M1
                      • Walter Rizzati – L’insegnante balla con tutta la classe – Seq. 1
                      • Victorio Pezzolla – La Liceale – Seq. 2
                      • Alessandro Alessandroni – La professoressa di scienze naturali – M23
                      • Nico Fidenco – La sposina – M16
                      • Enrico Simonetti – Grazie Nonna (Ballando con Maria Juana)
                      • Gianni Ferrio – Classe mista – Seq. 1
                      • Giacomo Dell'Orso – L’infermiera di mio padre – M9
                      • 1. Gianni Ferrio – Classe Mista - M17
                      • 2. Gianni Ferrio – L'infermiera di notte – Seq. 7
                      • 3. Gianni Ferrio – L'infermiera di notte – Seq. 12
                      • View full info and tracklisting
                      • 2×LP£35.99
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                      • CD£16.99
                        Out of stock
                      TenderloniousOn Flute22a
                      **Repress of Tenderlonious' modern classic mini LP, featuring the dancefloor anthem 'Song For My Father'!** Tenderlonious returns home to his label 22a...
                      • Tenderlonious – Ghana
                      • Tenderlonious – Autumn Leaves
                      • Tenderlonious – Oedo Bushi
                      • Tenderlonious – Song For My Father
                      • Tenderlonious – In A Sentimental Mood
                      • Tenderlonious – Dale's Corner
                      Gang StarrOne of the Best YetGang Starr Enterprises
                      **Highly anticipated Gang Starr album!** Despite the passing of Guru in 2010, DJ Premier produces 'One of the Best Yet' the legendary hip hop duo's first...
                      • Gang Starr – The Sure Shot (Intro)
                      • Gang Starr – Lights Out feat. M.O.P.
                      • Gang Starr – Bad Name
                      • Gang Starr – Hit Man feat. Q-Tip
                      • Gang Starr – What’s Real feat. Group Home & Royce 5’9"
                      • Gang Starr – Keith Casim Elam (Interlude)
                      • Gang Starr – From A Distance feat. Jeru The Damaja
                      • Gang Starr – Family And Loyalty feat. J. Cole
                      Al CharlesOutstandingAthens Of The North
                      Reissue of Al Charles' take on the Gap Band's 'Outstanding'. A KILLER lovers rock version given some added bass pressure for the dancefloor!
                      • Al Charles – Outstanding
                      • Al Charles – Outstanding (Dub)
                      Zero dBParty Girl (inc. Marc Mac remix)Tru Thoughts
                      'Party Girl' sees the classic Zero dB track come to 12” vinyl, joined by a drum n bass fix from UK producer Fixate AKA Declan Curran and and a sharp...
                      • Zero dB – Party Girl
                      • Zero dB – Party Girl (Marc Mac Bruk Remix)
                      • Zero dB – Party Girl (Fixate Remix)
                      Piotr Damasiewicz & Power of the Horns EnsemblePolskaAstigmatic Records
                      Led by trumpeter Piotr Damasiewicz, the recording also features saxophonist Maciej Obara and pianist Dominik Wania, who have released two albums on ECM...
                      • Piotr Damasiewicz & Power of the Horns Ensemble – Billy
                      • Piotr Damasiewicz & Power of the Horns Ensemble – Kleofas
                      • Piotr Damasiewicz & Power of the Horns Ensemble – Polska
                      • Piotr Damasiewicz & Power of the Horns Ensemble – Polska II
                      • Piotr Damasiewicz & Power of the Horns Ensemble – Psalm For William Parker
                      Classic material from Wolfgang Voigt's GAS project that originally surfaced on the cult Mille Plateaux label in 2000. An opiated haze that nods to Wagner...
                      • Gas – Pop 1
                      • Gas – Pop 2
                      • Gas – Pop 3
                      • Gas – Pop 4
                      • Gas – Pop 5
                      • Gas – Pop 6
                      • Gas – Pop 7
                      GrauzoneRaumWRWTFWW Records
                      ** Reissue of this killer dancefloor-friendly minimal synth/cold wave gem from 1980!** This EP includes the full title track sourced from the original...
                      • Grauzone – Raum
                      • Grauzone – Raum (Naum Gabo Rework)
                      • Grauzone – Raum (Ata’s Extended Edit)
                      • Grauzone – Raum (Naum Gabo Rework - Radio Edit)
                      El KhatSaadia JeffersonBatov Records
                      El Khat's 'Saadia Jefferson' deconstructs Yemeni traditions; dismantling lyrics, melodies and compositions from Yemeni folk songs. From this, the band...
                      • El Khat – Ya Raiyat - ياراعيات
                      • El Khat – Ptiha - مفاتحة
                      • El Khat – Balagh Al Achbaab - بلغ الاحباب
                      • El Khat – Ala Jina Nuhayiykum - الا جينا نحييكم
                      • El Khat – Atabina - Part II - الطبينة
                      • El Khat – Wahed Mozawej - واحد مزوج
                      • El Khat – Daasa - دعسه
                      • El Khat – Marhaban Ahlan - مرحبا اهلا
                      • El Khat – Al Ard' Amamak - Part II - الأرض أمامك
                      Col Nolan & The SoulShades of McSoul / Whatever It's WorthPacific Theatre Encore
                      Reissue of a super-rare, Australian soul-jazz release from 1968!
                      • Col Nolan & The Soul – Shades Of McSoul
                      • Col Nolan & The Soul – Whatever It's Worth
                      Intergalactic GarySigns Of DisarrayMidnight Shift Records
                      I-F collaborator (as the legendary The Parallax Corporation) Intergalactic Gary drops his first solo release in a while! A unique amalgam of new-wave,...
                      • Intergalactic Gary – Signs Of Disarray
                      • Intergalactic Gary – Invisible Intruder
                      • Intergalactic Gary – Nickel From The Bumper
                      • Intergalactic Gary – Mystified
                      The SorcerersSummoning The Monkey GodATA Records
                      'Summoning The Monkey God' covers a wide range of influences: Ethiopiques style Ethio-Jazz and European library music of the 60s and 70s. The Sorcerers...
                      • The Sorcerers – Summoning The Monkey God (45 Edit)
                      • The Sorcerers – End Credits
                      • The Sorcerers – End Credits (Alternate Version)
                      BurialTunes 2011-2019Hyperdub
                      A compilation of 'singles' from Burial to chime out a decade of his music.
                      • Burial – State Forest
                      • Burial – Beachfires
                      • Burial – Subtemple
                      • Burial – Young Death
                      • Burial – Nightmarket
                      • Burial – Hiders
                      • Burial – Come Down To Us
                      • Burial – Rival Dealer
                      • Burial – Claustro
                      • Burial – Kindred
                      Seekers InternationalBadmanboogie / KilldemsoundFuture Times
                      Oddball clash Future Times from the Seekers crew - digital danchall laced madness with both tunes in typical mindbending Seekers formation!
                      • Seekers International – Badmanboogie
                      • Seekers International – Killdemsound
                      DJ Nobu Presents: Beyond Space And Time 001Various ArtistsBeyond Space and Time
                      Japanese DJ/producer compiles a superb, classic and experimental techno album; a showcase of some of his all time favourites. Features gems from the likes...
                      • Laurent Garnier – Water Planet
                      • Mono Junk – Beyond The Darkness
                      • Psychick Warriors Ov Gaia – The Valley
                      • Melody Boy 2000 – Plenty Of Love
                      • Drax Ltd. II – Amphetamine
                      • Dan Curtin – 3rd From The Sun
                      • Front 242 – U-Men
                      • The Prince Of Dance Music – E3 E6 Roll On
                      • Pan Sonic – Lähetys / Transmission
                      • Burial – Archangel
                      PolyswitchFeverish Cuts Vol.2Astrofever Records
                      Wicked kwaito/afro-house music vibes from Casablanca based producer, Polyswitch!
                      • Polyswitch – Pluto, Love, Praxis
                      • Polyswitch – Ngozi
                      • Polyswitch – Ancestral Fever
                      • Polyswitch – Ode to the Underdog
                      • Polyswitch – Testarossa Uheme
                      • Polyswitch – Peer Pressure
                      Mike SelesiaFlavorMad About Records
                      Reissue of this rare, sought-after, far-out, spiritual jazz obscurity! A privately pressed album (of 300 pieces, apparently) from 1976 that was handed...
                      • Mike Selesia – Mr P.C.
                      • Mike Selesia – Brute Strength
                      • Mike Selesia – Yusefs Way
                      • Mike Selesia – Silvers Serenade
                      • Mike Selesia – Castle Spook (Part 1)
                      • Mike Selesia – Eastern Raga
                      • Mike Selesia – Flavor
                      • Mike Selesia – Castle Spook (Part 2)
                      • LP£27.99
                        Out of stock
                      Free EnergyHappinessDark Grooves Records
                      Classic mid-90s deep house gem originally released on the cult Guidance label and producer by Joshua Michaels aka Iz (of Iz & Diz), Circulation, C++ etc....
                      • Free Energy – Happiness
                      • Free Energy – Nite Position
                      • Free Energy – More
                      • Free Energy – Otherworldly Constructs
                      Jan Leslie HolmesI'm Your Superman (inc. DJ Spinna remixes)Groovin Recordings
                      Reissue of this killer, underground boogie releases from 1984, includes DJ Spinna remixes!
                      • Jan Leslie Holmes – I'm Your Superman (Vocal)
                      • Jan Leslie Holmes – I'm Your Superman (Instrumental)
                      • Jan Leslie Holmes – I'm Your Superman (DJ Spinna - Main)
                      • Jan Leslie Holmes – I'm Your Superman (DJ Spinna - Keyapella)
                      Sheila Rickards meets King TubbyJamaican Fruit Of African RootsShella Records
                      **12" repress version! Now comes with a flute dub from modern master, Diggory Kenrik!** 'Jamaican Fruit of African Roots' is the lost vocal cut to one...
                      • Sheila Rickards – Jamaican Fruit Of African Roots
                      • King Tubby – The Dub Station
                      • The Aggrovators – Roots Jamaica Dub
                      • Diggory Kenrick – Diggory At Dub Station
                      • 12"£12.99
                        Out of stock
                      Gideon NxumaloJazz FantasiaMad About Records
                      Long overdue reissue of Gideon Nxumalo 1962 album 'Jazz Fantasia', widely regarded as a seminal South African jazz record. With a limited pressing at the...
                      • Gideon Nxumalo – Chopi Chopsticks
                      • Gideon Nxumalo – Isintu
                      • Gideon Nxumalo – Split Soul
                      • Gideon Nxumalo – First Movement “Rat Race”
                      • Gideon Nxumalo – Second Movement “Home At Night”
                      • Gideon Nxumalo – Third Movement “Having A Ball”
                      Daniel Dimbas & La DiferenciaLa Diferencia Edits (feat. Antal & Palms Trax edits)Not On Label
                      Heavy zouk double-sider! Both tracks taken from Daniel Dimbas' 1985 'La Differencia' album with Palms Trax and Rush Hour's Antal on edit duties!
                      • Daniel Dimbas & La Diferencia – Carnaval Soca (Antal Edit)
                      • Daniel Dimbas & La Diferencia – La Musique (Palms Trax Edit)
                      RAMZiMultiquestFATi Records
                      More brain-melting, lysergic, pan-genre, electronic music experiments from the IMMENSELY talented RAMZi!
                      • RAMZi – Quest 1. Muskin
                      • RAMZi – Quest 2. Kombat ft Jumanji
                      • RAMZi – Quest 3. Rubicon
                      • RAMZi – Quest 4. Balmi
                      • RAMZi – Quest 5. Attack moussailon
                      • RAMZi – Quest 6. La nuit lete 1996
                      • RAMZi – Quest 7. Trancehall
                      • RAMZi – Quest 8. Bad Fluti
                      • RAMZi – Quest 9. O Saathi - for Aileeen
                      • RAMZi – Quest 10. Bird Again
                      • RAMZi – Quest 11. RAMZi'a Anthem ft SK U Kno
                      DissemblanceOver The SandMannequin
                      80s style cold wave and gloomy bedsit style electronic production. Paris based Dissemblance releases her stunning debut 'Over the Sand' for Mannequin Records.
                      • Dissemblance – Transfuge
                      • Dissemblance – Capture
                      • Dissemblance – L'aigle Mort
                      • Dissemblance – Over The Sand
                      • Dissemblance – Rescue
                      • Dissemblance – Torse Nu
                      • Dissemblance – Emutiex
                      • Dissemblance – Torrens De Metal
                      • Dissemblance – Drag Me Out
                      • Dissemblance – A Ride
                      Karma MoffettSitting Still Within Sitting Still WithoutNot On Label
                      **Reissue of a rare, cassette only release from 1982** At the dawn of the 80’s, as the burgeoning movement of privately-issued New Age was taking hold,...
                      • Karma Moffett – Sitting Still Without
                      • Karma Moffett – Sitting Still Within
                      QuirkeSteal a Golden HailWhities
                      Whities/Young Turks regular Quirke returns with his braindancing effort, 'Steal a Golden Hail' Brittle melodies and manic breakbeats clouded in a dreamy,...
                      • Quirke – Sample Devon
                      • Quirke – Fluorescent Phlegm
                      • Quirke – Spinhaunt Coil
                      • LP£15.99
                        Limited, hand-numbered copies
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                      Anton LaVeyThe Devil Speaks (& Plays)Aberrant Records
                      Known to the world, in infamy, as the founder of the Church of Satan, author (among other cult esoteric texts of the Satanic Bible) and countercultural...
                        KingdemThe Kingdem EP (Limited Blue Vinyl Edition)Tru Thoughts
                        KINGDEM – Rodney P, Ty & Blak Twang are a supergroup formed of UK hip-hop heavyweights and a trio who need little introducing. New EP from this fresh...
                        • Kingdem – The Conversation (We Ain’t Done Yet)
                        • Kingdem – KingStep
                        • Kingdem – We’re Just Saying
                        • Kingdem – Rhino
                        • 12" EP£10.99
                          Limited blue vinyl edition
                          In stockAdd to Bag