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    • East New York Ensemble de Music – Sun Flower
    • 1. Melvana (Based on Turkish Religious Melody)
    • 2. Ti-Ti
    • 3. Sun Flower
    • 4. Bent-el-Jerusalem

    Amazing deep, deep jazz as featured on our "New Thing!" compilation! Includes heavyweight African/Eastern styles and the out-there 13 minute version of "Little Sunflower"!

    Other Releases on Smithsonian Folkways

    Mary Lou WilliamsMary Lou Williams (1964)Smithsonian Folkways
    100% ESSENTIAL AND DEEP super-quality Mary Lou Williams 1964 LP reissue. This is a brand new KILLER Smithsonian reissue - complete with super-thick Smithsonian...
    • Mary Lou Williams – Miss D.D.
    • Mary Lou Williams – My Blue Heaven
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    Lord InvaderCalypso (1955)Smithsonian Folkways
    One of Calypso's finest exponents, recorded in 1955
    • Lord Invader – Brown Skin Girl
    Lead BellyLead Belly Sings Folk SongsSmithsonian Folkways
    Vital 1940s recordings of 15 songs featuring Lead Belly performing solo and accompanied by Woody Guthrie, Cisco Houston, and Sonny Terry. 
      Esso Steel Band of Bermuda Bermuda HoneymoonSmithsonian Folkways
      In the 1950s, steel pan and calypso, imported from Trinidad and Tobago, were hot in Bermuda. Lloyd Simmons and Hubert Smith, Jr. sing calypso with the...
        Lord MelodyCaribbean Limbo MusicSmithsonian Folkways
        How low can you go? Chances are, you’ll laugh (or at least giggle) before you reach your limit. These largely instrumental pieces with limbo-appropriate...
          The Brute Force Steel BandMusic to Awaken the Ballroom BeastSmithsonian Folkways
          In the streets of Antigua shortly following WWII, The Brute Force Steel Band began as one of the ensembles that would pioneer Caribbean steel pan music....
            Creole Songs of Haiti / Various ArtistsCreole Songs of HaitiSmithsonian Folkways
            This recording combines vocal interpretations of Vodou (an Afro-Haitian religion) ceremonial songs and popular secular melodies by legendary Haitian singer,...
              Music from the South / Various ArtistsMusic from the South Vol. 1: Country Brass BandsSmithsonian Folkways
              The fieldwork for this album sought to explore sources that would lead listeners back to the decades between the emancipation of the slaves in 1863 and...
                Music of Haiti / Various ArtistsMusic of Haiti: Vol. 3 - Songs and Dances of HaitiSmithsonian Folkways
                The Ayida Group, a troupe folklorique of Port-au-Prince that sprung (with many similar troops) out of a 1930’s—’40s social movement revaluing...
                  McLeanElectro-Symphonic LandscapesSmithsonian Folkways
                  Composed by Priscilla McLean and Barton McLean, originally released in 1979
                    The Seasons: Vermont For Magnetic Tape Collage & Instrumental EnsembleSmithsonian Folkways
                    Composed by Malcolm Goldstein, and originally released in 1983, the music consists of a magnetic tape collage of sounds recorded in Vermont during each...
                      Dabuyabarugu: Inside the Temple Sacred Music of the Garifuna of Belize (1982)Smithsonian Folkways
                      Deep Roots music from Belize.This album is a collection of music recorded during a dugu, a two week ceremonial feast that attempts to placate the...
                        Rhythms of RaptureSacred Musics of Haitian Vodou (1995)Smithsonian Folkways
                        Excellent recordings of Haitian voodoo music in all its many forms and variations. Comes with superb booklet. Cuts from live Vodou ceremonies are juxtaposed...
                        • Port-Au-Prince Zepol – Vye Gran O (Song for Ezili)
                        Drums Of TrinidadTribal Rhythms From CarriacouSmithsonian Folkways
                        Six man drum orchestra. This recording of hand drumming from Port of Spain demonstrates African-derived rhythms performed in Trinidad and the broader Caribbean...
                        • Drums Of Trinidad – Calypso in Drums
                        Mary Lou WilliamsBlack Christ of the Andes (1964)Smithsonian Folkways
                        Super-rare and highly sought-after classic modal jazz album finally reissued!HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!
                        • Mary Lou Williams – It Ain't Necessarily So
                        • Mary Lou Williams – Miss D.D.
                        • Mary Lou Williams – Koolbonga
                        Mary Lou WilliamsFootnotes to Jazz, Vol. 3: Jazz Rehearsal, I (1950)Smithsonian Folkways
                        After rediscovering a tin box full of acetate recordings of jazz rehearsal sessions, Folkways founder Moe Asch pieced together a sequence that shows the...
                        • Mary Lou Williams – Little Joe
                        Mary Lou WilliamsMary Lou Williams: The Asch Recordings 1944-47 (1977)Smithsonian Folkways
                        Originally recorded and released in 1944, Mary Lou Williams recorded exclusively for Asch during this period. Williams's style was in a state of transition...
                        • Mary Lou Williams – Roll Em
                        • Mary Lou Williams – Satchel Mouth Baby
                        • Mary Lou Williams – Persian Rug
                        Mary Lou WilliamsMary Lou's MassSmithsonian Folkways
                        The long-awaited reissue of Mary Lou Williams's magnum opus of religious jazz: Mary Lou's Mass. Newsweek called the score "an encyclopedia of black music,...
                        • Mary Lou Williams – Willis
                        • Mary Lou Williams – O.W
                        • Mary Lou Williams – Credo
                        Mary Lou WilliamsThe History of Jazz (1978)Smithsonian Folkways
                        • Mary Lou Williams – Medi I (Modern Blues Jazz)
                        • Mary Lou Williams – Nite Life (Kansas City Swing)
                        Mary Lou WilliamsZodiac Suite (1945)Smithsonian Folkways
                        Originally released in 1945, Smithsonian Folkways proudly celebrated the 50th anniversary of the original Asch Records release of Mary Lou Williams' work,...
                        • Mary Lou Williams – Gemini
                        • Mary Lou Williams – Leo
                        • Mary Lou Williams – Aquarius
                        Mary Lou WilliamsZoningSmithsonian Folkways
                        Thirteen tracks (including previously unreleased version of Syl-o-gism and Gloria) embodying her always-distinctive compositions, lyricism, power, and...
                        • Mary Lou Williams – Medi II
                        • Mary Lou Williams – Rosa Mae
                        • Mary Lou Williams – Gloria
                        Africa:The Sounds & Music Of The CongoSmithsonian Folkways
                        Rhythms and songs from Africa.
                        • Africa: – Song of the Ekonda (Baoto Folk Song)
                        Lord MelodyCalypso 1962Smithsonian Folkways
                        This recording gives listeners more calypsos from one of the most famous calypsonians of all time, Lord Melody. The Cyril Diaz Calypso Combo and the March...
                          African and Afro-American DrumsAfrican And Afro-American Drums (1954)Smithsonian Folkways
                          Excellent roots African-derived  drum recordings from the 1950s. Recommended music from Bahamas, Brazil, Congo, Cuba, Haiti, Jamaica, Nigeria, Rwanda,...
                          • African and Afro-American Drums – Ceremonial Drums 4:39
                          Nancy DupreeGhetto Reality (1969)Smithsonian Folkways
                          Black poet Nancy Dupree accompanied by a group of young kids. Songs include tributes to, amongst others, James Brown.
                          • Nancy Dupree – James Brown
                          Sarah Webster FabioTogether To The Tune Of Coltrane's Equinox (1977)Smithsonian Folkways
                          Sarah Webster Fabio raps her poetry over some funky tunes and deep jazz (such as Coltrane's "Equinox"). Recommended.
                          • Sarah Webster Fabio – Eclipse
                          Vodun-Rada Rite for ErzulieVodun-Rada Rite for Erzulie (1975)Smithsonian Folkways
                          Live recording of a Voodoo ritual ceremony recorded in Haiti. Heavy!
                          • Vodun-Rada Rite for Erzulie – Part 1
                          Langston HughesLangston Hughes' Jericho - Jim Crow (1964)Smithsonian Folkways
                          Performance by Langston Hughes.
                          • Langston Hughes – Jericho-Jim Crow (Part I)
                          Music of CubaMusic of Cuba (1985)Smithsonian Folkways
                          Various songs and rhythms recorded in Cuba including Rumbas, Santeria, Son and Guarachas.
                          • Palo Forte Musicians – Two Palos
                          Haiti Confidential (1958)The Inscrutable music of Haiti...definite, authentic, for the initiateSmithsonian Folkways
                          Covering a broad spectrum, this collection includes vodou ritual drumming (using tanbou, a type of drums used for this religious practice of African origin);...
                          • Haiti Confidential (1958) – Paulette
                          The Sacred Rhythms of Cuban SanteriaThe Sacred Rhythms of Cuban Santeria (1984)Smithsonian Folkways
                          These recordings of Santería drumming and singing rituals feature four Cuban Santería groups calling the gods (orishas) by performing rhythmic...
                          • The Sacred Rhythms of Cuban Santeria – Inle
                          Langston HughesThe Story Of Jazz: The First Album Of Jazz For Children (1954)Smithsonian Folkways
                          Langston Hughes narrates the history and evolution of Jazz in the USA. Classic recording.
                          • Langston Hughes – The Beginnings/Blues
                          Black Music Of Two WorldsBlack Music Of Two Worlds (1977)Smithsonian Folkways
                          Compiled and annotated by John Storm Roberts - who wrote 'The Latin Tinge' and 'Black Music Of Two Worlds' - two excellent books. 33 tracks ranging from...
                            Calypso AwakeningFrom The Emory Cook Collection 1956-1962Smithsonian Folkways
                            Trinidadian Calypso at its height! A flourishing of Calypso creativity, a dramatic period in Trinidad's history and an audio engineer inspired these exciting...
                            • Wrangler – Bongo Man
                            Grupo De CapoeiraCapoeira Angola 2: Brincado Na RodaSmithsonian Folkways
                            Berimbau and voice rhythms intrinsic to Capoeira, performed by one of Salvador's top 'rodas'

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                              Mary Lou WilliamsBlack Christ of the Andes (1964)Smithsonian Folkways
                              Super-rare and highly sought-after classic modal jazz album finally reissued!HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!
                              • Mary Lou Williams – It Ain't Necessarily So
                              • Mary Lou Williams – Miss D.D.
                              • Mary Lou Williams – Koolbonga
                              Can You Dig It ?The Music and Politics of Black Action Films 1968 - 75Soul Jazz Records
                              ''Can You Dig It?' is as definitive as it gets, and treats its subject seriously, lovingly and with an attention to detail that makes it a necessary purchase....
                              • Roy Ayers – Coffy Is The Color
                              • Gene Page – Blacula
                              • Johnny Pate – Shaft In Africa
                              • Willie Hutch – Brother's Gonna Work It Out
                              • Don Costa – Charley - Main Theme
                              • Marvin Gaye – 'T' Plays It Cool
                              • Bobby Womack – Across 110th Street
                              • J.J. Johnson – Willie Chase
                              • James Brown – Down And Out In New York City
                              • Quincy Jones – They Call Me MISTER Tibbs
                              • Martha Reeves and J.J. Johnson – Keep On Movin' On
                              • Dennis Coffey – Theme From Black Belt Jones
                              • Curtis Mayfield – Freddie's Dead
                              • The Blackbyrds – Wilford's Gone
                              • Willie Hutch – Theme Of Foxy Brown
                              • Isaac Hayes – Run Fay Run
                              • Isaac Hayes – Shaft
                              • Curtis Mayfield – Pusherman
                              • Joe Simon – Theme From Cleopatra Jones
                              • Johnny Pate – You Can't Even Walk In The Park
                              • Brer Soul and Earth, Wind and Fire – Sweetback's Theme
                              • James Brown – Make It Good To Yourself
                              • Isaac Hayes – Pursuit Of The Pimpmobile
                              • Grant Green – Travelling To Get To Doc
                              • Booker T and the MG's – Time Is Tight
                              • Roy Ayers – Aragon
                              • Edwin Starr – Easin' In
                              • Gordon Staples and The String Thing – Strung Out
                              • Nat Dove and The Devils – Zombie March
                              • The Impressions – Make A Resolution
                              • Solomon Burke and Gene Page – The Bus
                              • Jack Ashford – Las Vegas Strut
                              • Don Julian – Lay It On Your Head
                              • Galt MacDermot – Ed and Digger
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                              • 2×LP Vol.2£18.99
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                              • MP3 Release£9.99
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                              Sarah Webster FabioBoss Soul: 12 Poems by Sarah Webster Fabio (1972)Smithsonian Folkways
                              Tough, tough, tough proto-female rap featuring raw percussion and super-funky accompaniment. This is like Gil Scott Heron's '125th and Lennox' album meets...
                              • Sarah Webster Fabio – Work it out
                              • Sarah Webster Fabio – Glimpses
                              • CD£12.99
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                              LaraajiCelestial VibrationSoul Jazz Records
                              This is the stunning debut album from Laraaji. ‘Celestial Vibrations’ was originally released in 1978 under the name Edward Larry Gordon, and then...
                              • Laraaji – All Pervading
                              • Laraaji – Bethlehem
                              Street and Gangland RhythmsBeats And Improvisations By Six Boys In Trouble (1959)Smithsonian Folkways
                              Street percussion, drumming, songs and chants recorded in New York in 1959 by a group of street kids. Kind of like a prototype Haryou Percussion Group...
                              • Street and Gangland Rhythms – Ole
                              • CD£12.99
                                Out of stock
                              Mary Lou WilliamsMary Lou's MassSmithsonian Folkways
                              The long-awaited reissue of Mary Lou Williams's magnum opus of religious jazz: Mary Lou's Mass. Newsweek called the score "an encyclopedia of black music,...
                              • Mary Lou Williams – Willis
                              • Mary Lou Williams – O.W
                              • Mary Lou Williams – Credo
                              Lloyd McNeill QuartetAsha (1969)Soul Jazz Records
                              New edition of this very rare deep spiritual jazz album, the debut release from flautist Lloyd McNeill released on his private-press Asha...
                              • Lloyd McNeill Quartet – Asha
                              • Lloyd McNeill Quartet – As A Matter Of Fact
                              • Lloyd McNeill Quartet – Two Thirds Pleasure
                              • Lloyd McNeill Quartet – Dig Where Dat's At
                              • Lloyd McNeill Quartet – St. Margaret's Church
                              • Lloyd McNeill Quartet – Effervescence
                              • Lloyd McNeill Quartet – Warmth Of A Sunny Day
                              Sarah Webster FabioJujus - Alchemy of the Blues (1976)Smithsonian Folkways
                              Super-tough funky, funky, funky female proto-rap poetry from Sarah Webster Fabio. Killer! Armed with an incredible rhythm section this album is a classic...
                              • Sarah Webster Fabio – Sweet songs
                              • CD£12.99
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                              • LP£18.99
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                              The Ragga TwinsRagga Twins Step Out !Soul Jazz Records
                              The Ragga Twins are the link between UK dancehall reggae, jungle and hip-hop. This is a retrospective of their classic (and now very rare) early tracks...
                              • Ragga Twins – Ragga Trip
                              • Ragga Twins – Illegal Gunshot
                              • Ragga Twins – Spliffhead (Remix)
                              • Ragga Twins – Love Talk
                              • Ragga Twins – The Homeless Problem
                              • Ragga Twins – Rudeboy
                              • Ragga Twins – 18" Speaker
                              • Ragga Twins – Tan So Back
                              • Ragga Twins – Bring Up The Mic Some More
                              • Ragga Twins – Juggling
                              • Ragga Twins – Spliffhead (Original)
                              • Deman Rockers – Hard Drugs
                              • Ragga Twins – Shine Eye
                              • Ragga Twins – Wipe The Needle
                              • Deman Rockers – Iron Lady
                              • Ragga Twins – Good Times
                              • Ragga Twins – The Truth
                              • Ragga Twins – Hooligan 69 Remix
                              • Ragga Twins – Paro 69
                              • MP3 Release£8.99
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                              Donald ByrdStreet Lady (1973)Blue Note
                              Classic jazz funk album written and produced by the magnificent Mizell brothers! Includes 'Lansana's Priestess'.
                              • Donald Byrd – Lansana's Priestess
                              • Original LP£60.00
                                Vinyl condition: VG+Sleeve condition: VGOriginal USA Vinyl gatefold Blue Note, original Blue Note house inner, some spine wear, sticker removal mark
                                100% Guarantee on all Original Vinyl
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                              • CD£7.99
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                              Eighties LadiesLadies Of The 80'sUniversal Sound
                              Soul Jazz are issuing this seminal super-rare rare-groove album produced by Roy Ayers originally released on his own Uno Melodic label in 1980. This...
                              • Eighties Ladies – Ladies Of The Eighties
                              • Eighties Ladies – Tell Him
                              • Eighties Ladies – He Is Mine Forever
                              • Eighties Ladies – Ladies Of The Eighties (Inst.)
                              • Eighties Ladies – I Knew That Love
                              • Eighties Ladies – It's Easy To Move
                              • Eighties Ladies – Sing Me
                              • Eighties Ladies – Turned On To You
                              • CD£12.00
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                              • LP£13.99
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                              Art Ensemble Of ChicagoLes Stances A Sophie (1970)Soul Jazz Records
                              As the legendary Art Ensemble of Chicago celebrates it’s 50th anniversary, Soul Jazz Records are releasing a new fully re-mastered edition of the group’s...
                              • Art Ensemble Of Chicago – Theme De Yoyo
                              • Art Ensemble Of Chicago – Theme De Celine
                              • Art Ensemble Of Chicago – Variations Sur Un Theme De Monteverdi
                              • Art Ensemble Of Chicago – Variation Sur Un Theme De Monteverdi (ii)
                              • Art Ensemble Of Chicago – Proverbes (I)
                              • Art Ensemble Of Chicago – Theme Amour Universal
                              • Art Ensemble Of Chicago – Theme Libre
                              • Art Ensemble Of Chicago – Proverbes (II)
                                Griots:Ministers of the Spoken Word (1975)Smithsonian Folkways
                                Super-deep music from Mali, Gambia and Senegal. A double CD featuring Griot Music, Africa's story tellers, also known as the ministers of the spoken word!...
                                • Griots: – Nege Sirimang
                                • 2×CD£14.99
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                                SkeptaGreatest HitsBoy Better Know Entertainment
                                Already a legend in the grime world and beyond! Skepta has finally dropped his debut album! Having had a huge amount of underground success with his label...
                                • Skepta – I spy
                                • Skepta – Greatest hits
                                • Skepta – Sweet mother
                                • CD£10.99
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                                The EquaticsDoin It!!!!Now-Again / Stones Throw
                                Lost dark soul/funk masterpiece from Hampton, Virginia high school champions of Pepsi’s “New Sounds Of 1972” challenge. The stories...
                                • The Equatics – what you doin?
                                • The Equatics – merry go round
                                • CD£12.99
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                                Roy Ayers UbiquityRed, Black & Green (1976)Polydor
                                Classic Roy Ayers album featuring deep jazz legend Harry Whitaker on keyboards alongside Strata East musicians Charles Tolliver and Sonny Fortune! Funky...
                                • Roy Ayers Ubiquity – Henceforth
                                • Roy Ayers Ubiquity – Red, Black, & Green
                                • Roy Ayers Ubiquity – Cocoa Butter
                                • Roy Ayers Ubiquity – Rhythms of Your Mind
                                • Roy Ayers Ubiquity – Papa Was a Rolling Stone
                                Sun RaDisco 3000Art Yard
                                Legendary session recorded in Milan in 1978, this quartet recording gives John Gilmore, Michael Ray and Luqman Ali the space to improvise and solo more...
                                • Sun Ra – Dance Of The Cosmo Aliens
                                • 2×CD£15.99
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                                • LP£15.99
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                                • CD£10.99
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                                Brazil: Songs of ProtestZelia Barbosa Sings of the Sertao & Favela (1968)Smithsonian Folkways
                                Killer, killer, killer 60s hard bossa! There are tough versions of 'Carcara' (check out the audio), Edu Lobo's 'Cheganca', 'Opiniao' and other protest...
                                • Brazil: Songs of Protest – Carcara (The Vulture)
                                • CD£12.99
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                                  Chaka KhanWhat Cha Gonna Do For Me (1981)Warner Brothers
                                  Awesome album! Includes the all-time boogie CLASSIC "I Know You, I Live You"! Essential! Superb New York Loft/Garage disco soul.
                                  • Chaka Khan – I Know You, I Love You
                                  • Original LP£15.00
                                    Vinyl condition: VG+Sleeve condition: VG+Original USA Vinyl (in original shrink)
                                    100% Guarantee on this and all Original Vinyl at Sounds Of The Universe - 'if you're not happy we're not happy' or your money back!
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                                  Gary BartzMusic Is My SanctuaryCapitol
                                  Classic jazz funk album produced by the brilliant Mizell brothers! Features "Music Is My Sanctuary" and "Carnival De L'esprit"!
                                    • Reissue LP£13.99
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                                    Sun Ra & His ArkestraThe Lost Arkestra Series - Part 1Kindred Spirits
                                    3 unreleased tracks from the Art Yard vaults. On the A-Side 'Along Came Ra' ft. June Tyson. The B-side comes with a beautiful edit of 'The Sky Is A Sea...
                                    • Sun Ra & His Arkestra – Along Came Ra
                                    • Sun Ra & His Arkestra – Sky Is A Sea Of Darkness
                                    • Sun Ra & His Arkestra – We Travel The Space Ways
                                    • 10"£6.99
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                                    Sun Ra & His Intergalactic Research ArkestraPlanets of Life and DeathStrut
                                    Strut and Art Yard collude once more for the first release anywhere of a live Sun Ra performance from Amiens, France in 1973, Planets Of Life Or Death....
                                    • Sun Ra & His Intergalactic Research Arkestra – Enlightenment
                                    • Sun Ra & His Intergalactic Research Arkestra – Love In Outer Space
                                    • Sun Ra & His Intergalactic Research Arkestra – Lights On A Satellite
                                    • CD£10.99
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                                      Fred Wesley & The New J.B.'sBreakin' Bread (1974)People
                                      Essential JB's album produced by James Brown and full to the brim with funk! 'Breakin Bread', 'Rockin Watergate', 'Little Boy Black' and loads more classic...