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    Sahib ShihabSummer DawnRearward
    Reissue of this album originally recorded in Cologne, Germany in 1963 with various Clarke-Boland alumni, produced and supervised by Gigi Campi.
    • Sahib Shihab – Lillemor
    • Sahib Shihab – Please Don't Leave Me
    • Sahib Shihab – Waltz For Seth
    • Sahib Shihab – Campi's Idea
    • Sahib Shihab – Herr Fixit
    Sahib ShihabSeedsSchema Records
    Reissue of this CLASSIC and extremely sought-after 1968 modal jazz rarity recorded in Europe by ex-pat US saxophonist Sahib Shihab! An original might cost...
    • Sahib Shihab – Seeds
    • Sahib Shihab – Who'll Buy My Dream
    • Sahib Shihab – Uma Fita de Tres Cores
    • Sahib Shihab – Mauve