• DsorDNE – La Zona
    • DsorDNE – Delitto E Passione
    • DsorDNE – E' Un Sole
    • DsorDNE – In The Mouth My Heart
    • DsorDNE – Centro D'Erezione
    • DsorDNE – Antenne
    • DsorDNE – Il Senso Di Torpore
    • DsorDNE – Emoraggia Sensoriale
    • 1. La Zona
    • 2. Delitto E Passione
    • 3. E' Un Sole
    • 4. In The Mouth My Heart
    • 5. Centro D'Erezione
    • 6. Antenne
    • 7. Il Senso Di Torpore
    • 8. Emoraggia Sensoriale

    DsorDNE (pronounced Disordine) is a project from Torino, Italy that evolved as group out of the electronic experimental post punk project Novostj in 1987.È Un Sole (It’s a Sun) was the group’s only vinyl full length originally released in 1990 on HAX. It’s 8 tracks of electro-beat poetry and experimentation recorded between July 1989 and January 1990 by Marco Milanesio (music) and Roberta Ongaro (vocals) with guests Claudio Burdese (guitar), Danilo Beltrame (guitar) and Cristiana Bauducco (vocals).

    Other Releases on Dark Entries

    Bill ConverseHulledDark Entries
    Bill Converse invokes some freaked out, warehouse style techno experiments on this EP release for Dark Entries!
    • Bill Converse – Landing
    • Bill Converse – Beneath The Ice
    • Bill Converse – Endless Tide
    • Bill Converse – Station Life
    Bill ConverseHulledDark Entries
    Dark Entries proudly present's a 4-track EP from Austin, Texas analogue hardware enthusiast BILL CONVERSE. Hulled is a 25-minute journey spread across...
      Lena PlatonosLepidopteraDark Entries
      Reissue of this quirky, oddball synth pop album from 1986, balancing between strange exotican and new wave. Another excellent reissue job of Lena Platonos'...
      • Lena Platonos – Araschnia Levana (Αρασχία Λεβάνα)
      • Lena Platonos – Tικ Tακ Ή Aurorina Selene (Ωρορίνα Σελένε)
      • Lena Platonos – Λητώ
      • Lena Platonos – Cyaniris (Κυάρινις)
      • Lena Platonos – Eros Pantoriana Pandora (Έρως Παντοριάνα Πανδώρα)
      • Lena Platonos – Brenthis (Μπρένθις)
      • Lena Platonos – Τα Γενέθλια Ή Aporia Maturna (Απόρια Ματούρνα)
      • Lena Platonos – Εσπέρια Ίρις Γκρέκα (Hesperia Iris Greca)
      • Lena Platonos – Ένας Κύκλος Ή Erynnis Eroides (Ερύνις Ερόιντες)
      Phantom ForthThe EEPPDark Entries
      Reissued of this obscure coldwave album from the New Zealand underground of 1984 - via Dark Entries!
      • Phantom Forth – March
      • Phantom Forth – Double Negative
      • Phantom Forth – Caroline
      • Phantom Forth – I Don't Know You
      • Phantom Forth – Dead Dream
      • Phantom Forth – Liar
      • Phantom Forth – Saw You Hide
      • Phantom Forth – See You
      • Phantom Forth – Fragments
      • Phantom Forth – Night Time Falls
      Severed HeadsCome Visit The Big BigotDark Entries
      Deluxe expanded reissue of Severed Heads' mid-80s gem 'Come Visit The Big Bigot'. Synthesis and tape manipulation from the pioneers of industrial music.
      • Severed Heads – Come Visit The Big Bigot
      • Severed Heads – 20 Deadly Diseases
      • Severed Heads – Army
      • Severed Heads – Propellor
      • Severed Heads – Confidence
      • Severed Heads – Sam Loves You
      • Severed Heads – Harold And Cindy Hospital
      • Severed Heads – Disease 22
      • Severed Heads – Son Of
      • Severed Heads – Nature 10
      Flesh WorldInto The ShroudDark Entries
      Dark Entries release the third album by SF "dream punk" troupe, Flesh World!
      • Flesh World – Destination Moon
      • Flesh World – Into The Shroud
      • Flesh World – Knock To Answer
      • Flesh World – To Hell With Your Purity
      • Flesh World – Problem In The Youth Bulge
      • Flesh World – Tell Me I'm In Exile
      • Flesh World – Ship Him To Shanghai
      • Flesh World – This Great Cheap Face
      Dzeltenie PastniekiLentu GabaliniDark Entries
      Dzeltenie Pastnieki were a Latvian new wave band formed in 1979 in Riga, Latvia. Their sound ranges from electronic post-punk to experimental tape...
      • Dzeltenie Pastnieki – Kapec Tu Mani Negribi
      • Dzeltenie Pastnieki – Dziesma Par Kroketa Spelesanu
      • Dzeltenie Pastnieki – Sliekutēva Vaļasprieks
      • Dzeltenie Pastnieki – Nevaru Saprast Tā Neko
      • Dzeltenie Pastnieki – Noguris
      • Dzeltenie Pastnieki – Mana Vasara Aiziet
      • Dzeltenie Pastnieki – Trisi, Trisi, Siksparnit...
      • Dzeltenie Pastnieki – Milžu Cīņa
      • Dzeltenie Pastnieki – Mana Kafejnica Ir Salauzta
      • Dzeltenie Pastnieki – Rudens Pastaiga
      Patrick Cowley & Jorge SocarrasCatholicDark Entries
      Cowley is known as one of the pioneers of disco in the 1970s, particularly the hi-NRG strain. This material was written and recorded with vocalist...
      • Patrick Cowley & Jorge Socarras – Memory Fails Me
      • Patrick Cowley & Jorge Socarras – Robot Children (Do You Love Your)
      • Patrick Cowley & Jorge Socarras – I Never Want To Fall In Love
      • Patrick Cowley & Jorge Socarras – I Remember
      • Patrick Cowley & Jorge Socarras – I Am Your Tricks
      Kirlian CameraUnoDark Entries
      Dark Entries release “Uno”, a collection of early recordings from seminal Italian electronic act Kirlian Camera. Keyboardist/vocalist Angelo...
      • Kirlian Camera – News
      • Kirlian Camera – No One Notices Them
      • Kirlian Camera – Rays
      Trek w/ QuintronicLanding PlusDark Entries
      Trek with Quintronic are the duo of Paul Wilcox (Trek) and David Kane (Quintronic). Formed from the ashes of prog rock band Masque in 1979, they moved...
      • Trek w/ Quintronic – You Might Be Lonely
      • Trek w/ Quintronic – As We Sing
      • Trek w/ Quintronic – Winners Don't Win
      Stress Conspiracy Theory Dark Entries
      STRESS is the duo of Alan Rider and Phil Clarke from West Midlands, England formed in 1981. Stress combined electronic rhythms and keyboards with...
      • Stress – The Pulse Thickens

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      The JamaicansBa Ba BoomGet On Down
      "The Jamaicans first formed in 1967 as the Cool Shakes. By the time the year was over, they'd updated their line up from a trio to a quartet, changed their...
      • The Jamaicans – Ba Ba Boom
      • The Jamaicans – Twilight Zone
      Roc MarcianoBehold A Dark HorseMarci Enterprises
      Sixth full length studio album from legendary MC / producer, Roc Marciano! Featuring Busta Rhymes, Black Thought, Q-Tip, Knowledge the Pirate, and more!
      • Roc Marciano – The Horse's Mouth
      • Roc Marciano – Congo
      • Roc Marciano – 1000 Deaths
      • Roc Marciano – Diamond Cutter
      • Roc Marciano – Amethyst
      • Roc Marciano – Sampson & Delilah
      • Roc Marciano – No Love
      • Roc Marciano – Trojan Horse
      • Roc Marciano – Fabio
      • Roc Marciano – Secrets
      • Roc Marciano – Whoolers
      • Roc Marciano – Consigliere
      CzarfaceDog Days of TomorrowSilver Age
      Limited 7” w/ comic book that serves as the first teaser for a new project between Czarface and Ghostface! Don't miss!
      • Czarface – Czarface Theme
      • Czarface – Who's A Good Boy?
      • Czarface – Czar In Action
      • Czarface – End Title
      Run DMCDown With The KingDinked Records
      Officially licensed reissue of the 1993, Pete Rock produced 'Golden Era' classic featuring guest rhymes from Pete Rock & CL Smooth. Housed in a gatefold...
      • Run DMC – Down With The King
      • Run DMC – Down With The King (Instrumental)
      Bubbha Thomas & The Lightmen Plus OneEnergy Control CenterNow-Again Records
      "A spiritual jazz masterpiece inspired by some of the most revolutionary jazz of the period!" Now-Again reissue this rare and sought after jazz gem from...
      • Bubbha Thomas & The Lightmen Plus One – Wench
      • Bubbha Thomas & The Lightmen Plus One – Blues For Curtis
      • Bubbha Thomas & The Lightmen Plus One – Cold Bair
      • Bubbha Thomas & The Lightmen Plus One – Energy Control Center
      • Bubbha Thomas & The Lightmen Plus One – Leo
      • Bubbha Thomas & The Lightmen Plus One – Jupiter's Child
      • Bubbha Thomas & The Lightmen Plus One – The Phantom
      • Bubbha Thomas & The Lightmen Plus One – Leo (Alternate)
      • Bubbha Thomas & The Lightmen Plus One – All Praises To Allah (Alternate)
      • Bubbha Thomas & The Lightmen Plus One – Cold Bair (Alternate)
      • Bubbha Thomas & The Lightmen Plus One – The Phantom (Alternate)
      • Bubbha Thomas & The Lightmen Plus One – All Praises To Allah (7" Single Version)
      • Bubbha Thomas & The Lightmen Plus One – Me
      • Thomas Meloncon – Ain't Gonna Wait Too Long
      • Thomas Meloncon – Bullets Of A Gun
      • Thomas Meloncon – Waiting On Your Mind
      • Thomas Meloncon – 400 Years
      Monks Road Social (feat Wonderfulsound)Golden DayWonderfulsound
      2nd Limited AA side teaser for the up and coming Down The Willows' LP The Monks Road Social is a collaborative force.. Currently Dr Robert steers the...
      • Monks Road Social (feat Wonderfulsound) – Golden Day
      • Monks Road Social (feat Matt Deighton) – 12 Bar Remote
      Mighty RyedersHelp Us Spread The MessageUbiquity
      This minor funk group hailed from Florida and was led by Rodney Mathews. Their classic floor-filler 'Evil Vibrations', was sampled by De La Soul on 'A...
        B.B. SeatonI Love The Reggae / Whey She Do NowSoul Beat
        Two uptempo early reggae nuggets from former Gaylads singer BB Seaton.
        • B.B. Seaton – I Love The Reggae
        • B.B. Seaton – Whey She Do Now
        Andrew Tosh / Frankie WilmottLick A Shot / SensimillaTop Ranking Sound
        Double sided Digi-thriller from 1987 produced by Ras Sipho. Originally released on his uncle Jimmy Cliff's Oneness label, Newton “Sipho” Merritt learned...
        • Andrew Tosh – Lick A Shot
        • Frankie Wilmott – Sensimilla
        Eva KeyesLight Shining / Shining DubPartial Records
        New roots vocal cut from Eva Keyes and with production from Vibronics, dub version on the flip.
        • Eva Keyes – Light Shining
        • Vibronics – Shining Dub
        Key & ClearyLove Is The WayNow-Again Records / Now-Again Reserve
        Drum-machine soul, funk, disco and boogie from Buffalo, NYC. Rare 7" singles and previously unreleased tracks presented as an album for the first time!...
        • Key & Cleary – A Man
        • Key & Cleary – There Are Troubles
        • Key & Cleary – Turn Me On
        • Key & Cleary – Since I Lost Your Love
        • Key & Cleary – Dog's Delight
        • Key & Cleary – The Secret
        • Key & Cleary – Young People
        • Key & Cleary – Lay Your Head
        • Key & Cleary – Salamanca
        • Key & Cleary – Storm Of '77
        • Key & Cleary – Help Build Buffalo
        • Key & Cleary – What It Takes To Love
        • Key & Cleary – To Love
        • New LP (180g) + Download Code£49.99
          Limited hand-numbered gatefold LP w/ booklet + download code.
          In stockAdd to Bag
        • 2×CD£14.99
          In stockAdd to Bag
        Dub The Earth ft. Steve SwannNo BarriersPartial Records
        Late 80s digital roots from Dub The Earth featuring Steve Swann on vocals with a wicked violin led version on the flip. Produced and mixed by Rej Forte.
        • Dub The Earth – No Barriers
        • Dub The Earth – Barrier Breaker
        • Dub The Earth – Travelling On
        SymaripSkinhead Moon StompGet On Down
        A classic killer cut from one of the most strangely-named acts to ever record for Trojan Records – a tune aimed specifically at the growing market of...
        • Symarip – Skinhead Moon Stomp
        • Symarip – Must Catch A Train
        Sabrina RichSmooth OperatorCultures Of Soul
        Reissue of this killer tropical reggae cover of Sade's 'Smooth Operator'. Recorded at Circle Sound Studios, Miami, the backing track was recorded by members...
        • Sabrina Rich – Smooth Operator
        • Sabrina Rich – Dub-Operator
        • Sabrina Rich – Smooth Operator (Duckcomb Discomix)
        R. LyleThe Tempest EPHomemade Music
        **Limited to 100 copies** Second release on Medikul's (Future Bubblers) Homemade Music label! New signing, R. Lylebrings noxious clouds of dense, nebulous...
        • R. Lyle – Dire Situation (Feat. Medikul)
        • R. Lyle – Reverence
        Creation StepperAfricaTribes Man Records
        Killer roots vocal from Creation Stepper originally released in 1981 on Lloyd Coxsone's Outernational imprint. One of four new reissues on Tribes Man Records....
        • Creation Stepper – Africa
        • Pebbels – Wa Go A Africa
        Didier BocquetEclipseCameleon Records
        Privately released on the legendary Le Kiosque D'Orphée label in a tiny edition of 100 copies and distributed mainly to friends and mail order, Eclipse...
        • Didier Bocquet – 1984
        • Didier Bocquet – Le Chemin Du Silence Part 1
        • Didier Bocquet – Eclipse
        Inhospitable, experimental grime instrumentals from promising signing, Nazar. Killer EP on Hyperdub!
        • Nazar – South Border
        • Nazar – Warning Shots
        • Nazar – Airstrike feat. Shannen SP 04:30
        • Nazar – Enclave
        • Nazar – Konvoy
        • Nazar – Ceasefire
        • 12" EP£8.99
          Out of stock
        BremenEnter SilenceBlackest Ever Black
        The band's most concise, and powerful, album to date. Once again the Uppsala multi- instrumentalists combine elements of trogged-out psychedelic rock with...
        • Bremen – Sinister
        • Bremen – The Middle Section
        • Bremen – Aimless Cruising
        • Bremen – Closures
        • Bremen – Valley Of Ashes
        • Bremen – Palladium
        • Bremen – Enter Silence
        • Bremen – No Means To Remain
        • Bremen – Too Cold For Your Eyes
        • Bremen – Everything Coagulates
        • Bremen – Earthbound
        • Bremen – Vanishing Point
        Ras Midas ft. I RoyGood Old DaysTribes Man Records
        Wicked deep roots vocal from Ras Midas originally released in 1979 on Tribes Man Records, produced by Lloyd Coxsone, complete with superb toast from legendary...
        • Ras Midas – Good Old Days
        • I Roy – Dj Version
        Monks Road SocialHead Down To LoveWonderfulsound
        The Monks Road Social is a collaborative force.. Currently Dr Robert steers the ship amongst the many talented crew members. 2019 will see the release...
        • Monks Road Social – Head Down To Love
        • Monks Road Social – Rivers Of Gold
        Creation StepperHomeward BoundTribes Man Records
        Produced by U.K. Sound man Lloyd Coxsone and originally released on the Nationwide label in 1980, this version has full dub on the flip. Don't miss these...
        • Creation Stepper – Homeward Bound
        • Creation Stepper – Homeward Dub
        Las Vegas Grind Vol. 7Various ArtistsJazzman
        After scouring the greasy basement dives of the netherworld, Jazzman finally managed to locate the manic mastermind responsible for the original six volumes...
        • Savoys – Blo Jangs
        • Low Rocks – Snooker Final
        • Frank Scott – She Said
        • Gay Papa – Gay Papas Cha Cha
        • B Bubba – I'd Rather Swish Than Fight
        • Escorts – Little Big Horn
        • UBs Group – Sneaky Pete
        • Abstracts – The Beard
        • Louie & The Fat Men – Fat Man
        • Leo Valentine Trio – Behind the Outhouse
        • Los Virreyes – El Pato
        • Alonzo & Boppers – Juicy Melon
        • Bob Moore & The Temps – Braggin
        • Little Louie & The Finger Cymbals – Shirley
        • The Original Spacemen – Gemini Rock
        • Y-Dells – Sneakin Away
        • LP£18.99
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        • CD£11.99
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        Sampology / Sam Stosuur / Megan ChristensenMiddle Name Dance Tracks Vol. 1Middle Name Records
        Second release on Australian producer, Sampology’s new imprint. Wicked, jump-up jazz house and boogie-fied broken beat vibes with appearances from local...
        • Sampology / Sam Stosuur / Megan Christensen – Ricardo
        • Sampology / Sam Stosuur / Megan Christensen – Only Joy
        • Sampology / Sam Stosuur / Megan Christensen – Bless
        • Sampology / Sam Stosuur / Megan Christensen – Odyseey
        Bernard XolotlMusic by XolotlWah Wah Records
        First ever vinyl edition of the amazing Music By Xolotl, originally issued only on cassette by Unity Records in 1978. Painter and musician Bernard Xolotl...
          Nate WilliamsThe Roy Davis Jr. RemixesR-Time Records
          Two 'wild pitch' productions from Nate Williams given the CLASSIC remix treatment from the one and only, Roy Davis Jr.! Originally released on DJ Duke's...
          • Nate Williams – Club Patrol (Roy's Maximum Deathwish Mix)
          • Nate Williams – Klimax (Roy's Total Recall Mix)
          • 12"£8.99
            Out of stock
          Barry BrownUnity Is Strength / Higher RegionTribes Man Records
          Originally released in 1983, tuff roots backing for the sweet voiced Barry Brown with Drumie Benji next vocal cut on the flip. One of four new reissue...
          • Barry Brown – Unity Is Strenght
          • Barry Brown – Unity Is Strenght Dub
          • Drumie Benji – Higher Region
          • Barry Brown – Higher Region
          James BlakeAssume FormPolydor
          Mercury award winner James Blake returns with his 4th studio album 'Assume Form'. The album features collaborations with Travis Scott, André 3000, Metro...
          • James Blake – Don’t Miss It
          Alessandro AlessandroniBackground DiscoFour Flies
          Four Flies presents Alessandro Alessandroni's oddball disco soundtrack "Background Disco" that was originally scored for Italian comedy FRITTATA ALL'ITALIANA....
          • Alessandro Alessandroni – Baby Come Down
          • Alessandro Alessandroni – I Get You in My Mind (Instrumental)
          • Alessandro Alessandroni – I Get You in My Mind
          • Alessandro Alessandroni – Baby Come Down (Instrumental)
          • 12" EP£22.99
            Out of stock
          Kev BrownBrown Album: (Black Album Remixes)KB Records
          Before releasing his now classic LP, 'I Do What I Do', Kev was making an impact with his work for Jazzy Jeff’s Touch of Jazz, however it was the Brown...
          • Kev Brown – Intro
          • Kev Brown – December 4th (Remix)
          • Kev Brown – 99 Problems (Remix)
          • Kev Brown – Threat (Remix)
          • Kev Brown – Encore (Remix)
          • Kev Brown – Dirt Off Your Shoulder (Remix)
          • Kev Brown – Lucifer (Remix)
          • Kev Brown – Allure (Remix)
          • Kev Brown – Moment Of Clarity (Remix)
          Sleep D presents DJ Mind Leaf & The Herbalist & DJ Fett Birger & Sleep DBSR20.5Butter Sessions
          Another super special split and limited 7inch from Butter Sessions HQ! This time Sleep D present their dub influenced moniker, DJ Mind Leaf & The Herbalist...
          • Sleep D presents DJ Mind Leaf & The Herbalist – See Mi Rockin
          • DJ Fett Birger & Sleep D – Birger's Dense Ricanstructed Melbourne Rmix Three (7inch Versan)
          • 1. Sleep D presents DJ Mind Leaf & The Herbalist – See Mi Rockin
          • 2. DJ Fett Birger & Sleep D – Birger's Dense Ricanstructed Melbourne Rmix Three (7inch Versan)
          • View full info and tracklisting
          Rai ScottDetached ObservationChurch
          South London house music stable Church return with a new EP from Rai Scott. Deep and dreamy production's with a balearic twist.
          • Rai Scott – Paradise of Crane
          • Rai Scott – Paradise of Crane (Valentino Mora Deep Blue Rephase)
          • Rai Scott – Lazy Sunshine
          • Rai Scott – Detached Observation
          Sourakata KoiteEn HollandeAwesome Tapes From Africa
          Senegalese traditional harp performed by a hereditary master, Sourakata Koite. This deep and entrancing solo kora music was originally recorded in 1984...
          • Sourakata Koite – Seremende
          • Sourakata Koite – Ha-Madi
          • Sourakata Koite – Moussa
          • Sourakata Koite – Kaira
          • Sourakata Koite – Djonol
          • Sourakata Koite – N'na
          • Sourakata Koite – Dioula
          • Sourakata Koite – Hadjiatu Mari n'Djaye
          • LP + Download Code£18.99
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          • CD£11.99
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          Roy AyersHe's Coming: 45s CollectionDynamite Cuts
          Dynamite Cuts present the best cuts from Roy Ayers' most iconic LP on seven inch format. Includes the super funky “We live in Brooklyn” and the Dilla...
          • Roy Ayers – He’s a super star pt1
          • Roy Ayers – We live in Brooklyn baby
          • Roy Ayers – Ain't got time
          • Roy Ayers – Fire Weaver
          HamaHoumeissaSahel Sounds
          Nigerian composer Hama presents a groundbreaking album of traditional electronic desert folk songs. A truly unique release with production touches that...
          • Hama – Terroir
          • Hama – Houmeissa
          • Hama – Dounia
          • Hama – Bororo
          • Hama – Wassa
          • Hama – Takamba
          • Hama – Touareg
          • Hama – Baoura
          Solomon CitronKampu-China (Original Soundtrack)KingUnderground
          Debut album from Russian multi-instrumentalist Solomon Citron, a non-existing cinematic movie soundtrack called "Kampu-China". The soundtrack was composed...
          • Solomon Citron – Intro (The Land of Violence)
          • Solomon Citron – Kampu-China Theme
          • Solomon Citron – The Loss Blues
          • Solomon Citron – Melancholy Theme
          • Solomon Citron – Zamoot
          • Solomon Citron – Revenge Scene
          DJ Mitsu the BeatsLet Go / PilotMukatsuku
          Mukatsuku reelase a 45 from prolific Japanese producer DJ MItsu The Beats. The a side kicks off with a dreamy jazzual affair featuring Kaneko Takumi on...
          • DJ Mitsu the Beats – Let Go (feat. Keneko Takumi)
          • DJ Mitsu the Beats – Pilot
          Midnight In Tokyo Vol. 3Various ArtistsStudio Mule
          The third volume of Studio Mule excellent 'Midnight In Tokyo' series focuses on obscure soul, disco, and new wave gems from Japan. Highly recommended!
          • Yoko Hatanaka – More Sexy
          • Masumi Hara – Kimi No Yume
          • Yuki Nakayamate – Silhouette Call
          • Atsuo Fujimoto – Theme Of High School Student
          • Mari Kaneko – Get To Paradise
          • Tomoko Aran – Hannya
          • Masako Miyazaki – Fantasy
          • Junko Sakurada – Watashi No Koukoku
          • Kangaroo – Sunshine Bright On Me
          • Maiko Okamoto – Stranger's Night
          • The Fad – Singing Lady
          • The Eastern Gang – Magic Eyes
          • Rinda Yamamoto – Crazy Baby
          • Tomoko Aran – I'm In Love
          • 2×LP£23.99
            Out of stock
          • CD£10.99
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          Roy Ayers UbiquityMystic Voyage: 45s CollectionDynamite Cuts
          Dynamite Cuts presents the best cuts from Roy Ayers' classic LP, Mystic Voyage. Features the essential rare groove dancer "Brother Green", and "Life is...
          • Roy Ayers Ubiquity – Brother Green (The Disco King)
          • Roy Ayers Ubiquity – The Black Five
          • Roy Ayers Ubiquity – Life Is Just A Moment - Part 1
          DJ MuggsSoul Assassins: Dia Del AsesinatoSoul Assassins
          After more than 20 years since The Soul Assassins' 'Chapter 1' release, DJ Muggs drops the long awaited sequel, 'Dia del Asesinato'. Muggs features a slew...
          • DJ Muggs – Santa Muerte
          • DJ Muggs – Day of the Dead
          • DJ Muggs – Assassination Day
          • DJ Muggs – Yacht Party
          • DJ Muggs – Black Snow Beach
          • DJ Muggs – Blue Horseshoes
          • DJ Muggs – Contagion Theory
          • DJ Muggs – Wally Face
          • DJ Muggs – Duck Sauce
          • DJ Muggs – Niggas is Pussy
          • DJ Muggs – Death Wish
          • DJ Muggs – Outro
          Paul NiceSure Shot Drum Series Vol. 1Sure Shot
          'Sure Shot Drum Series' is the next offering from Paul Nice, the elusive digger who brought us the now Legendary Drum Library Series. It’s hefty volume...
            Ghostface KillahThe Lost TapesDaupe!
            Ghostface Killah has released his 13th studio album called The Lost Tapes via Daupe! The 13-track LP includes guest spots from 25 artists including fellow...
            • Ghostface Killah – Introduction
            • Ghostface Killah – Buckingham Palace
            • Ghostface Killah – Majestic Accolades
            • Ghostface Killah – Cold Crush
            • Ghostface Killah – Put The Ghostface On It (Interlude 1)
            • Ghostface Killah – Saigon Velour
            • Ghostface Killah – Constant Struggle
            • Ghostface Killah – Done It Again
            • Ghostface Killah – Reflections Of C.R.E.A.M (Interlude 2)
            • Ghostface Killah – Watch 'Em Holla
            • Ghostface Killah – I Think I Saw A Ghost
            • Ghostface Killah – Outroduction
            • Ghostface Killah – Saigon Velour (Remix)
            Talib Kweli x Styles PThe SevenJavotti Media
            Legends in their own right, Talib Kweli and Styles P brought their veteran skill-sets to the aptly titled collaborative effort, 'The Seven'. Finally seeing...
            • Talib Kweli x Styles P – Poets & Gangstas
            • Talib Kweli x Styles P – Brown Guys
            • Talib Kweli x Styles P – Nine Point Five
            • Talib Kweli x Styles P – In The Field
            • Talib Kweli x Styles P – Teleprompters
            • Talib Kweli x Styles P – Let It Burn
            • Talib Kweli x Styles P – Last Ones
            Black SugarViajecito / Too LateMatasuna Records
            Matasuna Records drop the first ever official reissue of the the cult 'Viajecito / Too Late' 45 by Peruvian band, Black Sugar'. Originally released in...
            • Black Sugar – Viajecito
            • Black Sugar – Too Late
            • 7"£9.99
              Out of stock
            Victor DéméVictor DéméHeavenly Sweetness
            The first commercial vinyl edition of this classic of modern African music, from Burkinab musician and singer-songwriter Victor Deme. The album is a unique...
            • Victor Démé – Fond De Cour (Intro)
            • Victor Démé – Djôn'maya
            • Victor Démé – Toungan
            • Victor Démé – Chérie
            • Victor Démé – Deni Mouke Ila
            • Victor Démé – Burkina Mousso
            • Victor Démé – Deni Kemba
            • Victor Démé – Djarabi
            • Victor Démé – Dankan
            • Victor Démé – Peuple Burkinabé
            • Victor Démé – Sabu
            • Victor Démé – Djabila
            • Victor Démé – Le Passage De L'Arc À Bouche (Interlude)
            • Victor Démé – Tama Ngnogon
            • Victor Démé – Dala Môgôya
            CLASSIC Wolfgang Voigt production from 1997 reissued via Kompakt! 'Zauberberg' laid the foundations for the GAS sound - a noxious blend of dragging orchestral...
            • GAS – Zauberberg 1
            • GAS – Zauberberg 2
            • GAS – Zauberberg 3
            • GAS – Zauberberg 4
            • GAS – Zauberberg 5
            • GAS – Zauberberg 6
            • GAS – Zauberberg 7
            Roy AyersCoffy: 45s CollectionDynamite Cuts
            Dynamite Cuts presents this killer limited edition package - four of the best cuts from the Roy Ayers' scored / Jack Hill directed, blaxploitation classic,...
            • Roy Ayers – Coffy is the colour
            • Roy Ayers – Aragon
            • Roy Ayers – Brawling Boards
            • Roy Ayers – Exotic Dance
            • 2×7"£18.99
              Out of stock
            Ruby AndrewsEverybody Saw YouEverland
            Outstanding late 60s style soul pop with tinges of blues, psychedelia and early funk. This music builds a bridge between black music such as Ike & Tina...
            • Ruby Andrews – Everybody Saw You
            • Ruby Andrews – Help Yourself Lover
            • Ruby Andrews – I Guess That Don't Make Me A Loser
            • Ruby Andrews – Gotta Break Away
            • Ruby Andrews – You Made A Believer Out Of Me
            • Ruby Andrews – Casanova "70"
            • Ruby Andrews – Can You Get Away
            • Ruby Andrews – You Can Run But You Can't Hide
            • Ruby Andrews – Uh! Uh! Boy That's A No No
            • Ruby Andrews – Since I Found Out
            • Ruby Andrews – Tit For Tat
            Donny McCulloughFrom The HeartEverland
            Rare 80's soul LP reissued via Everland. Great sleeve!
            • Donny McCullough – From The Heart
            • Donny McCullough – Falling In Love
            • Donny McCullough – You Promised
            • Donny McCullough – Kjlh (Jingle)
            • Donny McCullough – In Time
            • Donny McCullough – Penny
            • Donny McCullough – Just A Part Of Living
            • Donny McCullough – Ain't Love Funny
            • Donny McCullough – You'll Always Feel Her Love
            • Donny McCullough – God Will Be With You
            Sterling HarrisonOne Size Fits AllEverland
            Sophisticated disco obscurity from '81 reissued via Everland - great sleeve too!
            • Sterling Harrison – One Size Fits All
            • Sterling Harrison – Abba-Dabba-Do
            • Sterling Harrison – Jamaica
            • Sterling Harrison – Star Chaser
            • Sterling Harrison – Take It All The Way
            • Sterling Harrison – You've Got That Thing
            • Sterling Harrison – Jump In The Middle Of Love
            • Sterling Harrison – I Feel The Love
            • Sterling Harrison – Shes So Sensitive