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    Flesh WorldInto The ShroudDark Entries
    Dark Entries release the third album by SF "dream punk" troupe, Flesh World!
    • Flesh World – Destination Moon
    • Flesh World – Into The Shroud
    • Flesh World – Knock To Answer
    • Flesh World – To Hell With Your Purity
    • Flesh World – Problem In The Youth Bulge
    • Flesh World – Tell Me I'm In Exile
    • Flesh World – Ship Him To Shanghai
    • Flesh World – This Great Cheap Face
    Patrick Cowley & Jorge SocarrasCatholicDark Entries
    Cowley is known as one of the pioneers of disco in the 1970s, particularly the hi-NRG strain. This material was written and recorded with vocalist...
    • Patrick Cowley & Jorge Socarras – Memory Fails Me
    • Patrick Cowley & Jorge Socarras – Robot Children (Do You Love Your)
    • Patrick Cowley & Jorge Socarras – I Never Want To Fall In Love
    • Patrick Cowley & Jorge Socarras – I Remember
    • Patrick Cowley & Jorge Socarras – I Am Your Tricks
    Kirlian CameraUnoDark Entries
    Dark Entries release “Uno”, a collection of early recordings from seminal Italian electronic act Kirlian Camera. Keyboardist/vocalist Angelo...
    • Kirlian Camera – News
    • Kirlian Camera – No One Notices Them
    • Kirlian Camera – Rays
    HelenWitch / ZanzibarDark Entries
    Another sought-after Italo-disco gem, by heavily influenced by the ‘Afro-cosmic’ movement made popular by DJs such as Beppe Loda.
    • Helen – Witch (Vocal Version)
    • Helen – Witch (Instrumental Version)
    • Helen – Zanzibar
    • Helen – Zanzibar (Afro Mix)
    Big Ben TribeTarzan Loves The Summer NightsDark Entries
    Sought after Italo-disco gem reissued on Dark Entries! Housed in a glossy jacket, the 12" comes with original artwork of a female model lying on the...
    • Big Ben Tribe – Tarzan Loves The Summer Nights
    • Big Ben Tribe – Tarzan
    Stress Conspiracy Theory Dark Entries
    STRESS is the duo of Alan Rider and Phil Clarke from West Midlands, England formed in 1981. Stress combined electronic rhythms and keyboards with...
    • Stress – The Pulse Thickens