Cherrystones Horror Mix: a Dying Tradition

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    • Cherrystones – Sample One
    • Cherrystones – Sample Two
    • Cherrystones – Sample Three
    • Cherrystones – Sample Four
    • 1. Sample One
    • 2. Sample Two
    • 3. Sample Three
    • 4. Sample Four

    Brilliant new mix CD from the mighty Cherrystones!

    Following on from the excellent (and by now cult classic) Crawl Back to Mine and Entertaining the Unobvious Cherrystones mixes, this new mix keeps up the pressure with yet more drum-heavy hard rock bangers, hip hop, psych rock, garage, synthwave, and other out-there musical treats for your mind and your feets!

    Highly recommended!

    NB This is an underground release packaged in a slim film slipcase.

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