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    • 23 Skidoo – Kundalini
    • 23 Skidoo – Vegas El Bandito
    • 23 Skidoo – Mary's Operation
    • 23 Skidoo – IV
    • 23 Skidoo – Last Words (7")
    • 23 Skidoo – The Gospel Comes to New Guinea
    • 23 Skidoo – Just Like Everybody
    • 23 Skidoo – Gregouka
    • 1. Kundalini
    • 2. Vegas El Bandito
    • 3. Mary's Operation
    • 4. Lock Groove
    • 5. New Testament
    • 6. IV
    • 7. Porno Base
    • 8. Quiet Pillage
    • 9. Last Words (7")
    • 10. The Gospel Comes to New Guinea
    • 11. Tearing Up the Plans Part 1
    • 12. Tearing Up the Plans Part 2
    • 13. Just Like Everybody
    • 14. Gregouka

    Essential post punk classic reissued on CD with bonus tracks!

    This is the 1982 debut album from the excellent British post punk band 23 Skidoo reissued with tracks from singles and EPs from around the same time!

    This has to be one of the best and most progressive and forward thinking British post punk albums, mixing motorik tribal rhythms, dub FX, no wave dissonance, and tape loop experimentalism to create sublime ethno-industrial mutant disco on tracks like the essential Kundalini and The Gospel Comes to New Guinea, and tense, paranoid soundscapes on tracks like Just Like Everybody and and Mary's Operation!

    Like a more experimental Liquid Liquid, 23 Skidoo merged their diverse interests in Gamelan music, Kung Fu, and industrial noise to create unique and amazing music which sounds fresher than ever!

    You need this album!

    Very highly recommended!

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          • – Achilles
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