• Big Ben Tribe – Tarzan Loves The Summer Nights
    • Big Ben Tribe – Tarzan
    • 1. Tarzan Loves The Summer Nights
    • 2. Tarzan

    Sought after Italo-disco gem reissued on Dark Entries! Housed in a glossy jacket, the 12" comes with original artwork of a female model lying on the floor grabbing the leg of a mannequin. Each copy includes an insert with lyrics, photos and liner notes by Ricky Persi. “Tarzan Loves The Summer Nights” will transport you to a fantasy world full where you can find your own muscle man to love.

    Other Releases on Dark Entries

    Tens Across The BoardVarious ArtistsDark Entries
    A decade of Dark Entries! This compilation has the label revisiting their catalogue and selecting 10 tracks from 10 bands from 10 different countries...
    • Parade Ground – The Light’s Gone
    • Diseño Corbusier – La Esperanza está en Antenas
    • Lena Platonos – Μια Γάτα Σασ Περιμένει Στη Γωνία
    • Victrola – Luca (Instrumental)
    • Borghesia – Magla
    • Tom Ellard – Ga Duum Blitzfonika
    • X-Ray Pop – Corto Maltese
    • Second Decay – Lübeckerstrasse
    • From Nursery To Misery – Contentment
    • Cyrnai – Digital Grit Box (Demo)
    • 1. Parade Ground – The Light’s Gone
    • 2. Diseño Corbusier – La Esperanza está en Antenas
    • 3. Lena Platonos – Μια Γάτα Σασ Περιμένει Στη Γωνία
    • View full info and tracklisting
    Patrick CowleyMechanical Fantasy Box: The Homoerotic Journals of Patrick CowleyDark Entries
    Mechanical Fantasy Box is Cowley’s homoerotic journal, or as he called it, “graphic accounts of one man’s sex life.” The journal begins in 1974...
    PhotonzNuitDark Entries
    Photonz taps deep into the Egyptological tradition with a debut album of contemporary EBM and proto-techno traxx for Dark Entries!
    • Photonz – Xentra
    • Photonz – Shifting Symbols
    • Photonz – Ode To Nuit
    • Photonz – Celestial Palace
    • Photonz – Shakti
    • Photonz – No Body
    • Photonz – Avalon
    • Photonz – Lusting
    • Photonz – Doomsday Dub
    • Photonz – Brighter Tomorrows
    • Photonz – Genesis
    Patrick CowleyMechanical Fantasy BoxDark Entries
    'Mechanical Fantasy Box' is a collection of 13, previously unreleased songs recorded between 1973-80; a collection of Cowley's work from the years preceding...
    • Patrick Cowley – Out of Body (Intro)
    • Patrick Cowley – Right Here, Right Now
    • Patrick Cowley – Broken Dishes
    • Patrick Cowley – Breakdown
    • Patrick Cowley – Moving Bodies I
    • Patrick Cowley – Grisha's Tune
    • Patrick Cowley – Sensitivity
    • Patrick Cowley – Shrouds
    • Patrick Cowley – Lumberjacks in Heat
    • Patrick Cowley – Mechanical Fantasy Box
    • Patrick Cowley – Thrill of the Hunt
    • Patrick Cowley – Before Original Sin
    • Patrick Cowley – Sea of China
    • 2×LP£25.99
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    • CD£15.99
      In stockAdd to Bag
    VioletBed Of RosesDark Entries
    Robust, old school style techno, new beat and EBM tracks from Lisbon born and raised DJ, Violet. Ace!
    • Violet – Tears In 1993
    • Violet – Bed Of Roses
    • Violet – In The Aquarius
    • Violet – Half Crazy
    • Violet – Fuck A Bully
    • Violet – They Don't Wanna Know
    • Violet – Glory Voyage
    • Violet – Bed Of Roses, Pt. II
    • Violet – Spectral
    • Violet – Never Leave
    Mekanik KommandoDancing ElephantsDark Entries
    Reissue of this coldwave classic from the Dutch underground, 1982 - another killer release via Dark Entries!
    • Mekanik Kommando – Stop And Play
    • Mekanik Kommando – Beauty Of Language
    • Mekanik Kommando – Window
    • Mekanik Kommando – 'A Swan In The Ocean'
    • Mekanik Kommando – Miss. B.
    Algebra SuicideStill LifeDark Entries
    A collection of key releases by cult Chicago-based post-punk / new wave duo, Algebra Suicide! Dark Entries collects some of their vital, early-to-mid 80s...
      Flesh WorldInto The ShroudDark Entries
      Dark Entries release the third album by SF "dream punk" troupe, Flesh World!
      • Flesh World – Destination Moon
      • Flesh World – Into The Shroud
      • Flesh World – Knock To Answer
      • Flesh World – To Hell With Your Purity
      • Flesh World – Problem In The Youth Bulge
      • Flesh World – Tell Me I'm In Exile
      • Flesh World – Ship Him To Shanghai
      • Flesh World – This Great Cheap Face
      Kirlian CameraUnoDark Entries
      Dark Entries release “Uno”, a collection of early recordings from seminal Italian electronic act Kirlian Camera. Keyboardist/vocalist Angelo...
      • Kirlian Camera – News
      • Kirlian Camera – No One Notices Them
      • Kirlian Camera – Rays
      Stress Conspiracy Theory Dark Entries
      STRESS is the duo of Alan Rider and Phil Clarke from West Midlands, England formed in 1981. Stress combined electronic rhythms and keyboards with...
      • Stress – The Pulse Thickens

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      Soul Jazz Records presents Apala:Apala Groups in Nigeria 1967-70Soul Jazz Records
      Soul Jazz Records new ‘Apala: Apala Groups in Nigeria 1967-70’ is the first ever collection of Apala music to be released outside of Nigeria. The...
      • Haruna Ishola and His Apala Group – Ewure Ile Komoyi Ode
      • Adebukonla Ajao and Her Group – Aboyin Ile
      • Rapheal Ajide and His Apala Group – Adura Fun Osiwowo
      • Haruna Ishola and His Apala Group – Orin To Mo Gbon Wa
      • R.A. Tikalosoro and His Group – Agilinti Lomu
      • Adebukonla Ajao and Her Group – A.B.D. Alawiye
      • Haruna Ishola and His Apala Group – Asa Ko Gbodo Wole Gbeiyele
      • Adeleke Aremu & His Group – Egbe Arowolo
      • Haruna Ishola and His Apala Group – Rufai Baolgun
      • R.A. Tikalosoro and His Group – Kiniun Kuro Leran Amu Sere
      • Haruna Ishola and His Apala Group – S. Aka
      • Adebukonla Ajao and Her Group – Lekele Bale
      • Kasumu Adio and His Apala Group – Odale Ore
      • Ayisatu Alabi and Her Group – Oko Lolomo
      • Jimoh Agbejo Bo Ogun and His Group – Oriki Ibeji
      • Ayisatu Alabi and Her Group – Omo Olobi
      • Rapheal Ajide and His Apala Group – Orin Aje
      • Adebukonla Ajao and Her Group – Sunday Babayemi
      • 1. Haruna Ishola and His Apala Group – Ewure Ile Komoyi Ode
      • 2. Adebukonla Ajao and Her Group – Aboyin Ile
      • 3. Rapheal Ajide and His Apala Group – Adura Fun Osiwowo
      • View full info and tracklisting
      • 2xLP + Download Code£23.00
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      • CD£12.00
        Out of stock
      • MP3 Release£7.99
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      Alhaji Chief Kollington Ayinla & His Fuji '78 OrganizationBlessing (Nigeria, 1978)Soul Jazz Records
      This is the first in Soul Jazz Records’ new series of one-off pressings of limited-edition 1000 copies vinyl-only releases of Afro-funk/Afro-beat exact-replica,...
      • Alhaji Chief Kollington Ayinla & His Fuji '78 Organization – E Ye Ika Se
      • Alhaji Chief Kollington Ayinla & His Fuji '78 Organization – Oromo Adie Fo
      • Alhaji Chief Kollington Ayinla & His Fuji '78 Organization – Ko S'Ohun Tan O Le Fi Gberaga
      • Alhaji Chief Kollington Ayinla & His Fuji '78 Organization – Adio Shile
      • Alhaji Chief Kollington Ayinla & His Fuji '78 Organization – Won Ti Gbe Oye Fun Mi
      • Alhaji Chief Kollington Ayinla & His Fuji '78 Organization – Pataki L'Omo
      • Alhaji Chief Kollington Ayinla & His Fuji '78 Organization – To Ba Jisoro Mi
      • Alhaji Chief Kollington Ayinla & His Fuji '78 Organization – Engineer Olatunji / Iya Suna
      • Alhaji Chief Kollington Ayinla & His Fuji '78 Organization – Odun Titun De
      • Alhaji Chief Kollington Ayinla & His Fuji '78 Organization – Ao Toro Emi Gesa Fun Enia
      • Alhaji Chief Kollington Ayinla & His Fuji '78 Organization – Ki Aiye Ma Gbagbe Mi
      • LP + Download Code£20.00
        Out of stock
      • MP3 Release£0.00
        Out of stock
      Marcus & The IgelsGrowing Taller / Studio WorksSoul Fire
      Rare roots 7" originally released in 1978 produced by Marcus Reid, with great bongo led instrumental on the flip. Limited edition of 300 only..
      • Marcus & The Igels – Growing Taller
      • Marcus & The Igels – Studio Works
      TenastelinMusical Commitment / Dub CommitmentPirates Choice
      New roots steppers cut from Tena Stelin produced by Dubby Ambassah and Robert Sanchez with version on the B-side.
      • Tenastelin – Musical Commitment
      • Roberto Sanchez – Dub Commitment
      AlpheusRudies / Our Time Will ComeLiquidator Music
      Killer new ska double AA side from Alpheus with a joyful uptempo plea to rudies everyway to get on up..Produced by top Spanish producer Roberto Sanchez.
      • Alpheus – Rudies
      • Alpheus – Our Time Will Come
      Bernardo el tranquiloYou Haffi DreadCandid records
      Strong new roots rhythm from Spanish producer Roberto Sanchez with vocalist's Bernardo El Tranquilo & Empress Hoosk on a version each plus two dubs. Check...
      • Bernardo el tranquilo – You haffi dread
      • Roberto Sanchez – You haffi dub
      • Empress Hoosk – Life
      • Tranquilo / R. Sánchez – Version
      Jeff Parker & The New BreedMax BrownInternational Anthem Recording Company
      'Max Brown' is a soulful, swinging cypher of lyrical soloing by guitarist Parker with saxophonist Josh Johnson and trumpeter Nate Walcott, held down by...
      • Jeff Parker & The New Breed – Max Brown (Part 1)
      Prince BusterRoll On Charles Street 'Prince Buster Ska Selection'Rock A Shacka
      Awesome 20 track ska collection from Japan featuring 11 unreleased & alternative takes from the vaults of the late great Prince Buster. With sleevenotes...
      • Prince Buster's All Stars – Buster Pink Night Stars (Unreleased)
      • Prince Buster's All Stars – Hey Train (Unreleased)
      • Roland Alphonso – Roll On Charles Street (Natty’ s Dub Plate) (Unreleased)
      • Raymond Harper – Raining Outside (Unreleased)
      • Roland Alphonso – Almost Like Being In Love (Alternate Take)
      • Prince Buster – High Blood Pressure
      • Derrick And Patsy – Raindrops Falling (Unreleased)
      • Prince Buster – Stir The Pot (Feat,Prince Buster, Derrick Morgan, Eric Morris & Patsy)
      • Spanish Town Skabeats – Stop That Train
      • Prince Buster – Islam
      • Prince Buster's All Stars – Charles Street Cowboy (Unreleased)
      • Prince Buster's All Stars – Prince Of Peace (Alternate Take)
      • Prince Buster – Rude Rude Rudie (Don’ t Throw Stones)
      • Don Drummond – Sudden Attack
      • Don Drummond – Vietnam (Unreleased)
      • Prince Buster – Prince Buster
      • Slim Smith – Only Soul Can Tell
      • Prince Buster – I’ m Sorry (Unreleased)
      • Unknown Artist – Summer Time (Unreleased)
      • Prince Buster – Prince Buster
      • 1. Prince Buster's All Stars – Buster Pink Night Stars (Unreleased)
      • 2. Prince Buster's All Stars – Hey Train (Unreleased)
      • 3. Roland Alphonso – Roll On Charles Street (Natty’ s Dub Plate) (Unreleased)
      • View full info and tracklisting
      América InvertidaVarious ArtistsVampi Soul
      Vampi Soul focus on a small musical scene that emerged in the early 80s in Montevideo, Uruguay. A very unique sound was developed within the narrow boundaries...
      • Contraviento – Desencanto
      • Jaime Roos – Tras tus ojos
      • Eduardo Darnauchans – De los relojeros
      • Hugo Jasa – Kabumba
      • Eduardo Mateo – El chi-li-ban-dan
      • Travesía – En este momento
      • Mariana Ingold – Capítulos
      • La Escuelita – Llamada Insólita
      • Hugo Jasa – Y el tiempo pasa
      • Leo Maslíah – Bombinhas
      • Fernando Cabrera – A ustedes
      • LP£18.99
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      Omar SAnother ManFXHE
      Omar S is back with this killer, double-header! A-side is based around the classic sample "I cant quite understand, she left me for another man" from classic...
        • 12"£13.99
          Out of stock
        Brain PilotCerebral Navigators: Anthology 1993-1997Kalahari Oyster Cult
        Kalahari Oyster Cult reissue some timeless music from Belgian duo, Brain Pilot. Futuristic techno, timeless melodies and beat patterns influenced by the...
        • Brain Pilot – C.N.S.
        • Brain Pilot – B.W.E.
        • Brain Pilot – E.E.G
        • Brain Pilot – Feel Real Good
        • Brain Pilot – Nutrient
        • Brain Pilot – Serotonine Flow
        • Brain Pilot – Brainsine
        • Brain Pilot – Shifting
        • Brain Pilot – Circuits (Live at The Cosmic Arena)
        • Brain Pilot – Wet-Wired (First Wiring)
        • Brain Pilot – Substantia Electronica
        • Brain Pilot – Disconnect
        Serious CatsCrate Breaks Vol. 2Drumstream
        Another batch of killer breaks from the crates. Tough drums ready for sampling and the working DJs!
        • Serious Cats – Crate Breaks Three
        • Serious Cats – Crate Breaks Four
        XantraxGrit EP (inc. Addison Groove remix)Ecke Records
        Bass-heavy, rude boy techno moves from Xantrax backed with an exclusive fix from the one and only Addison Groove!
        • Xantrax – Tekline
        • Xantrax – Tekline (Addison Groove Remix)
        • Xantrax – Linetek
        • Xantrax – 0121
        AntonioHyperfunkDark Grooves Records
        Antonio's 2-step / UKG classic 'Hyperfunk', from 1998, gets the necessary reissue treatment via from Dark Grooves Records!
        • Antonio – Hyperfunk (New Horizons Mix)
        • Antonio – Hyperfunk (Vocal Mix)
        • Antonio – Hyperfunk (Original Mix)
        Stellar OM SourceI See Through YouDekmantel
        The massively talented Stellar Om Source is back on Dekmantel, bringing some of her fresh, frenetic and wild techno styles. Ace!
        • Stellar OM Source – Night Alone
        • Stellar OM Source – Lost Codes
        • Stellar OM Source – White Echoes
        • Stellar OM Source – Wild Palms
        Afrosynth focuses on six songs by South African disco star, Kamazu, spanning his career from 1986 to 1997: two of his biggest hits, ‘Korobela’ and...
        • Kamazu – Indaba Kabani
        • Kamazu – Victim
        • Kamazu – Why
        • Kamazu – Korobela
        • Kamazu – Mjukeit
        • Kamazu – Atikatareni
        • 12" EP£14.99
          Out of stock
        MuslimgauzeLalique Gadaffi HandgrenadeStaalplaat
        Deeply experimental and meditatives field recordings with dub techno themes from the exhaustive archive of cult producer, Muslimgauze.
        • Muslimgauze – Arab Jerusalem
        • Muslimgauze – Jordan River
        • Muslimgauze – Lalique Gadaffi Handgrenade
        • Muslimgauze – Desert Gulag
        Miguel FloresLorca: Lost Tapes (1989​-​1991)Buh Records
        A compilation of works by Peruvian composer and musician Miguel Flores. "Lorca: Lost Tapes (1989-1991)" recovers recordings made for stage works inspired...
          Benoit BNotes Of LoveInto The Light
          Verstatile, Berceuse Heroique and Unthank records regular Benoit B releases and album of oddball, dreamy, Compass Point studios-inspired, Balearic/new...
          • Benoit B – Vestigia Flammae Feat. Elen Huynh
          • Benoit B – Polar Nights
          • Benoit B – 2090'
          • Benoit B – Cowboy Dan
          • Benoit B – Clumsy Sunset
          • Benoit B – Czechoslovakia
          Forest Drive WestParallel SpaceEchocord
          Forest Drive West follows up on that KILLER release for Whities with an EP of heavy dub techno dread, release via cult label, Echocord!
          • Forest Drive West – Creation Dub
          • Forest Drive West – Drift
          • Forest Drive West – Parallel Space
          • Forest Drive West – Parallel Space (Conforce Remix)
          WerkhaThe RigourFirst Word Records
          5 track EP from Manchester based DJ and producer Werkha. With previous releases on Tru Thoughts, Werkha makes a welcome return on First Word Records with...
          • Werkha – Generation X
          • Werkha – The Key
          • Werkha – Swing Thru
          • Werkha – In Sunny G
          • Werkha – Favourite Corner
          • 12" EP£10.99
            Out of stock
          Organised Pleasure / Satin WallTropical Stumble / Dans Les ProfondeursStroom
          Two minimal synth/coldwave gems from the Belgian underground in the early 80s! Killer, killer release via Stroom!
          • Organised Pleasure – Tropical Stumble
          • Satin Wall – Dans Les Profondeurs
          • 7"£9.99
            Out of stock
          Zé Manel & 2M G-BTustumunhos Di Aonti...New Dawn
          New Dawn reissue of the fantastic and in-demand Guinea-Bissau album 'Tustumunhos Di Aonti...' by Zé Manel & 2M G-B! Originally released in 1982.
          • Zé Manel & 2M G-B – S'Cudjo
          • Zé Manel & 2M G-B – Vida Di Sussego
          • Zé Manel & 2M G-B – Bardade Dentro Di Bardade
          • Zé Manel & 2M G-B – N'Disdja Bai Tabanca
          • Zé Manel & 2M G-B – Gaçadjo Kebra
          • Zé Manel & 2M G-B – Se N'Bin Disparse
          • Zé Manel & 2M G-B – Nha Guine
          • Zé Manel & 2M G-B – Formados Sim Forma
          • LP£18.99
            Limited, deluxe 180g vinyl, tip-on sleeve edition
            In stockAdd to Bag
          Daniel LopatinUncut GemsWarp Records
          Daniel Lopatin, aka Oneohtrix Point Never, scores the soundtrack to the Safdie brothers’ highly successful feature starring Adam Sandler, 'Uncut Gems'.
          • Daniel Lopatin – The Ballad Of Howie Bling
          • Daniel Lopatin – Pure Elation
          • Daniel Lopatin – Followed
          • Daniel Lopatin – The Bet Hits
          • Daniel Lopatin – High Life
          • Daniel Lopatin – No Vacation
          • Daniel Lopatin – School Play
          • Daniel Lopatin – F**k You Howard
          • Daniel Lopatin – Smoothie
          • Daniel Lopatin – Back To Roslyn
          Glenn JonesYou and MeExpansion Records
          Vocal lead from US gospel group, Modulations, releases a deep soul stepper take on the Rockie Robbins hit from 1980.
          • Glenn Jones – You & Me (Smooth Jazz Version)
          • Glenn Jones – You & Me (R&B Version)
          The PioneersBetter HerringBoss Records
          Big money tune from the Pioneers, a-side was only released in England on 7" on the Attack label as by the "Soul Directions" in 1970. George Dekker on lead...
          • The Pioneers – Better Herring
          • The Pioneers – Mama Look Deh
          Eric "Fish" ClarkeFight Against BabylonPioneer
          "Fight Against Babylon" was originally released 1975 in two different mixes, here is the original mix, the "flying cymbal" mix can be found on the UK Torpedo...
          • Eric "Fish" Clarke – Fight Against Babylon
          • Eric "Fish" Clarke – Fight Against Babylon Version
          Barry BrownLet Go Jah Jah ChildrenStriker Lee
          Back in stock...Super deep roots from the late Barry Brown but King Tubby's dubplate mix is the killer! full of heavy echo and reverbed to the max. BUY...
          • Barry Brown – Let Go Jah Jah Children
          • King Tubby – Leggo Jah Jah Children Dubplate
          • 10"£10.49
            Out of stock
          The HeptonesMake Up Your Mind / Road Of LifeBlack Art
          Melody and part of the lyrics for this great Heptones masterpiece were borrowed from Ricky Nelson's song from 1963 "It's Up To You" and transferred into...
          • The Heptones – Make Up Your Mind
          • The Heptones – Road Of Life
          Busty BrownMy GirlUpsetter
          Busty Brown's early reggae cover of the 1964 Temptations hit "My Girl" with the Upsetters instrumental on flip side
          • Busty Brown – My Girl
          • The Upsetters – My Girl
          Dennis BrownRepatriationJoe Gibbs Record Globe
          From Dennis Brown's great LP "Visions", first time released on 7", along with it's killer dub version.
          • Dennis Brown – Repatriation
          • Joe Gibbs & The Professionals – Jubilation Dub
          Irregular RootsShowcaseA-Lone Productions
          Great new roots album from Irregular Roots based in Zaragoza, Spain featuring six strong vocal cuts with their dubs on the flip side on the vinyl. Produced...
          • Irregular Roots – No Way
          • Irregular Roots – Walking Man
          • Irregular Roots – Remember
          • Irregular Roots – Go To Be Wise
          • Irregular Roots – Crisis
          • Irregular Roots – Degrow
          • Irregular Roots – Remember Dub
          Tony TuffPresenting Mr.TuffBlack Roots
          Originally released in 1981 on Black Roots label owed by fellow African Brother singer Sugar Minott. Strong deep roots set featuring "All Who Gone" with...
          • Tony Tuff – Born In The Ghetto
          • Tony Tuff – Try Your Best
          • Tony Tuff – Hold Me Tight
          • Tony Tuff – King Of Kings
          • Tony Tuff – Working Man Song
          • Tony Tuff – Rock Rock
          • Tony Tuff – Love And Unity
          • Tony Tuff – All Who Gone
          • Tony Tuff – Rocky Road
          • Tony Tuff – Groovy Situation
          • LP£15.99
            Out of stock
          Rev. Harvey GatesPrice Of Love / It's Hard To Live In This Old WorldSalvation Rock
          With its killer drum break and sweet piano arrangement courtesy of Zelpha Wells, "Price Of Love" stands as a manifesto of Harvey Gates' musical vision,...
          • Rev. Harvey Gates – Price Of Love
          • Rev. Harvey Gates – It's Hard To Live In This Old World
          Baked A La SkaSailing ByLimefield
          Manchester based band Baked A La Ska wicked hypnotic relick of the late night BBC shipping forecast theme with a underwater dub from analog master Al Breadwinner..Check...
          • Baked A La Ska – Sailing By
          • Al Breadwinner – Sailing By (Fisher Dub
          Bass, Mids, TopsAn Oral History of Sound System CultureBy Joe Muggs & Brian David StevensStrange Attractor
          KILLER new book! An oral history of the UK’s soundsystem culture, featuring interviews with MALA, Dennis Bovell, SKREAM, Youth, Norman Jay, Krust, Dego...
          Pablo GadHard TimesNo Label
          Two classic early 80s roots reggae cuts "Hard Times" & "Gun Fever" from Pablo Gad both with strong dubs, clean pressing
          • Pablo Gad – Hard Times
          • Pablo Gad – Dub
          • Pablo Gad – Gun Fever
          • Pablo Gad – Dub
          Sonya SpenceIn The Dark / Sings LoveDoctor Bird
          For any female to make their mark in the male dominated music industry, prolonged success has always been a struggle, and back in the Sixties and Seventies,...
          • DISC 1: Sonya Spence – In The Dark
          • Sonya Spence – Jet Plane
          • Sonya Spence – It Hurts To Be Alone
          • Sonya Spence – I Love You So
          • Sonya Spence – Damn Him
          • Sonya Spence – Peace & Unity
          • Sonya Spence – Where Is The Love
          • Sonya Spence – Now I Know What Love Is
          • Sonya Spence – Come With Me
          • Sonya Spence – Don't Want To Leave Now
          • Sonya Spence – Let Love Flow On
          • Marcia Griffiths – Sweet Brown Sugar
          • Lorna Bennett – Good Woman
          • Daughter Cherry – Babylon You Guilty
          • Novelette Barnett – Fire De A Town
          • Karen Mark – World Wide Love
          KhruangbinLive At Lincoln Hall (Japanese Import)Night Time Stories
          Texan 3 piece, psych-funk outfit Khruangbin's live concert from Lincoln Hall. Includes their 90's West Coast hip-hop medley!
          • Khruangbin – Cómo Me Quieres
          • Khruangbin – Lady And Man
          • Khruangbin – Evan Finds The Third Room
          • Khruangbin – Lincoln Hall Potpurri
          • Khruangbin – Maria También
          • Khruangbin – People Everywhere
          • New LP (Coloured Vinyl)£36.99
            Limited, 180g white vinyl edition. Japanese import with obi strip
            Out of stock
          SkariRun This NationRoots Garden
          Making his debut appearance on Roots Garden Skari is a versatile & talented young vocalist hailing from Mandeville in the central hills of Jamaica. His...
          • Skari – Run This Nation
          • Manasseh – Wrong Hands Dub
          Linval ThompsonThe Trojan Dancehall Albums CollectionFt. Barrington Levy, Scientist, The Viceroys & Tristan PalmaDoctor Bird
          At the close of the 1970s, a new, strident style of reggae developed that by the close of the year had supplanted the roots sound, continuing to dominate...
          • DISC 1: Barrington Levy – Poor Man Style
          • Linval Thompson – Don't Give Up
          • Linval Thompson – Sensimelea
          • Linval Thompson – I Can't Wait Too Long
          • Scientist & Prince Jammy – Strike Back!
          • Linval Thompson – Storming The Death Star
          • Linval Thompson – Mission Impossible
          • Linval Thompson – The Alien Aborts
          • Linval Thompson – Settle Down 12" mix
          • DISC 2: The Viceroys – We Must Unite
          • Linval Thompson – Come Closer My Love
          • Linval Thompson – Show Me Your Company
          • Linval Thompson – We Must Unite
          • Linval Thompson – Settle Down Girl
          • Linval Thompson – My Love
          • Linval Thompson – You're Too Young
          • Linval Thompson – Don't Make Me Cry
          • CD£14.99
            Out of stock
          Art Blakey & The Jazz MessengersBuhaina's DelightBlue Note
          Reissue of the drum hero’s classic 1963 album! Recorded at Van Gelder Studios, Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey, during November and December 1961. The Jazz...
            A. MislayeneEl FenSpaziale Recordings
            Reissue of one of the rarest and most sought after arabic disco records! A. Mislayene's 'El Fen', from 1976, is an eastern influenced disco masterpiece....
            • A. Mislayene – El Fen (Stefano Ritteri Versione Spaziale)
            • A. Mislayene – El Fen
            • A. Mislayene – Yemma
            • 12"£15.99
              Out of stock
            South Shore Commission / Ultra High FrequencyFree Man (Tom Moulton mix) / We're On The Right Track (Tom Moulton mix)Soul Brother Records
            Tom Moulton mix on “Free Man” was an original feature of the album and is considered one of the first proto-house records. More Philly splendor here...
            • South Shore Commission – Free Man (Tom Moulton mix)
            • Ultra High Frequency – We're On The Right Track (Tom Moulton mix)
            • 12"£10.99
              Out of stock
            The Mighty MocambosGolden ShadowLegere
            Two killer dance-floor cuts taken from The Mighty Mocambos' album, '2066'. Amazing afro-funk DJ tools, available on a 7" for the first time.
            • The Mighty Mocambos – Golden Shadow
            • The Mighty Mocambos – Preaching To The Choir
            HaloLet Me Do ItExpansion Records
            Expansion reissue Halo's 'Let Me Do It', a rare and extremely classy soul/boogie track from 1981, largely unknown at the time but becoming progressively...
            • Halo – Let Me Do It
            • Halo – Life (Re-edit)
            Patti JoMake Me Believe In You (Tom Moulton Mix) / Ain't No Love Lost (Tom Moulton Mix)Soul Brother Records
            For the first time on 12” single! Two incredible Curtis Mayfield written songs beautifully delivered by the great Patti Jo and mixed by Tom Moulton....
            • Patti Jo – Make Me Believe In You (Tom Moulton Mix)
            • Patti Jo – Ain't No Love Lost (Tom Moulton Mix)
            Tino ContrerasMusica InfinitaArc Records
            Gilles Peterson launches his label Arc Records with a reissue of cult record “Musica Infinita” by Mexican drummer and composer Tino Contreras. A stunning,...
            • Tino Contreras – Sinfonia Del Quinto Sol
            • Tino Contreras – El Hombre Cosmico
            • Tino Contreras – Orbita 13
            • LP£17.99
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            TNT RootsRaw Dub CreatorBokeh Versions
            Debut vinyl release for the mighty TNT Roots on the excellent Bokeh Versions label. 'Raw Dub Creator' is a collection of TNT Roots' finest productions,...
            • TNT Roots – Redemption
            • TNT Roots – Powerful (feat. Earthquake)
            • TNT Roots – Glorious Dub
            • TNT Roots – Righteous Vibration
            • TNT Roots – African Science (Mix 2)
            • TNT Roots – Earthman
            • TNT Roots – Foundation (Mix 2)
            • TNT Roots – Lord of Hosts (feat. Earthquake)
            • TNT Roots – Iron Shirt
            • TNT Roots – Guidance (feat. Yahweh Warriors)
            • TNT Roots – Yahweh the Redeemer
            Fat Freddy's DropSpecial Edition Part 1The Drop
            Part 1 of a double album, ‘Special Edition Part 1’, comprises of six tracks of which ‘Raleigh Twenty’, ‘Trickle Down’ and ‘Six-Eight Instrumental’...
            • Fat Freddy's Drop – Kamo Kamo
            • Fat Freddy's Drop – Special Edition
            • Fat Freddy's Drop – Raleigh Twenty
            • Fat Freddy's Drop – OneFourteen
            • Fat Freddy's Drop – Trickle Down
            • Fat Freddy's Drop – Six-Eight Instrumental
            • New 2×LP (Coloured Vinyl)£21.99
              Limited 'transparent' violet and purple coloured vinyl edition
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            • CD£10.99
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