Abacus Presents iDrum This Djembe (This Is Not A Bongo)

    Ndatl Musik
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    • Abacus Presents – iDRUM This Djembe (This Is Not A Bongo)
    • Abacus Presents – Welcome To The Party
    • Abacus Presents – iDRUM This Djembe (Drum Dub)
    • 1. iDRUM This Djembe (This Is Not A Bongo)
    • 2. Welcome To The Party
    • 3. iDRUM This Djembe (Drum Dub)

    DEEP tribal tech-house on Kai Alce's NDATL imprint! 

    Precussive, hard stabbing synths and acid b-lines from 'iDRUM This Djembe. Then turn it over and 'Welcome To The Party' is classic analog tracking Abacus at his best, with smooth chords and driving drums will be sure to please the deep heads worldwide. Also a bonus drum dub is included for our layering DJs to drive dancefloors into a frenzy!

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