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Featured Articles:

* Mingering Mike From flea market to Soulstrut to the New York Times, the world discovered Mingering Mike, a man who dodged the draft to pursue music instead of war, mainly in the form of illustrating fake album covers.

* Eddie Fisher

Eddie Fisher made obscure records that will be searched out for the Next One Hundred Years.

* Randy Muller

Bed-Stuy Brooklyn, 1975, Randy Muller lights up dance floors with Brass Construction. (Yes, this is like a "12 x 12" by Monkone.)

Also Includes:

* Check Your Bucket! Monkone runs down some nicely reissued music such as East New York Ensemble and Wheedle's Groove.

* Left-Field Americana In a dusty, abandoned farmhouse in the Midwest, Dante Carfagna emerges with six independent platters found under the rotting carcass of a dead cow.

* Montgomery Express Florida, 1972, two blind musicians record a sweet soul masterpiece as the Montgomery Express.

* Texas Stage Bands, Part II Texas, 1970s, Leon Mitchison turns high school kids into funk machines.

* Antibalas Brooklyn, New York, present day, Afrofunk group Antibalas heads a new musico-political movement.

* Pierre Jaubert Paris, France, early '70s, producer Pierre Jaubert molds a group of American-born musicians into jazz-funk legends Ice and Lafayette Afro Rock Band.

* Les McCann Buchausen, Germany, in 2004, keyboardist Les McCann performs his protest classic "Compared to What?" for a German audience.

* Wattstax, Part I 1972, L.A., Wattstax concert is filmed in the Los Angeles Coliseum with Isaac Hayes, Rufus Thomas, Emotions, Bar-Kays, Staple Singers, et al., to benefit a post-rebellion Watts neighborhood.

* Beastie Boys New York, New York, mid-'80s, the Beastie Boys weave quarter-inch tape around the studio to loop Led Zeppelin for their seminal album Licensed to Ill.

* Melvin Van Peebles Melvin Van Peebles defied everything and everybody and changed cinema forever.

* Scientist Jamaica, 1985, dub producer Scientist disappears from his native crime-ridden Kingston, escaping to Los Angeles.

* Keepintime Earth Day, 2002, just outside of L.A., jazz and funk drummers James Gadson and Paul Humphrey perform with DJs Babu and JRocc as part of the Keepintime series.

* Dealer Profile: Anthony Pearson Small talk with deep-crate connoisseur.