The Black Panthers Vanguard Of The RevolutionA Film by Stanley Nelson

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    Stanley Nelson directs this documentary that chronicles the history of the Black Panther Party. From their formation in 1966 in Oakland, California, the film follows the revolutionary African-American group's rise throughout the '60s and '70s and features interviews with former members, FBI members and street police officers that clashed with the party, in addition to archive footage. Although they gained the backing of Hollywood icons Marlon Brando and Jane Fonda, the radical Nationalist group struggled with inner conflict and exterior pressure during the height of their relevance, struggles that would eventually contribute to their demise

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                      Jende Ri Palenge CD/DVD/LP Box SetPeople of Palenque - Afro ColombiaSoul Jazz Records
                      Soul Jazz Records presents this amazing 3 disc/5LP + dvd Box set Afro-Colombian music and film project made in Colombia. Film-makers/music producers...
                      • Son Malagana – Rama De Tamarindo
                      • To Ane E Lo Memo Sexteto – Nena
                      • Estrellas Del Caribe – Kunchuzo
                      • Son San – Pueblo Mi
                      • Son Malagana – Malagenero Soy
                      • Santiago Ospino – Mi Gallina
                      • Haner Amariz – Haner Alegre 5
                      • Curramberos De Gamero – Destápame La Botella
                      • Estrellas De Caribe – La Candela
                      • Manuela Torres – Palenque Un Rincón De Africa
                      • Cumbia 20 De Enero – Candela
                      • To Ane E Lo Memo Sexteto – La Mato Donde La Encuentre
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                      • To Ane E Lo Memo Sexteto – Mi Neno Gabo Riele
                      • Epifanio – Décimas
                      • Santiago Ospino – Instrumental
                      • Osunlade – La Preñá
                      • Deadbeat – Nena
                      • Felipe Venegas – Untitled
                      • Aurelien Riviere – Candela
                      • Kalabrese – Palenque Un Rincón De Africa
                      • Santiago Posada – El Mango
                      • Secondo – Porque Te Ríes De Mi
                      • Rocketnumbernine – Mi Gallina
                      • Matias Aguayo – Destápame La Botella
                      • Subway – Instrumental
                      • Kromestar – Nena
                      • Jay Haze – Pajarito
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