Fearless The Making of Post-Rock

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    Kieran Hebden/Four Tet, Tortoise, Mogwai, Slint, Sigur Ros, Godspeed You Black Emeperor et al - read the story of a genre in the making - fascinating stuff!

    In 1994, the music critic Simon Reynolds coined a new term: post-rock. It was an attempt to give a narrative to music that used the tools of rock but did something utterly different with it, broadening its scope by fusing elements of punk, dub, electronic music, minimalism, and more into something wholly new .Post-rock is an anti-genre, impossible to fence in. Elevating texture over riff and ambiance over traditional rock hierarchies, its exponents used ideas of space and deconstruction to create music of enormous power. From Slint to Talk Talk, Bark Psychosis to Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Tortoise to Fridge, Mogwai to Sigur Rós, the pioneers of post-rock are unified by an open-minded ambition that has proven hugely influential on everything from mainstream rock records to Hollywood soundtracks and beyond .Drawing on dozens of new interviews and packed full of stories never before told, 'Fearless' explores how the strands of post-rock entwined, frayed, and created one of the most diverse bodies of music ever to huddle under one name.

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      Miles Davis: An Impact Biographyby George R. CrispGrolier
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        FanzinesThe DIY RevolutionChronicle Books

        TOTALY AWESOME USA BIG, BIG, LARGE FORMAT BOOK on DIY punk fanzines. Over 200 + pages loads flyers, artwork, text - really good. 60% OFF ORIGINAL RETAIL PRICE!!! THAT's £18 OFF!!!

        This is the ultimate book on Fanzines, an amateur magazine produced by fans, for fans, of a certain subculture. This highly visual illustrated book is full of reproductions of the best fanzines ever created, from the super-hero tributes of the 1950s and 60s, to punk fanzines such as Sniffin Glue, right up the contemporary e-zine scene. Arranged in six chronological chapters, each with a thorough introduction, Fanzines spans eight decades of counterculture and features many extremely rare publications. Written by a fanzine collector and expert author, Fanzines has cult appeal for anyone interested in graphic design, magazine publishing or underground culture.

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          Factory RecordsThe Complete Graphic AlbumThames & Hudson

          Between 1978 and 1992, Factory was one of the most important record labels in Britain. It launched the careers of Joy Division, New Order and the Happy Mondays, to name but a few; it opened the legendary Haçienda club and Dry bar and it introduced to music the concept of high-quality, cutting-edge design. The visual languages developed alongside the music, by designers such as Peter Saville, Central Station Design and 8vo are still widely recognized and imitated today.

          Factory Records The Complete Graphic Album documents the label’s entire visual legacy

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            Arthur RussellThe World Of Arthur RussellSoul Jazz Records

            New fully remastered re-release of Soul Jazz Records’ ‘The World of Arthur Russell’, the seminal collection of Arthur Russell’s essential music back in print on awesome limited-edition heavy deluxe triple vinyl and deluxe CD edition.


            This album brings together some of Russell’s best-loved and most accessible works including his wide-ranging music both solo and in groups including Dinosaur L (the essential ‘Go Bang’), Loose Joints (the equally classic ‘Is It All Over My Face’) as well as rarities such as the 7” only ‘Pop Your Funk’, Indian Ocean’s ‘Schoolbell/Treehouse’, Lola’s ‘Wax The Van’ and more.


            “Arthur Russell fused the avant-garde with disco and sounds like nothing else on earth.” The GUARDIAN

            “Russell is the great enigma of the New York music scene” THE WIRE

            “Simply one of the best compilations of this or any year.” RECORD COLLECTOR


            Arthur Russell’s music effortlessly crossed musical boundaries making it timeless. His dance music credentials are faultless and this collection features mixes from Larry Levan, Françcois Kervorkian and Walter Gibbons. Similarly, his song-writing, musicality and performance skills are equally cherished as composer Philip Glass wrote, ‘this was a guy who could sit down with a cello and sing with it in a way that no one on earth has ever done before or will do again.’

            When Soul Jazz Records’ The World of Arthur Russell first came out in 2003, Russell’s music had slipped into near obscurity. Nearly 18 years later there are over a dozen releases of his music, reissues of his original albums and more. ‘The World of Arthur Russell’ is the classic first collection of his work available once more.

            • Dinosuar L – Go Bang (Francois K Mix)
            • Lola – Wax The Van
            • Loose Joints – Is It All Over My Face (Larry Levan Mix)
            • Arthur Russell – Keeping Up
            • Arthur Russell – In The Light Of The Miracle
            • Arthur Russell – A Little Lost
            • Loose Joints – Pop Your Funk
            • Arthur Russell – Lets Go Swimming (Walter Gibbons Mix)
            • Dinosuar L – In The Cornbelt (Larry Levan Mix)
            • Arthur Russell – Treehouse
            • Indian Ocean – Schoolbell/Treehouse (Walter Gibbons Mix)
            DJ ShadowEndtroducing.....Mo Wax (1994)

            It's a classic ...

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              E.M.A.K.A Synthetic History Of E.M.A.K. 1982 - 88Universal Sound

              Soul Jazz/Universal Sound are releasing this stunning new compilation of underground German electronic experimentalists, E.M.A.K. (‘Elektronische Musik Aus Koeln’), Cologne’s synth-core/minimal-wave/ deutsche electronische group who made a stunning set of radical records in the 1980s. (including the killer 'Filmmusik' as featured on Soul Jazz’s recent “Deutsche Electronische Musik”).

              Joining the dots between German electronic experimentalists such as Cluster, Conrad Schnitzler, Tangerine Dream, the synth-core/minimal-wave of Germany’s electronic new wave such as D.A.F. (itself influenced by UK groups Cabaret Voltaire, Human League and The Normal) and with hints of the cosmic disco of Giorgio Moroder and Daniel Baldelli, Cologne’s E.M.A.K. remain one of electronic music’s best-kept secrets.

              This is a compilation complete with exclusive text and photos from a series of super-rare private press titles released in Germany in the 1980s. Comes in Soul Jazz special box edition CD (with free postcards) and super-loud limited edition heavyweight gatefold double vinyl.

              From the sleevenotes:

              "E.M.A.K. (Electronische Musik aus Köln) was founded in Cologne in autumn 1981. Situated in the basement of a music store called ‘Hört-Hört’ (‘Listen-Listen’) was a small 8-track studio run by Matthias Becker. It was here at the ‘Originalton West’ studio that Becker and Kurt Mill, along with Michael Filz and Klaus Stühlen, formed E.M.A.K. and here also where Becker launched the Originalton West label with the release of ‘E.M.A.K.1’ in January 1982.

              E.M.A.K. originally functioned more as a collective of individuals than a traditional group. Filz and Stühlen worked on tracks individually and Mill and Becker worked on material at the studio. Kurt Mill and Mathias Becker were the producers and chose all the tracks and final mixes.

              Matthias Becker:‘ I grew up to the music of Kraftwerk and Amon Düül. I remember that in 1970, when I was 15, there was a ‘Kommune’ living in the house next door and shortly after the release of ‘Kraftwerk’ for more than a week or two each day the sounds of ‘Ruckzuck’ and ‘Stratovarious’ vibrated through the walls of our living room, (very much to the irritation of my parents).

              Although E.M.A.K. were not part of any larger electronic scene in their local city, Cologne was nevertheless still the base of Can, and Holger Czukay’s own studio was barely 200 metres from Originalton West. There was also nearby Johannes Fritsch’s ‘Feedback’ Studio. Fritsch was a serious composer of ‘Neue Musik’ who had collaborated with Stockhausen, who - incidentally - lived and worked in Kürten, a small village about 35 kms from Cologne."

              • – Alhara
              • – Filmmuzik
              • – Ohne Titel
              • – Biela
              • – Gewitterluft
              • – Schlammgang
              • – Bote Des Herbstes
              • – Nupsa Puntsch
              • – Wenn Mr. Reagan Es Will
              • – Aranea
              • – Sein Und Schein
              • – Tanz Der Vampire
              • – A L'Horizon
              • – Traumreise
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              Flying LotusPresents INFINITY “Infinitum” - Maida Vale SessionWarp Records

              A classic live session from around the breakthrough 'Cosmogramma' album, featuring a full live band including Thundercat, Miguel Atwood-Ferguson and Ravi Coltrane. The session features otherwise unheard track 'Golden Axe'.

                • 12" EP£14.99
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                Seriously Bad Album Covers!by Nick DiFonzoNew Holland

                There have been some truly awful album titles and designs over the last 50 years. Some covers may be doomed to awfulness by the artist's face-made-for-radio looks or clothing; others by a compelling odd choice of props or layout; many simply by an incomprehensibly strange (or incomprehensible) choice of title or subject. "Seriously Bad Album Covers!" brings together the very worst of the previous two volumes along with a whole new gamut of bad jackets - a total of over 225 album covers whose sheer bad taste ensure they will have a place in the annals of music history for evermore

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                  A Flexible History of Fluxus Facts & Fictions70 'Kunstfibel' Collages Digitally Remastered by Ann NoelEdition Hansjorg Mayer

                  USA IMPORT HARDBACK BOOK - 60% OFF!!!!!

                  Seventy colourful, pseudo-historical collage-drawings, digitally remastered for this edition, peopled with often-irreverent images of the author's real life friends and colleagues. Opposite each of the cartoons, are the fascinating documents from the author's personal archive relating to some of the unlikely things that really happened in Performance Art shows over the years.

                    • Book (800g)£25.00 £10.00
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                    Mekanik KommandoDancing ElephantsDark Entries

                    Reissue of this coldwave classic from the Dutch underground, 1982 - another killer release via Dark Entries!

                    • – Stop And Play
                    • – Beauty Of Language
                    • – Window
                    • – 'A Swan In The Ocean'
                    • – Miss. B.
                    • 12" EP£15.99
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                    The World's Wild PlacesSoviet Deserts And MountainsTime-Life Books

                    Large format hardback s/hand book.

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                      Senna2 Disc Special EditionUniversal

                      Documentary about the life and death of Brazilian racing driver and three-time Formula One World Champion Ayrton Senna. The film charts Senna's career from his Formula One debut in the mid-1980s to his tragic death in a crash on the San Marino Grand Prix racing track in 1994, which was being watched live on television by 300 million people. Interviewees include Alain Prost, Michael Schumacher and Jackie Stewart.

                      Region 2 (UK/Europe)

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                        More Advanced Electronic Music Projectsby R.A. Penfold
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                          Dub Echoes DVD (2009)Directed by Bruno Natal

                          'Dub Echoes' DVD out now on Soul Jazz Records!!!!!! 'Dub Echoes' is a newly produced film about Dub, featuring an incredible array of artists, both original Jamaican artists - U Roy, King Jammy, Lee Perry, Sly Dunbar, Bunny Lee (to name a few), alongside a similarly awe-inspiring array of artists who have been taken Dub into new directions in electronic dance music - Kode9, Roots Manuva, Howie B, Adrian Sherwood and many more. Directed by Bruno Natal over a three year period, this is a killer film to be watched over and over again! covering Dub in all its different guises. The DVD comes with loads of extra features, dub mixes and more. Essential!



                          The Guardian

                            Voodoo, Truth and Fantasy (aka Voodoo Search for the Spirit)By Laennec HurbonNew Horizons

                            A bit like the Rough Guide to Reggae - except for Voodoo. Recommended!

                            Out of Africa came the cult of spirits who could enter human beings and cross the boundary between life and death. Carried across the Atlantic to the New World, voodoo gave the slaves in the West Indies a new sense of identity and hope. But around it clustered sinister tales of sorcery, animal scarifice and zombies.

                            Seen as dangerous and taboo, voodoo became an underground religion. This book shows how voodoo has survived the prejudice and persecution of the past and how it thrives today as a cultural force.

                              • Original Book (250g)£10.00
                                Original UK paperback in good condition
                                100% Guarantee on this and all Original Vinyl at Sounds Of The Universe - 'if you're not happy we're not happy' or your money back!
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                              The Black PanthersVanguard Of The RevolutionDogwoof Digital

                              Stanley Nelson directs this documentary that chronicles the history of the Black Panther Party. From their formation in 1966 in Oakland, California, the film follows the revolutionary African-American group's rise throughout the '60s and '70s and features interviews with former members, FBI members and street police officers that clashed with the party, in addition to archive footage. Although they gained the backing of Hollywood icons Marlon Brando and Jane Fonda, the radical Nationalist group struggled with inner conflict and exterior pressure during the height of their relevance, struggles that would eventually contribute to their demise

                                Kanye WestGod and MonsterOmnibus Press

                                CURRENTLY £30 ON AMAZON!

                                God & monster: Nutter or genius - u decide

                                This biography, the most in-depth look at Kanye's life and career to date, lifts the mask to expose the man behind the endless myths.

                                  • Book (750g)£10.00
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                                  Iron in the Soul: The Haiti Documentary Films of Leah GordonSoul Jazz Records

                                  Soul Jazz Records/Films presents Iron in the Soul, a stunning new DVD collection of documentary films about the world of Haiti – Vodou, art & culture by filmmaker and photographer Leah Gordon.

                                  Gordon’s photography book ‘Kanaval: Vodou, Politics and Revolution on the Streets of Haiti’ was published by Soul Jazz Records/Books in 2010. Her stunning photographs also feature on a number of Soul Jazz Records releases including Spirits of Life; Haitian Vodou and Rara in Haiti.

                                  Leah Gordon is co-director of the Ghetto Biennale in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, curator of the Haitian Pavilion at the 54th Venice Biennale & co-curator of ‘In Extremis: Death and Life in 21st Century Haitian Art’ show in 2012 at the Fowler Museum, UCLA.

                                  This DVD is a collection of her three documentaries about Haitian art, music and culture made over an 11-year period.

                                  A Pig’s Tale (52 min)

                                  A feature-length documentary linking Haitian pigs, Vodou and North American economic imperialism, commissioned for Channel 4.

                                  Atis Rezistans: The Sculptors of Grand Rue (32 min)

                                  Contemporary Haitian artists Celeur, Eugène, Claude and Guyodo all grew up in Port au Prince. Their work references their shared African and Haitian cultural heritage and a dystopian sci-fi view of the future.

                                  A multi-layered film, a portrait of a neighbourhood materially poor but culturally rich, and a meditation on the links between sex, death and creativity as expressed through the Vodou spirit Gede, who influences all their work.  

                                  Bounda pa Bounda: A Drag Zaka (20 min)

                                  A documentary about Bounda pa Bounda (Cheek by Arse), a character from Jacmel carnival, who dresses in drag inside a sacred Vodou altar space before going onto the streets with his rara music group.

                                  Documentary/Rating exempt

                                  Region Free  

                                  NTSC/PAL dual disc

                                  Watch trailer for Bounda pa Bounda: A Drag Zaka here:

                                    The Kingdom of ZydecoBy Michael Tisserand


                                    There’s a musical kingdom in the American South that’s not marked on any map. Stretching from the prairies of Louisiana to the oil towns of East Texas, it is ruled over by accordion-squeezing, washboard-wielding musicians such as Buckwheat Zydeco, Nathan Williams, Keith Frank, Terrance Simien, Rosie Ledet, and C. J. Chenier. Theirs is the kingdom of zydeco. With its African-Caribbean rhythms, Creole-French-English lyrics, and lively dance styles, zydeco has spread from its origins in Louisiana across the nation. Michael Tisserand reveals why zydeco’s identifiable and unforgettable blend of blues and Cajun influences has made the dance music of Louisiana black Creoles so popular and widespread. Zydeco’s appeal runs deeper than the feel-good, get-up-and-dance reaction it invariably elicits and is intertwined in the music’s roots and rhythms, handed down from generation to generation.

                                      • Book (650g)£14.99
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                                      Jende Ri Palenge CD/DVD/LP Box SetPeople of Palenque - Afro ColombiaSoul Jazz Records

                                      Soul Jazz Records presents this amazing 3 disc/5LP + dvd Box set Afro-Colombian music and film project made in Colombia.

                                      Film-makers/music producers Santiago Posada and Simon Meija came to Palenque, near the Caribbean coast of Colombia,  to record the music of the area and to make a documentary film about the music and people of Palenque.

                                      Palenque, the location of the first free slave (or Maroon) community in the Americas, is also a central location for Afro-Colombian culture. With its own unique style of music and language, heavily influenced by its African heritage, it holds a unique position in the world and is today proclaimed by UNESCO as a Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity.

                                      The Colombian-born film-makers, who were fascinated by this culture, traveled to Palenque to build a studio in the remote town, west of Cartegena, in order to record the highly percussive roots music that uniquely mixes African and Latin traditions in equal flavours. They stayed in the town for three months, filming the everyday life and recording music from the area and once finished left the studio for the people of the area to use.

                                      Once back home they enlisted a select number of like-minded electronic, house and dubstup artists to produce a mindblowing second disc of remixes - including some incredible music from Osunlade, Mattias Aguayo, Kromestar and others to interpret the original works.

                                      This set includes the DVD, the CD of original music and the CD of remixes. It comes in a stunning three case box set with sleeve notes  about the project and the history of Palenque and exclusive photography.

                                      There is also an extremely limited (1000 worldwide) incredible 5LP (comes with free DVD) box set available.

                                      NB Digital Download is for music only.

                                      Read more about the project here.

                                      Jende ri Palenge from Simón Mejía on Vimeo.

                                      • Son Malagana – Rama De Tamarindo
                                      • To Ane E Lo Memo Sexteto – Nena
                                      • Estrellas Del Caribe – Kunchuzo
                                      • Son San – Pueblo Mi
                                      • Son Malagana – Malagenero Soy
                                      • Santiago Ospino – Mi Gallina
                                      • Haner Amariz – Haner Alegre 5
                                      • Curramberos De Gamero – Destápame La Botella
                                      • Estrellas De Caribe – La Candela
                                      • Manuela Torres – Palenque Un Rincón De Africa
                                      • Cumbia 20 De Enero – Candela
                                      • To Ane E Lo Memo Sexteto – La Mato Donde La Encuentre
                                      • Sikito – Padre No Mande En Su Casa
                                      • Manuela Torres – Pajarito
                                      • Curramberos De Gamero – La Preñá
                                      • Son Malagana – Culebra
                                      • Sikito – Untitled
                                      • To Ane E Lo Memo Sexteto – Mi Neno Gabo Riele
                                      • Epifanio – Décimas
                                      • Santiago Ospino – Instrumental
                                      • Osunlade – La Preñá
                                      • Deadbeat – Nena
                                      • Felipe Venegas – Untitled
                                      • Aurelien Riviere – Candela
                                      • Kalabrese – Palenque Un Rincón De Africa
                                      • Santiago Posada – El Mango
                                      • Secondo – Porque Te Ríes De Mi
                                      • Rocketnumbernine – Mi Gallina
                                      • Matias Aguayo – Destápame La Botella
                                      • Subway – Instrumental
                                      • Kromestar – Nena
                                      • Jay Haze – Pajarito
                                      • Deluxe 2×CD+DVD Box Set£16.99
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                                      • 5LP + DVD Box Set£19.99
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                                      • MP3 Release£9.99
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                                      FoolsFools' Harp Vol. 1Music From Memory

                                      Drift off to this lush addition to the Music From Memory catalogue from Grizzly Bear (Warp) founder member, Christopher Bear. One for the fans of early 00s ambient music as heard on the likes of City Centre Offices, Expanding, Morr, Mille Plateaux, Leaf etc. Close your eyes and float downstream...

                                      • – Rintocco
                                      • – Source
                                      • – Aeg Old
                                      • – Deefyfe
                                      • – Snodae
                                      • – Metaqua
                                      • – Nnuunn
                                      • – Terz
                                      • – Dolpherede
                                      • LP£17.99
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                                      135 Grand Street, New York, 1979DVD - Dir. by Ericka BeckmanSoul Jazz Records

                                      Available now on DVD (and separate bargain-priced CD soundtrack with bonus tracks).

                                      “135 Grand Street, New York, 1979 is invaluable. No Wave music and cinema didn’t just share a name. They were perhaps more intimately related than any other concurrent movements in the history of those two media.”

                                      “Ericka Beckman’s film finds these ensembles deconstructing rock with unpretentious vitality and uncompromised vision. … Remarkably kinetic performances.” Marc Masters (Author of ‘No Wave’) THE WIRE

                                      Ericka Beckman’s film captures the driving energy and posturing of early No Wave bands’ performing live in a sparse downtown loft. Featured bands include Theoretical Girls, UT, A Band, Rhys Chatham, Chinese Puzzle, The Static, Morales, Youth in Asia, Morales, Steven Piccolo and Jill Kroesen.

                                      ‘135 Grand Street, New York, 1979’ is a unique film capturing both the aural and visual aesthetics of New York’s No Wave scene in its ascendant. Punk rock and non-musicianship fight it out with art world attitude. Garage band line-ups in varying degrees of musical destruction sit alongside post-everything poetry and experimental noise terrorists. Ericka Beckman’s film matches the rawness, minimalism and radicalism of the music - a fitting document and visual statement of new forms created out of New York’s anti-everything musical nihilism, circa 1979.

                                      ‘135 Grand Street, New York, 1979’ is history. It includes the only known footage of the Theoretical Girls, The Static and a number of other No Wave bands of the period. This is a film about bands filled with painters, filmmakers, actors - and occasionally musicians - thriving and thrashing in the pulsating, vibrant post-punk world of New York where high art met low culture, where Glenn Branca, Rhys Chatham, Wharton Tiers, Taro Suzuki and the others featured here made the connections between John Cage and Joey Ramone, between the questioning of art and ? and the Mysterians.

                                      The film is currently showing as part of Sonic Youth’s ‘Sensational Fix’ touring art exhibition as well as being screened before Glenn Branca’s most recent shows in New York City (Sep 2009).

                                      "If you wanna see what the Soho side of No Wave looked like this is the only place you're ever gonna find it" Glenn Branca

                                      • Theoretical Girls – Glazened Eyes
                                      • Theoretical Girls – Contrary Motion
                                      • Ut – Sharp's Loose
                                      • A Band – Sand and Sea
                                      • A Band – Mirror, Mirror
                                      • Rhys Chatham – Guitar Trio
                                      • Chinese Puzzle – Great Wall Of Prague
                                      • The Static – Spectacular Commodity
                                      • The Static – My Relationship (CD only bonus track)
                                      • Morales – Gay Girl In a Gay Bar
                                      • Youth in Asia – Talking Heads pt.1
                                      • Youth in Asia – Amnesia
                                      • Steve Piccolo – Superior Genes
                                      • Steve Piccolo – It's Hard to Be in Love in Times Like These (CD only bonus track)
                                      • Jill Kroesen – Fay Shism Blues (CD only bonus track)
                                      The Rap AttackAfrican Jive To New York Hip Hop by David ToopPluto Press

                                      Pluto First edition paperback original book - rare and essential!

                                        • Original Book (400g)£100.00
                                          Secondhand paperback in good condition, some creasing and wear to cover
                                          Out of stock
                                        Black Power Mixtape1967-1975Soda Pictures

                                        Swedish documentary director Göran Olsson compiles this feature-length collection of archive footage chronicling the US Black Power movement, originally shot by a group of Swedish television journalists during the 1960s and 70s. Despite its geographical and cultural distance, the Swedish media observed the unfolding events of the Black Power movement in the United States with avid interest, which is arguably more than can be said for the mainstream media in the United States itself.

                                        Region 2 (UK/Europe)

                                          • DVD£7.99
                                            Out of stock