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  • 1. Arrows, The – We Have Love
  • 2. Arrows, The – The Love I See Now
  • 3. Arrows, The – Boogedy Boogedy
  • 4. Arrows, The – Bring Back The One I Love
  • 5. Johnny Davis – You've Got To Crawl To Me
  • 6. Sandy Cleveland – My Heart Will Never Lie
  • 7. Sandy Cleveland – We Love Together
  • 8. Linda Ballentine – You're A Hard Habit To Break
  • 9. Linda Ballentine – Glad About That
  • 10. Altyrone Deno Brown – Sweet Pea
  • 11. Altyrone Deno Brown – If You Love Me
  • 12. Chosen Few – Lift This Hurt
  • 13. Chosen Few – You've Been Unfair
  • 14. Hassan – Ghetto King
  • 15. Majestic Arrows – One More Time Around
  • 16. Majestic Arrows – Love Is All I Need
  • 17. Majestic Arrows – Doing It For Us
  • 18. Majestic Arrows – Going To Make A Time Machine
  • 19. Majestic Arrows – Ladies And Wonderful Girls
  • 20. Majestic Arrows – I'll Never Cry For Another Boy
  • 21. Majestic Arrows – We Love Together
  • 22. Majestic Arrows – Another Day
  • 23. Majestic Arrows – The Magic Of Your Love
  • 24. Majestic Arrows – Going To Make A Time Machine (Instrumental)
  • 25. M.A.S.O. – Poon Tang Thump
  • 26. Altyrone Deno Brown – I Will Find You
  • 27. Altyrone Deno Brown – The Eclipse Of Love
  • 28. Wind – Don't Let Them Tell You
  • 29. Wind – People
  • 30. Majestic Arrows – One More Time Around
  • 31. Majestic Arrows – Love Is All I Need
  • 32. Majestic Arrows – If I Had A Little Love
  • 33. Majestic Arrows – Make Yourself Over
  • 34. Majestic Arrows – I'll Never Cry For Another Boy
  • 35. Altyrone Deno Brown – Thought I Was A Playboy
  • 36. Darnell Jones – Come Back Home

Early Numero release finally available deluxe triple LP.

The beautifully packaged, complete history of Arrow Brown's Chicago based Bandit Label. Featuring every song EVER recorded by Arrow. Features The Arrows, the Majestic Arrows, Johnny Davis, Linda Balentine, Hassan, Chosen Few, Sandy Cleveland, and even his seven-year-old son Altyrone Deno Brown. Plus 14,000 word paperback detailing the unusual and beautiful story behind the label. 

NB. The cd is the standard edition with 20 tracks, and does not have all 36 tracks.

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