The Awakening Hear, Sense & Feel

Snow Dog
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  • 1. Awakening Prologue: Spring Thing
  • 2. When Will It Ever End
  • 3. Convulsions
  • 4. Kera's Dance
  • 5. Jupiter
  • 6. Brand New Feeling
  • 7. Awakening Epilogue

The Awakening sees the light of day again, escaping oblivion thanks to the reissuing of the Chicago-based jazz sextet's 1972 album titled Hear, Sense & Feel. While keeping attuned to John Coltrane's spirituality, the group follows a no-nonsense, straightforward jazz course with sidesteps into the freer jazz zones -- quite natural for band pianist Ken Chaney and saxophonist/flautist Ari Brown, given their involvement with the Afro-centric AACM (Association for the Advancement of Creative Music).