Sun Ra Space Probe

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  • 1. Space Probe
  • 2. Earth Primitive Earth
  • 3. Circe
  • 4. Solar Symbols II
  • 5. Dance Of The Wind
  • 6. Recollections Of There
  • 7. Destiny
  • 8. The Conversation Of J.P

Interplanetary moog experiments from cosmic medium Sun Ra!

Super rare avant-garde early 70's jazz set from Sun Ra featuring John Gilmore, Marshall Allen, James Jacson, Nimrod Hunt and Thea Barbara. This album is very experimental - not for the faint hearted and will appeal to hardcore Sun Ra devotees especially.  The 18 minute title track 'Space Probe' is the result of a session with Moog synthesizer inventor Robert Moog and can only be described as mindblowing.