Sun Ra Interplanetary Melodies

Norton Records
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  • 1. Cosmic Rays – Daddy's Gonna Tell You No Lie
  • 2. Cosmic Rays – Dreaming
  • 3. Cosmic Rays – Bye Bye
  • 4. Cosmic Rays – Somebody's In Love
  • 5. Cosmic Rays – Summertime
  • 6. Crystals – Honey In The Bee Box
  • 7. Nu Sounds – Spaceship Lullaby
  • 8. Nu Sounds – I'm Through With You
  • 9. Nu Sounds – Africa
  • 10. Nu Sounds – Dabba Dabba Dabba Du Bay
  • 11. Qualities – It's Christmas Time
  • 12. Qualities – If I Only Hadn't Sinned
  • 13. Juanita Rogers – Love Letters Full Of Promise
  • 14. Juanita Rogers & Lynn Hollings – Teenager's Letter of Promises
  • 15. Tony's Wife

Norton recently took a rocket ride into the vaults of El Saturn Research and arrived back on Earth with a motherlode of unissued early R&B, doo wop, soul and general weirdness featuring Sun Ra and his Arkestra backing a variety of artists. This series consists of two albums of Doo Wop from Saturn and Beyond entitled Interplanetary Melodies and The Second Stop Is Jupiter plus a set of totally twisted sides called Rocket Ship Rock featuring Yochanan 'The Outer Space Vocalist' (with his demented Saturn 45 Muck Muck/Hot Skillet Momma) and his way out friends backed by Sun Ra and his Arkestra! Atomic outer space genius from yet another Norton turban headed star!