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  • 1. Quiabo's
  • 2. Mother Nature
  • 3. Trilha Antiga
  • 4. Mary You Are
  • 5. Maria Imaculada
  • 6. Concerto Do Pantano
  • 7. Pingo e Letra
  • 8. 15 Years Old
  • 9. Tema de Amor
  • 10. Thank You My God
  • 11. On My Mind
  • 12. A Paz O Amor Voce


Wicked fuzz guitar-laden stoner psych rock obscurity from early 1970s Brazil! Maybe the best Psych album ever released in Brazil! This was a hippy soundtrack with heavy guitar sounds, beautiful vocals and well-crafted songs which was made for an underground film starring the band itself, but the movie - Geração Bendita (Blessed Generation) - was banned in Brazil. It was 1971, two years after Woodstock, and the Brazilian youth were still trying to live the hippie dream of the 'Age of Aquarius', even though a little late. In the wave of peace and love, a group of young musicians and moviemakers from Nova Friburgo, in Rio de Janeiro, dove into the production of what became known as 'the first Brazilian hippie movie'. Entitled Geração Bendita, the movie, directed by Carlos Bini and shot in Rio, has become something of a cult classic, remembered for both its visual imagery of the period and the rare and wonderful Original Soundtrack album that it spawned. Recorded in the studios of Todamérica in Rio de Janeiro, the album, also called Geração Bendita is credited to Spectrum, formed by the ex-members of the 2000 Volts band and actors/musicians appearing in the movie. The album assembles twelve songs with lyrics in Portuguese and some in English, most of them speaking about peace, love, freedom, nature and other themes and meaningful values of that time. Accentuated with plenty of fuzz guitars and vocals in a 'Beatles-style', the record was hailed as a world-class production and the talents of the group above the national standard of that time. Very highly recommended! Will appeal to fans of our Brazil 70 compilation!

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