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  • 1. Inferno No Mundo
  • 2. Mas Senti
  • 3. Rolling Like A Boat
  • 4. Motor Maravilha
  • 5. Marta, Zéca, O Padre, O Prefeito O Doutor E Eu
  • 6. Rock Dream
  • 7. Geninha
  • 8. Only
  • 9. Vou Caminhar
  • 10. Ode To Billy
  • 11. Mongoose (Vinyl Bonus track)

Originally released in 1970, this is extra-heavy Brazilian psych, with killer guitars and well-crafted original songs. This is one of the most sought-after albums from Brazil in the realm of hard psych, and you may already know one track from the Love Peace & Poetry: Brazilian Psychedelic Music album which is quite a standout. Every track is a winner. For many underground collectors this is the ultimate psych album, so it needed a good reissue. What Lula Côrtes, Nelson Angelo and Joyce are for underground Brazil folk, Bango is THE psychedelic album.

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