Son House Clarksdale Moan (1930-1942)

The Devil's Tunes
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  • 1. Dry Spell Blues Part 1
  • 2. Dry Spell Blues Part 2
  • 3. Preachin' the Blues Part 1
  • 4. Preachin' the Blues Part 1
  • 5. My Black Mama Part 1
  • 6. My Black Mama Part 2
  • 7. Clarksdale Moan ( B side to Mississippi Blues )
  • 8. Mississippi County Farm Blues
  • 9. Walking Blues

A stunning collection of pre-war blues recordings made before he was rediscovered in the early sixties; all restored and re-mastered from the original, super-rare 78rpm albums, of which only one or two pieces exist are known to exist.

Here are some of the most unique blues tracks ever recorded, chracterised by pioneering technique of strong, repetitive rhythms, and singing that often incorporated elements of southern gospel music.