Silkie City Limits Volume One

Deep Medi Musik
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  • 3×LP MEDILP002£17.99
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  • 1. Concrete
  • 2. truvy
  • 3. spark
  • 4. sty
  • 5. quasar
  • 6. purple love
  • 7. planet x
  • 8. cat eyes
  • 9. head butt
  • 10. techno 2
  • 11. mataz
  • 12. the horizon
  • 13. beauty

This is the debut album from one of dubstep's most exciting artists, Silkie on Deep Medi Musik! Hailing from west London, 'City Limits Volume One' is a glorious explosion of physical energy and concentrated emotion. Deep Medi is the burgeoning stable of dubstep pioneer, Mala (Digital Mystikz/DMZ). The combination of impassioned melodies, ruff London bass, wonky synth and jungle-esque flourishes on 'City Limits Volume One' have made Silkie and his Anti Social Entertainment camp mainstays of the biggest and most influential venues in dubstep, like Fwd>>, DMZ London & Leeds, as well as London's leading station Rinse FM.

The album is the culmination of eight years hard work, Silkie began producing at 15 while still at school. He's now seeing the fruits of his labour with DJ bookings both across the UK and worldwide. Through his emotive production vision, he's long since exploded beyond his own personal City Limits.  The vinyl release  boasts a full colour gatefold sleeve on 180gram heavy duty triple vinyl.

Please note that the vinyl tracklisting is different to the CD.

Vinyl Tracklisting:

a Silkie - Concrete Jungle
b1 Silkie - Spark
b2 Silkie - Turvy
c Silkie - Sty
c2 Silkie - Quasar
d Silkie - Planet X
e Silkie - Techno 22
f1 Silkie - Cats Eyes
f2 Silkie – Beauty