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  • 1. B's Blues
  • 2. Sconsolato
  • 3. Theme From Zoltan
  • 4. A5
  • 5. Mandingo's Pad
  • 6. Up Jumped Spring
  • 7. Uschimaus
  • 8. Cecen Kizi
  • 9. Atlanta Walk
  • 10. Makatuka
  • 11. New Orleans
  • 12. Tragic Magic
  • 13. A5 (Live)

Great compilation of super-rare tracks from highly under-rated American jazz flautist and saxophonist Nathan Davis!

Thirteen tracks from ten mega-rare LPs recorded for small indy labels from an assortment of countires throughout Europe, the US, and the near East!

Nathan Davis' music is highly sought-after by jazz fans and ranges from Art Blakey-esque hard bop, to modal romanticism, to funky fusion!

And if this 'best of' collection whets your appetite then you should definitely check out our recent reissue of one of the rarest Nathan Davis albums, "If"!

Highly recommended!

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