Bharat Karki & Party International Music

EM Records
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  • 1. A Trip To Kathmandu
  • 2. International Peace
  • 3. Calcutta Calcutta
  • 4. Come On Dance With Me
  • 5. Forget Me Not
  • 6. Dancing Rope
  • 7. Arabika
  • 8. In Loving You

Excellent album of Indian psychedelia, re-issued for the first time by Japan-based record label EM!

From beginning to end, this is a flood of Indian psychedelic funk, showering us with heavy percussion grooves in a borrowed 'international music style that uses elements of rock, latin and arabic music, blended with chanted Hindu mantra. electric guitar and bass, traditional indian percussions, flutes, screams, organ and Moog! An explosion of Indian youth music from the mysterious - 1978 private production.