Legends Of Benin Afro-Funk Cavacha Agbadja Afro-Beat 1969-1981

Analog Africa
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  • 1. gnonnas pedro et ses dadjes – dadje von o von non
  • 2. el rego et ses commandos – feeling you got
  • 3. antoine dougbe – honton soukpo gnon
  • 4. el rego et ses commandos – e nan mian nuku
  • 5. honore avolonto et l'orchestre poly-rythmo – tin lin non
  • 6. gnonnas pedro et ses dadjes – okpo videa bassouo
  • 7. antoine dougbe et l'orchestre poly-rythmo – ya mi ton gbo
  • 8. antoine dougbe – nou akuenon hwlin me sin koussio
  • 9. honore avolonto – na mi do gbe hue nu
  • 10. el rego et ses commandos – vimado wingnan
  • 11. honore avolonto et l'orchestre black santiago – dou dagbe we
  • 12. el rego et ses commandos – djobime
  • 13. antoine dougbe – kovito gbe de towe
  • 14. gnonnas pedro et ses dadjes – la musica en verite

Analog Africa continue their excellent series of forgotten gems from 70's Africa with a collection of super rare and highly danceable masterpieces recorded between 1969 -1981 by four legendary composers from Benin: Antoine Dougbé, El Rego et ses Commandos, Honoré Avolonto, Gnonnas Pedro & his Dadjes Band, each one of them with their own distinctive sound. This compilation comes with a beautifully assembled 40 page full colour booklet filled with ultra rare pictures and biographies! Highly recommended!!