• 1. stereo breath
  • 2. what
  • 3. we are coming
  • 4. render me
  • 5. deliverance
  • 6. where am i?
  • 7. catch sound
  • 8. he don't
  • 9. come find me
  • 10. thoguht to the meaning
  • 11. friendly bacteria
  • 12. feel free

Gritty soul, squelchy funk and sizzling electronic production courtesy of veteran dj/producer/remixer, tea-drinking enthusiast and all round nice chap, Mr Scruff! 

His last few 12" releases have given us a hint as to what this album could deliver.  Keeping his kooky flourishes whilst focussing more to than ever towards the dancefloor, as his says in his own words, “tougher, sparser, less samples, more bass. More vocals and collaborations and shorter tunes." Check "He Don't", a collaboration with Robert Owens!