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  • 1. Jam
  • 2. Dark
  • 3. Club
  • 4. Yangissa

BRILLIANT! Moritz Von Oswald shows a darker, moodier side with new album for Honest Jon's.

Hypnotic, rhythmic explorations  - pensive and driving, seeking to connect dub, industrial noise, jazz and techno.

Recorded in the summer of 2011, "Fetch" live contributions from Marc Muellbauer (bass) and Tobias Freund (effects). Instrumental overdubs added by Jonas Schoen (flute, bass clarinet, saxophone) and trumpeter Sebastian Studnitzky.

Cutting deep into jazz, opener "Jam", darts trumpet melodies through motorik percussion, and unpredictable sound interference, "Dark" recalls the dense, heavy dub-effected dread of Rhythm & Sound - slow and throbbing. "Club" is the album's most upbeat track, serving up twelve minutes of heady techno, finally "Yangissa", a dramatic tribal, séance-like track, built up of layers of Nyabinghi-style drums, african polyrhythmics and ricoheting, dubbed-out chords.