• 1. Hebu
  • 2. Bibi Na Mpu
  • 3. Mpezi
  • 4. Flava
  • 5. Nyuli
  • 6. Mingi
  • 7. Haraka Haileti Baraka
  • 8. Sherehekeya
  • 9. Maji
  • 10. Bibi Na Mpu / Maurice Fulton Dub

Excellent debut album from Zanzibar born and Sheffield-based singer and songwriter Mim Suleiman!

Produced by Maurice Fulton 'Tungi' is Mim Suleiman’s debut long-player which has her singing and writing in her native tongue Swahili. Tungi is a mixture of all things ultramodern afro beat, rhythm trax and futuristic pop music. Starting off with the uplifting vibe and beat of Hebu, you will find boogie moments like 'Nyuli' or 'Bibi Na Mpu' (including a dub version) along the way, as well as quieter moments, rhythmic adventures called Flava or the hi-life guitars of 'Mingi' and 'Haraka Haileti Baraka'. Music for the world, led by the powerhouse that is Mim Suleiman and her lyrics about love and affection, freedom, oppression, unity and everyday life. Mesmerizing and addictive.