Luk Thung The Roots Of Thai Funk Compiled By Maft Sai

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    • Luk Thung – koy yung mai por (i still don't have enough)
    • Luk Thung – tai por karm bar (die because of the business)
    • Luk Thung – jeb jeb sab sab (hurt hurt sing sing)
    • Luk Thung – jon thae nor (so poor)
    • 1. farang zeang bong fai -excerpt-
    • 2. koy yung mai por (i still don't have enough)
    • 3. tai por karm bar (die because of the business)
    • 4. pu ying yang nong (women like you)
    • 5. jeb jeb sab sab (hurt hurt sing sing)
    • 6. chan yak kah mia ( i want to kill my wife)
    • 7. ban nork dee nae (country side is sure good)
    • 8. jon thae nor (so poor)
    • 9. mai eam ruk (not enough love)
    • 10. nao nao ron ron (cold cold hot hot)
    • 11. puyai lee santana (chief lee santana)
    • 12. dub fai kui gun (turn off the light, let's talk)
    • 13. par gun koh (let's get on)
    • 14. yaak (want)
    • 15. mar jom kalon (slippery women)
    • 16. nong jeoy (sis joey)
    • 17. luek rao dume nom (quit alcohol, drink milk)
    • 18. ruk thung na (love the rice fidle)

    This is the third installment from the Thai Funk series and for us the best yet!

    Lavishly packaged in a CD housed in a fine bamboo weave from Phanat Nikhom, with a large groovy poster! No covers, no fillers just super obscure disco and funk from Thailand!

    Following on from two blistering compilations of Thai Funk, this compilation tuns the clock back to consider the music's antecedents.  The term 'Luk Thung' is derived from a phrase that literally means 'song of the child of the fields'.  Much of Thailand is still made up of rural and semi-rural communities, so it is, in other words, the music of the people.  This form, through taking on modern elements and eolving continues to remain relevant.  Although it was a musical hybrid, Thai funk's rootedness in the popular music of the day, as well as Thai culture, has kept it from a carbon copy, or merely aping a sound from another part of the world.

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          • Our Latin Thing (Nuestra Cosa) – anacaona (cheetah)
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