Leon Thomas The Creator 1969-1973: The Best Of The Flying Dutchman Masters

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  • 1. Shape your mind to die
  • 2. Just in time to see the sun
  • 3. It's my life I'm fighting for
  • 4. The creator has a master plan
  • 5. Let the rain fall on me
  • 6. China doll
  • 7. Bags' groove
  • 8. One
  • 9. Come along
  • 10. Let's go down to Lucy's
  • 11. Welcome to New York
  • 12. Love each other
  • 13. Balance of life (peace of mind)
  • 14. Um um um
  • 15. Umbo weti

Cross section of the great recordings that Leon Thomas made for Bob Thiele's Flying Dutchman. It covers the relatively straight-ahead pieces from his first two albums, as well as the soul jazz fusions of later output for the label.

His last two albums have become increasingly in-demand in recent years in particular the eclectic experimentalism of 'Shape Your Mind To Die' and 'It's My Life I'm Fighting For'. BGP have also included some live tracks and a previously unreleased version of 'Um Um Um'.