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  • 1. Sample One
  • 2. Sample Two
  • 3. Sample Three
  • 4. Sample Four
  • 5. Sample Five
  • 6. Sample Six
  • 7. Sample Seven
Excellent mix from Lovely Jon of Jigoku infamy! Themed around the films shown at 'grindhouse' cinemas - all night fleapits like the one in Taxi Driver showing depraved expolito shlock-horror b movies for an equally depraved audience of low life misfits! Features soundtracks and trailers from super-obscure films involving Nazi nuns, Transvestite Warewolves and porno biker gangs alongside a load of music that fits the out-there weirdo vibe! If you enjoyed the excellent Jigoku Has Risen From the Grave horror film-themed mix then you will definitely love this expolito-cinema 'grindhouse' mix! Highly recommended! NB: This is an unofficial underground release and comes in a thin slipcase.