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  • 1. Babylon
  • 2. Der Turm/Fluchtpunkt
  • 3. Krishan Eating Fish and Chips
  • 4. Atlantis
  • 5. Gammastrahlen-Lamm

Reissue of the first Deuter album, originally issued by Kuckuck in 1971. Georg Deuter (pronounced Doy'-ter) was one of the leading figures in the startling growth of the New Age music field in the 1980s, but his earliest material is more interesting. D is all solo affair recorded via multi-tracked guitars, electronics, percussion, flutes, etc.. Very psychedelic processing, at times an almost ADII-like heaviness mixing with more Popol Vuh-like mystical spaciousness -- with parts reminding of birdsong and natural sound. Perfectly crafted headspace and always a pleasure to absorb, this is one of the finest and most unheralded albums of the early 70s German scene