• 1. (you can't depend on) the train from washington
  • 2. not needed
  • 3. waiting for the axe to fall
  • 4. combinations
  • 5. legend in his own mind
  • 6. you could be my brother
  • 7. the klan
  • 8. your daddy loves you (for gia louise)

This is the first time 'Real Eyes' has been available on CD outside of Japan!

Real Eyes” featured a new band the Amnesia Express who would be Gil’s band both in the studio and on the road for many years. It was co-produced by Gil with Malcolm Cecil who had been involved in the recording and mixing of the three previous albums “Bridges”, “Secrets” and “1980” which were also recorded in Malcolm’s T.O.N.T.O studio in California. Malcolm is the pioneering British Jazz Bassist, who was a founding member of The Jazz Couriers, and collaborator and co-producer of Stevie Wonder’s Grammy award winner albums of the early to mid 70’s.

Gil’s unique song writing style and delivery is evident throughout and “Real Eyes” has a much jazzier and more open feel than the previous album. The up tempo ‘Train From Washington’, ‘Waiting For The Axe To Fall’ contrast with the mellower ‘You Could Be My Brother’ and ‘Not Needed’ every track telling a powerful story. ‘The Klan’ unusually not written by Gil - a cover of a song recorded by Richie Havens in 1968 is especially poignant.

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