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  • 1. Canto Funebre
  • 2. O Tempo
  • 3. Noite
  • 4. Desespero
  • 5. Cancao de Outono
  • 6. Do Amigo
  • 7. Brilhante Estrela
  • 8. Como os Bois
  • 9. Palavras
  • 10. Balalaica
  • 11. Olhos
  • 12. Romance da Lua Lua
  • 13. Asas

Totally essential! Wicked deep, folky acoustic psych rock obscurity from 1970s Brazil! This will definitely appeal to fans of our Brazil 70 compilation! Another great example of Brasilian 'psicodelia' from the collective of underground musicians in Recife, featuring Flávio Lira in the lead role, along with Lula Côrtes, Pablo Raphael, Robertinho of Recife, and Zé of the Flute. Of the crazy albums from this period, the Flaviola record Flaviola E O Banda Do Sol (Flaviola and the Flock of the Sun) is one of the rarest jewels. Although it was recorded the same year (1974) as Lula Côrtes and Zé Ramalho's Paêbiru album, and with most of the same musicians, this is mainly an acoustic album, rife with poetic language and regional instruments, but also demonstrating the abundant energy of people involved in making something fresh and new. The cauldron of influence in Recife resulted in some very intriguing music, and the Flaviola album is no exception -- it's more intimate a trip than Paêbirú, and more accessible an experience than Satwa; this is a brilliant album, full of strange moments (cellophane crinkled into the microphone as percussion), some deft acoustic guitar, and some of the prettiest songs this side of Vashti Bunyan. Notes are (more or less!) in English, and hefty booklet includes lyrics too! Recommended! Super-deep!