Dimitri From Paris Presents Night Dubbin' : A Dubbed Out Collection Of Classic 80's Dance Music Mixed By The Idjut Boys

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  • 1. Raw silk – Just in time and space
  • 2. WUF ticket – The key (dub) (mixed by francois K)
  • 3. Third world – One more time (dub) (Remixed by larry Levan & Judy Weinstein)
  • 4. Jamaica girls – Somebody new (dub) (remixed by larry levan)

Wow!!! Dimitri From Paris has produced another brilliant compilation for Barely Breaking Even! This triple CD compilation is up there with Dimitri's previous compilations for BBE such as Disco Forever and the Disco Spectrum Series!

This is a wicked party mix of classic 80's disco cuts and electro-boogie rarities! 'Night Dubbin' pays homage to the 'dub mix' (often found on the b-side of a 12" single) often an extended version sometimes with dj friendly intros, drum breaks, instrumental parts and effects.  The 'Dub mix' was pioneered by legendary dj/producers such as Larry Levan, Paul Simpson, Francois Kevorkian.  Their now famous mixes appear on this CD, and UK disco producers Idjut Boys have mixed the first CD for added pleasure!

The CD includes a 32 page booklet, foreword written by Francois K, notes by Dimitri From Paris and The Idjut Boys plus in depth interviews with Paul Simpson, John Morales and Francois K.


Disc: 1 mixed by The Idjut Boys

1. Aurra - Such a Feeling, Pt. 2
2. Sandy Kerr - Thug Rock [Dub]
3. Serious intention - You Don't Know [Special Remix] - Serious Intention
4. Michael Wilson - Groove It to Your Body [Instrumental]
5. Lenny White - My Turn to Love You [Dub]
6. D Train - D Train [Dub]
7. Paul Simson connection - Treat Me
8. WUF ticket - Key [Dub]
9. Radiance - You're My Number One [Dub]
10. Raw Silk - Just in Time and Space
11. Mikki - Dance Lover [Dub]
12. Electric Dred - Butter Up [Instrumental]
13. Cloud - Steppin' out Jam [Dub]
14. Rah Band - Clouds Across the Moon [Super Nova Mix]
15. Wham - Enjoy What You Do

Disc: 2 Umixed Compiled by Dimitri From Paris

1. The Trammps - Whatever Happened to the Music [Dub Mix]
2. Michael Wilson - Groove It to Your Body [Instrumental]
3. Jamaica Girls - Somebody New [Dub]
4. Serious Intention - You Don't Know [Special Remix]
5. D Train - D Train [Dub Mix]
6. Cloud - Steppin' out Jam [Special Instrumental Dub Version]
7. Wham -  Rap! (Enjoy What You Do) [Instrumental]
8. Radiance -  You're My Number One [Dub]
9. Sandy Kerr - Thug Rock [Dub]
10. Imagination - Changes [Dimitri from Paris Is Nightclubbin' Remix]
11. Aurra - Such a Feeling, Pts. 2-3

Disc: 3 Umixed Compiled by Dimitri From Paris

1. The winans - Let My People Go [Breakdown Reprise]
2. Third world - One More Time [Dub Version]
3. WUF ticket - Key [Dub]
4. Lenny white - My Turn to Love You [Dub]
5. Paul simpson connection - Treat Me
6. Raw Silk - Just in Time and Space
7. Mikki - Dance Lover [Dub]
8. Electric dred - Butter Up (Gimmie Some Bread) [Instrumental]
9. Affinity - Don't Go Away [DFP Dub Edit]
10. Rah Band - Clouds Across the Moon [Super Nova Mix]


1. Imagination - Changes [Dimitri from Paris Is Nightclubbin' Remix]

2. The Trammps - Whatever Happened to the Music [Dub Mix]

3. Jamaica Girls - Somebody New [Dub]

4. Paul simpson connection - Treat Me

5. Cloud - Steppin' out Jam [Special Instrumental Dub Version]

6. Michael Wilson - Groove It to Your Body [Instrumental]

7. Mikki - Dance Lover [Dub]

8. The winans - Let My People Go [Breakdown Reprise]

9. Lenny white - My Turn to Love You [Dub]

10. Serious Intention - You Don't Know [Special Remix]

11. Radiance -  You're My Number One [Dub]

12. WUF ticket - Key [Dub]

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