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  • 1. Addis Abeba Abete
  • 2. Yeweyn Haregitu
  • 3. Qondjit
  • 4. Yelben Betayiw
  • 5. Yesew Bet Yesew New
  • 6. Mekeyershin
  • 7. Qotchegn Messassate
  • 8. Eruq Yaleshew
  • 9. Shegitu Mare
  • 10. Yeweb Dar
  • 11. Telantena Zare
  • 12. Memar Memeramer
  • 13. Tedesteshal Wey
  • 14. Denyew Deneba
  • 15. Temhert Bete
  • 16. Nefas Endaygeban
  • 17. Leb Tatefaletch
  • 18. Feqer Feqer New
  • 19. Gizew Honeshenna
  • 20. Heywete Abatey New
  • 21. Ya Tara
  • 22. Timarkyalesh

Alemayehu Eshete - 1969-1974 More essential Ethiopian music reissued: you need this!

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