Ethiopiques 11 Alemu Aga - The Harp Of King David

Buda Musique
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  • 1. Abatatchen Hoy (Pater Noster)
  • 2. Mèdinanna Zèlèsègna (Médina And Zèlèsègna [Sur La Futilité De La Vie])
  • 3. Tèw Semagn Hagèré (Écoute, Cher Concitoyen)
  • 4. Yè Emèbétatchen Sèlamta (À Propos De La Vierge Marie)
  • 5. Kèto Ayqèrem Motu (Tu N'échapperas Pas A La Mort)
  • 6. Selé Senè Seqlèt (De La Crucifixion)
  • 7. Abba Gragn Motè (La Mort Du Gaucher [Emperor Téwodros II])
  • 8. Selè Senè Fetrèt (De La Création)
  • 9. Dagem Metseat (Le Seigneur Reviendra)
  • 10. Selè Gènna (A Propos De Noël)
  • 11. Man Yemèramèr ? (Mais Qui Peut Douter?)
  • 12. Yèbèguènna Derdèra (Instrumental)

Although commonly known as 'King David's harp', the bèguèna is not actually a member of the harp family: it is in fact an oversized lyre with ten stirngs, either plucked or strummed with a plectrum. It is probably the oldest instrument played in Ethiopia. Alèmu Aga, an undisputed master of the bèguèna, sings religious songs as well as traditional fables, folk tales and his own poems. Meditative, devotional or uplifting for some, simply "mind-blowing" for others, bèguèna music is without doubt an otherwordly experience for Western ears.

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