Des Jeunes Gens Modernes Post Punk, Cold Wave, et Culture Novo en France 1978-1983

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  • 1. Tokow Boys – Elle Hotesse
  • 2. Guerre Froide – Ersatz
  • 3. LIzzy Mercier Descloux – Torso Corso
  • 4. Ruth – Mots
  • 5. Henriette Coulouvrat – Can't You Take a Joke
  • 6. Kas Product – Man of Time
  • 7. Ice – Le Grande Guerre
  • 8. Mathmatiques Modernes – Manekine
  • 9. Metal Boys – Tokio Airport
  • 10. Visible – Essor Assure
  • 11. Mecanique Rhythmique – Extase
  • 12. Charles De Goal – Exposition
  • 13. Perspective Nevski – Moment of Hate
  • 14. Tanit – Eye Scream
  • 15. Artefact – Sex Computer
  • 16. Casino Music – Burger City
  • 17. Modern Guy – Electrique Sylvie
  • 18. Electric Callas – WSB
  • 19. Marquis de Sade – Cancer de Sade
  • 20. Poni Hoax – Wanda's Loving Boy
  • 21. Suicide Romeo – Modern Romance
  • 22. DC Shell – Chercher le Garcon
  • 23. Etienne Daho – Il Ne Dira Pas
  • 24. The Penelopes – Je Taime Tant
  • 25. Medikao – Detective
  • 26. Sandie Trash – Fiere de ne Rien Faire
  • 27. Les Provisiores – So Much More
  • 28. Dry Monopole – Elegante Solution
  • 29. Procede – D Moments
  • 30. Seconde Chambre – Victoires Procheaines
  • 31. Taxi Girl – V2 Sur Mes Souvenirs
  • 32. Marie et les Garcons – 24 Fois Par Seconde
  • 33. Les Fils de Joie – Adieu Paris
  • 34. Masoch – Des Poils Sur Moi
  • 35. Elli & Jacno – Main Dans La Main
  • 36. International Sin – The Bal
  • 37. End of Data – Jungle Soho
  • 38. MKB Fracktion Provisoire – Fights in Technonights
  • 39. Norma Loy – Romance
  • 40. Martin Dupont – Just Becuase

Brilliant compilation of cult French post punk obscurities from the late 1970s and early 1980s, released to accompany an exhibition about French subculture in that era!

We're very pleased to be able to offer this limited edition double CD compilation of rare and sought-after post punk minimal synth records from France's fertile scene!

This is an essential purchase for fans of New York Noise, Berlin Super 80, So Young But So Cold, Sexual Life of the Savages etc! Highly recommended!

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